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Comment 29 Nov 2016

While UT has been way off recently, its the other in-state teams that have benefited mostly from it.  Now with Herman at UT, Baylor collapsing quickly, and even A&M not looking so hot anymore, his success will come mostly at their expense and even TCU, getting good guys who want to stay in state, of which there are plenty.  Texas is huge and growing fast.  We don't need to feast on Texas, just cherry pick a few gems and we'll remain well positioned to do that.  Herman's OSU history gets constant attention here in Texas, so while he'll certainly compete with Urban he is also a walking Urban billboard.

Comment 28 Nov 2016

JT's passing always struggles when defenses get into the backfield (most QBs do), and they were doing so regularly on Sat.  Seems like they tried lots of short passes but he missed a lot, including several that were knocked down at the line.  Hard for any QB to have patience to look downfield - where he did have open guys - while keeping one eye on how to escape a quickly collapsing pocket.

Its hard to tell with the limited field view you get on TV but seems they call a lot of run to the spot and turn around routes.  The few times they showed replays from behind the QB you see our receivers running to a spot turning around and just standing there, usually with a defender right next to them.  No one moves to an open spot.  Perhaps they think thats better for JT than slants and crossing routs that he often misses on, I don't know.  But if I'm Alabama, I'm blitzing on nearly every play, unless I can get to him with just 4.

Comment 28 Nov 2016

If Fickle to FAU works out there will be an opening also.  Even if Schiano sticks here for a second year he'll be gone after that.  At his presser Herman spoke of how he learned a ton from the "Urban Meyer Head Coaching School."  That point will not be lost on good coaches Urban wants to get.  Strong is a great guy and I think a great coach, but the program was a mess and he could never get the whole program fix figured out - how to do that is just what Herman learned from Urban, so not a bad route for Charlie to do a few years at OSU.

Comment 02 Nov 2016

Good for Prince.  Not easy for laymen like me to see how well certain players and units perform each week.  Glad he had better week, but still seemed like lots of pressure and not great push from the O-line in general against NU.  Maybe I'm just not able to notice a good game played by the line, and very possible the issues had more to do with receivers not getting open, but would love to see film analyses each week on how key units performed.  And thank you 11W for great film study stuff you do already - don't mean to create more work for you, but you do it very well.

Comment 27 Oct 2016

Good point, as we've seen opponent offenses use cut-backs, screens, and misdirection successfully against our aggressive tendencies, often wondered why we don't do it much to others.  We do the running back dump pass wide, but looks the same every time that it is well known and good linebackers seem to trigger on it very quickly.   Maybe we do try misdirection adjustments and I just don't see it.  Then again, if we executed just a few plays better last Saturday we win comfortably.   Almost think its a personality thing - Urban offenses are predicated so heavily on quality O-line play, and if that is off they all kind of seem lost.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Thanks, very helpful clarity on a interesting issue that is usually not clear from any reporting I've seen on it.  Question: I thought the NW players had voted a while back on unionizing themselves.  Was that actually what they did and if so did they vote to do so?  What legally and practically came out of that?  thanks

Comment 30 Mar 2016

Very good article, thanks.  My biggest concern after yesterday was really Matta's health.  Some speculated that the string of exits could have been reaction to internal knowledge that Thad may soon retire.  Surely hope not, and I still think he's both a great coach and representative of OSU.  No mention here that health is a concern, and glad that is so.  Would be nice to hear Thad comment about state of the program soon, but has he said anything or has anyone observed anything regarding his health progress?

Comment 30 Nov 2015

The point of keeping it to a 4 team playoff, and of allowing that more than 1 team from a single conference could be chosen, was so they did not have to put non elite conference champs in.  It was designed precisely to enable them to put a team like OSU in if others fail to impress.  A 2-loss Stanford isn't getting in just for beating USC.  1 loss B1G and SEC champs are totally in, with only 1 undefeated team left. Clemson is this year's FSU, with many predicting them to fall.  Win and they are in, but lose to UNC and they are out. 

UNC is kind of in our position from last year.  They need to not only win, but blow out Clemson to get in over OSU.  Like last year's Baylor and TCU, we are the impressive team waiting in the wings with just 1 loss.  We'll be in if UNC wins but not by too much.  Small window yes.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

How much do you all think the O line middle issues were a product of VT scheme and talent at that spot?  VT really wanted to dominate the middle.  We really like to run inside so it kind of played to their strength when we did, but even on pass plays having that many bodies coming up close has to cause problems for any good O line sometimes.  It was strange to see again so many defenders bunched up so close in, don't see that much from other teams. 

Comment 13 Feb 2015

As impressive a coaching job and team improvement job as you'll ever see.  Can't say this was a lucky ride, indeed its most impressive feature was overcoming bad luck.  Can anyone think of a more impressive 3 game stretch in college football history by any team than what we just saw, even if we'd hadn't lost any QBs?  That team became one of the greatest of all time.  Enjoy it for the historic season that it was, it really is unlikely to be repeated soon.

Comment 10 Feb 2015

Interesting that same thing just happened at Texas.  Signed good WR recruits and WR coach took new job 2 days after signing day.  What is different is that the TX recruits are pissed, saying they were assured he would be staying.  Sounds like Weber is justifiably disappointed, but adjusting to it and moving on.  Good for him.  Happens everywhere I guess, but doesn't appear he was misled, though looks like that is not uncommon.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Along these lines, interesting follow-up to this nice article might be to speculate about players most likely to break out next year, particularly those filling holes of departing seniors.  Wondering what the new landscape will be now, and what the buzz has been from practices about guys expected to shine in future, including redshirts from this year.  Thanks

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Good question.  What, after all, did the NCAA even do to UNC or has that not reached penalty phase?  What was uncovered was pretty stunning, about as sanction worthy as I would think violations of the NCAA sprit can get.  It wasn't slimy outside boosters, but a significant part of the university itself doing the dirty deeds.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Remember the Indiana game in Urban's first season?  Or perhaps even the end of the first half of this game?  Urban doesn't.  We were up several scores at IU, tried to salt it away, but they hustled and got the ball to fast guys in space and just like that they were dangerously close to recovering an onside kick down only 6.  End of first half of NC game safe enough to take a knee, but Oregon thought they could score with even a few seconds left.

Urban is a great coach because he remembers these kinds of things, and he apparently had much more respect for Oregon than Oregon fans or sportswriters do.