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Comment 26 Jun 2012

Agreed. I have no idea what would constitute 'too much' punishment, but it's safe to say that enforcement agencies should get as close to it as possible.

Comment 25 Jun 2012

Thanks for the post. Help me, and possibly others, understand why you feel bad for McQueary? 

He witnessed, in person, a man raping a 10-yr old boy. Then he immediately turned his back. Slammed a locker. And left. And you feel bad for McQueary? 

Did Sandusky finish his rape? How did the boy get home? What was the boy's name? Where were his parents? Was his mom waiting for him in the parking lot?

Obviously McQueary lacked courage in the moment. That much is clear. What isn't clear is why anyone would feel bad for him?

Comment 25 Jun 2012

Lots of poignant and relevant commentary in this article, Ramzy. Great writing.

Unfortunately, college football has everything to do with this situation & Genovese Syndrome doesn't apply here.

Penn State football was the very reason everyone protected Jerry Sandusky. In fact, they weren't protecting the "tickle monster", they were protecting Penn State football & the institution. That is the crux of the problem. Programs have grown so large and indespensible that they cannot be sacrificed, under any circumstances. In Penn State's case, not even for child rape. 

As for Genovese Syndrome, it refers to large groups of people viewing an issue or situation at one time. Like all the people watching Genovese get stabbed and thinking, "Everyone else is looking at this too, someone will do something."

Not in Penn State's case. At each level it was known only by select, powerful people. Those people in powerful positions then consciously & intentionally made choices to minimize, hide, cover up, and keep quiet. They weren't all in it together thinking that someone else would do something. They made specific choices. Each of them. For years and years.

And they did it to protect the institution, football program, & legacy of Penn State University. Any and all punishment that addresses these issues would, in many people's opinions, be not only justified, but necessary.