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Comment 02 Dec 2013

I think the most important point outlined in this article is this : if your team is a in an AQ conference and you have hopes of reaching the MNCG, DON"T LOSE!!  This is how the BCS system operates and has always operated.  DON"T LOSE and your team WILL be rewarded. Always remember and don't ever forget that!!  NOT LOSING A GAME is the most important qualifier. Everything else is secondary - by a long shot.  This is why Buckeye fans should feel secure, if they beat MSU, about reaching the Title Game. Okay, I am repeating Jeff's words. My apologies. But it bears repeating. I love my Buckeyes and my fellow Buckeye fans. But please, spare yourself unnecessary angst, anxiety and frustration.  Don't get caught up in all this mindless and senseless banter about scheduling and conference strength and eye-test BS and whatever else some tool happens to pull from his or her ass. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF WE WIN!!!  If there is a zero in our loss column, or any team's loss column, that is what matters above all else.  In trying to figure this shit out, one must remove their own brain, put it on a shelf and install the BCS 'brain'.  Then you will realize zero losses is far above any other qualifying crapola.  Quit being masochists by listening to the talking heads. As I see it, when they argue against OSU (in this case) to the degree that they do, what they are really arguing against is the BCS system. And they don't even realize they are doing so. Sometimes they even end up arguing against their own argument without knowing it. They throw more horse shit than a top of the line John Deere manure spreader, for crying out loud. They are no more insightful or expert than we are. But they do have one thing that we don't have  - a national platform.

Comment 26 Aug 2013

Damn you Ramzy!  Why do you have to be so good!

I'm 57 years old, a lifelong CFB and Buckeye nut, have had a niece, a brother and a cousin succumb to the evil and merciless cancer in the past 2 1/2 years, and one of my nephews has strongly suggested recently that I start blogging. With that trifecta coupled with your column, a real kick in the pants.

It's been a couple of hours since I read your article and my eyes just won't stay dry.

Life is beautiful and for me, your contributions to 11W are a part of that. I always look forward to your writings even it may cause me to run out of kleenex.

Thank you.