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Comment 10 Sep 2018
"But they play (and lose alot) with dignity because they dont pay their players or cheat in any other way" - that place is such a joke.
Comment 10 Sep 2018
Id love to see him on the other end of the line in cleveland.
Comment 30 Aug 2018
Everything hes said in the past 2 days is being used against him by the mob. I dont want him to make things harder for himself than they already are. He's trying to "set the record straight" but all hes doing is feeding the trolls. Should've just stayed quiet and waited for court.
Comment 26 Aug 2018

When I start thinking of the players and the assistant coaches on this team, how it's become another Ohio vs the world year, I just get this feeling that this 2018 team is going to absolutely destroy everyone in their path on the way to the national championship. 

this team is extremely disrespected right now.