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Comment 30 Dec 2017

JT was a winner. The Big 10 is full of good QBs with much better arms than JT who could not match him in terms of poise, intelligence, and simply getting the job done. He rarely made mistakes. He never lost his cool. You never saw him shaking his head or pointing a finger. He handled every situation with class--I cannot think of one thing he ever said that was negative (about his teammates, the fan base, anything). It always felt like we had an adult at QB and the other teams had some overly-amped up high school kid.

 It is very common for QBs to lose games with bad throws and decisions--e.g. Darnold last night. JT almost never did so (6 losses total: two are on him: Iowa this year and Virginia Tech his first year; other four were team losses). 

I worry that Haskins/Burrow will remind us of how good we had it with JT. Haskins/Burrow will make some awesome throws but then there will be some 3rd and 3 with an empty backfield where we will wish we had JT or some play where Haskins/Burrow try to force the ball rather than throw it away. 

All hail JT! He can't throw but he can win!

Comment 13 Nov 2017

I have very little confidence in anyone's ability to predict the Game any year. And even less confidence this year--Michigan could beat OSU by 30 or OSU could beat Michigan by 30. The Iowa and Michigan State outcomes are very difficult to reconcile beyond saying that stuff happens and that is why you play the game. And if Michigan gets ahead and the crowd gets loud and JT starts throwing, uh oh. 

Comment 08 Nov 2017

Nothing helps me feel better about a loss than to come on the message boards and see like-minded Eleven Warriors who, after one horrible game, are ready to fire Urban Meyer, Bill Davis, Greg Schiano; bench JT Barrett; investigate the character and culture of the entire program; and get some kids from the dorms to play LB. Keeps me sane to know that others are as insane as me. And, btw, I think all of the above are excellent ideas.

Comment 06 Nov 2017

Some slight optimism:

1.  This feels like post-VA Tech. Total meltdown. But we came back. The OL went from horrible to best in the country. 

2. The whole team sucked on Saturday. But that happens. What is different is that because of some fluky plays, we lost very big, rather than just lost. Take away the pick-six and Bosa ejection, we lose 35-21 or something and everyone feels slightly less horrible.  But 55-24, 35-21, who cares? A loss is a loss. 

3. I am not worried about culture or effort or Urban being a grandfather. OSU has not won because of culture or effort. It has won because of better players and better coaching. The players and coaches are still there. The team will recover. 

4.  Last week was setup for a tough game. Hangover from Penn State. Road trip. New offense. This game is setup for a recovery. Chip on shoulder. At home. Weaknesses already exposed.

5. Rather have these weaknesses exposed now than in the Michigan game. And that one game is really all that matters. Will be even sweeter to beat them this year because they (reasonably) think they have a very good shot of winning the game.

6.  DBs and LBs are young. We lost 3 DBs and 1 LB to the draft last year. That has consequences. 

7.  If I had to pick any team in the Big Ten to lose to, I would probably pick Iowa. Zero animosity towards them.  

8. This wasn't Appalachian State.

9. We did not have a punt blocked and returned for a touchdown on the last play.

Comment 05 Nov 2017

Understood that losses are part of the game but this was a historic loss.  When was the last time OSU list by 30+ to a team that was not ranked in the top 5?  Maybe I am forgetting something but I don’t think it has  happened in last 50 years.

Comment 11 Sep 2017

JT should get replaced by Haskins because what goes around comes around. Urban should not have replaced Cardale in 2015. Cardale led OSU to a national championship, was undefeated, and drove JT home from his DUI. Yet JT, ended up as QB1. JT has had more than his fair share of starts. Put Haskins in sooner rather than later. 

 Why was everyone clamoring for JT back then? (I was too but I am so anti-JT now that I cannot remember what I was thinking).

Comment 30 Aug 2017

No, like almost every OSU QB ever, he will not hit the mark.  He will not do so for the same reason as the QBs who came before him--the strength of the rushing attack.  When OSU needs to win, it falls back on its rush-first tendencies. And OSU almost always wins when it does so. Although Woody and Tressel are long gone from the sidelines, and although the formations look different, OSU still tries to dominate on the ground to win. And this usually works. It is a good strategy. 

The first time that OSU gets in trouble, JT is going to pull his arm down and run for 10 yards. Then he is going to hand it to Mike Weber. Repeat. Touchdown. Probably a victory. But no real development of the passing attack.  Again, this is not a bad thing. 

Comment 26 Jul 2017

His performances against Wisconsin, Alabama, and Oregon have cemented him as an all-time OSU great.  No need for him to accomplish more but would be great if he did. 

Comment 07 Jan 2017

UCLA is a beautiful school.    I am from Columbus but I see some advantages in Westwood.

And I bet some of these kids are worried about too much DB talent at OSU.

Comment 04 Jan 2017

So we will have:

QB                                2017                               2018 

JT                                  Senior                             -

Burrow                         Sophomore                   Junior

Haskins                        Freshman                      Sophomore

Martell                          Redshirt                         Freshman

Jones                                                                  Redshirt

JT, then at least two years of the Burrow/Haskins winner, and then the Martell/Jones winner

Comment 01 Jan 2017

Totally agree.  Take Coach Johnson.  The DL has been very good since he got here.  Maybe not all world but very good.  Same with DBs post 2013.   The recruiting on the defensive side seems to be not as strong as on the offensive side but the defense performs better.  I am not worried about losing Hooker, Lattimore etc to the draft because I know that there are dudes who I have never heard of who will replace them (and go on to the NFL themselves).   

What was so frustrating last night was that the offense was literally worthless.  If they had played ok and we lost 28-17, everyone would feel a lot better.   


Comment 31 Dec 2016

Unfortunately, Urban will not make changes.  This is the the middle of the end for him at Ohio State (the beginning of the end  was Michigan State last year). He will have 2-3 more 2 loss seasons and then there will be a 4 or 5 loss season  and he we will retire.  He saved the program from a decline, was one of the best coaches in Ohio State history, and won a NC, but it is not going to get better than this.  All in all, a good run, but he peaked early.  

Comment 31 Dec 2016

People keep saying this happens.  No it doesn't.  This is one of the worst losses ever by an OSU team.  Again, if Clemson scores a field goal, this will be the worst shut out loss ever--in over 100 years.  

Try to think back to the last time OSU lost like this.  USC 2008.  Florida 2006.  Penn State 1994.  

The list is very, very, short.  

Comment 31 Dec 2016

If Clemson gets another touchdown, this will be the worst loss since 1994.

If Clemson gets a field goal, this will be the worst shutout loss in the entire history of OSU football.  OSU lost 32-0 to USC in 1947. 

Comment 31 Dec 2016

Let's hope this game gets worse (if that is possible).  We do not want there to be any protection for the coaching staff.  

Comment 31 Dec 2016

The only thing that makes me feel better is that this is 1/1,000,000,000  of the pain of the Indians Game 7 loss.  

Comment 31 Dec 2016

Clemson could get 45 or more.  They probably won't b/c Dabo will back off but easily could.