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Comment 20 Dec 2017

Lol. That gem just keeps on giving doesn't it? Good times...

Comment 15 Dec 2017
You'd think he Woodbey watching the Cotton Bowl pretty close if this is true.
Comment 15 Dec 2017

everytime I see a breaking bad gif I consider rewatching the series. again. 

Comment 14 Dec 2017
After reading through the thread to this point, I legitimately forgot what the topic was even about. Part of what makes this community so great.
Comment 27 Nov 2017

Exactly. They wanted Gruden (LOL) and when the reality set in that Gruden doesn’t want their drama they threw a tantrum. It’s unfortunate that Shiano has to have his name dragged through the mud because of it. 

Enjoy your everlasting mediocrity, Tennessee. You big big joke. 

Comment 27 Nov 2017

This is when ALL the coaching changes are happening. Look around! The coaching carousel is now. It’s been reported that the Tennessee AD is under a lot of pressure to quickly find the next coach. If schiano wants a high profile job like this, he can’t sit back and wait. This stuff happens every year. No way he should be faulted for that.