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Comment 13 Sep 2020

What you say is true, but what city right now or in the next year is going to pass a tax levy to fund a new stadium?  Economics right now are very tough for most cities and states.  I doubt there are very many people with the money to fund a new stadium totally out of there pocket, and purchase at least part of the team.

Comment 02 Sep 2020

Nobody said Clevinger was a bad pitcher.  I think he was very good.  Great is another level all together.

The Indians finished 21st in attendance in 2019 out of 30 teams. There wasn't much difference between 21 and 25.  They didn't draw 2 million fans, and LA had close to 4 million. LA and NY have massive cable TV deals that Cleveland doesn't have as well. I believe the Tribe offered Clevinger an extension, and just like Bauer he declined.  He was going to get 8-10 million in arbitration this next year and maybe double that the next. They traded him while his value was very high. He was not going to resign with Cleveland when he becomes available to walk. Neither is Lindor.

There will be many teams in MLB after the end of this season trying to cut payroll IMHO. No gate revenue, no parking revenue, no concession revenue, no revenue from gift shops.  I bet most of these teams will take a massive loss this year. Can some teams withstand it? I think  very few can, but not many.

The free agent market will be a tough sell for almost all teams. This might be the worst year to be a free agent in some time.  The Indians will not sign Santana, Hand, Hernandez for 2021.

People complain about ownership being cheap, but not many going to games. If you are old you can remember the 60-90 Tribe.  They were lucky to finish 500% or above.  They were a laughing stock ( made a movie about it) . In the last 20 + years they have the 5th best record in all of baseball. In the mid 90's they were the best team.

Comment 01 Sep 2020

Not sure what Indians game you have been watching.  He had a great year last year, but before that had been bounced between Columbus and Cleveland. not a word I would use to describe him.  Is he a very good pitcher..Yep. Not great though.

I watch all the Tribe games.  He was inconsistant and hurt often.  I like Clev, but great is a term for 2-3 time Cy Young award winners.

Comment 01 Sep 2020

Their farm system just went from being ranked about 15th in baseball to 8th.

They win 90 games every year, and compete in a rather small market. This FO is about the best in all of baseball. They traded Cleveger on the high, and got some very good young ( cheap ) talent.

Clevenger will surprise me if he is able to be a top of the rotation starter 5 years from now.

Comment 01 Sep 2020

This is exactly right.  People act like they traded Cy Young. Clevenger was a good not great pitcher.  He is 30 years old and has had an assortment of injuries.  He has a very violent delivery that looks like it might not be good for the long haul on his body.  He in no way has a smooth easy delivery. He is also at a point where he is going to be due a considerable amount of money. The Cleveland FO has to deal with market restraints.  They don't have the Dodgers or Yankees money.

They got a lot of young talent.  Will it pan out? Who knows? A 19 year old SS very highly thought of. A 23 year old OF that was a first round pick a few years ago. A young catcher who is considered one of the best at defense in the game. A couple of young pitchers that with time could be stars.

Some people act like they were going to get Mike Trout for Clev..It wasn't happening. He has had TJ surgery, knee surgery, back problems, shoulder problems. Plus he doesn't seem very mature for his age.

He broke team protocol to go out and party with friends when he has a teammate who just overcame Leukemia and a manger who has serious health issues. Then lied about it. Not a very classy look.

Comment 08 Jul 2020

People who want more games at St Johns have also not attended very many games.  The place is outdated.  It is like haveing fond memories of things in the 50's and 60's.

It has no amenities at all.  It was a great place way back when.

I have been to tons of games at both places.  The reason the Schott  is not loud is it is rarely even half full. When you have 9k in a place that holds maybe 19k it seems like it is dead.

Is it one of the top venues in college basketball?  No...Is it as bad as people make it out to be? No..If it is full it is a total different place. It is just rarely packed.

Comment 07 May 2020

Was at this game as well.  I still have a small box of turf from endzone. It was the last game played on grass for a long time.  68-70 was a magical team. A couple losses in this time frame, but could have been three time national champions. Was so many fewer games back then. A loss and you went to no bowl game at all.

Comment 02 May 2020

Cutting the cord is great, but you still need internet.  We dropped cable and they resided internet from 45 to 70 ( Spectrum).  We do use Pluto.  It is free and not great, but again free.  We have Prime, and Netflix.

With no sports on TV now there is little reason to pay for YTTV or anything else that has games. I might go back to YTTV in fall if there are games on. 

They did drop Sportstime Ohio which caused me to consider going with Hula.

Anyway you do it...It isn't free.  Internet has very few options to get high speed to do good streaming. That is not free.

Comment 06 Mar 2020

Good.  I know at least three other people no w who have e mailed them as well.  I will wait, and then switch to Hula I guess.

Comment 06 Mar 2020

I think the Cleveland / Akron / Canton market they heard from. I think they need to hear from Central Ohio Market.  This would almost be nothing to them to add the subscribers they have in this area.  How much do you think this could have added to this resolution?  Not much would be my guess.

Comment 06 Mar 2020

I just e-mailed them.  How much could this have possibly have cost to have kept Central Ohio when they kept it in Northern Ohio.  This would have been a drop in the bucket to them!

I watch Jackets and Indians. 

E-mail their customer service.  I would have paid 5 dollars a month more to have kept this.  I only went with You Tube because they carried Sportstime Ohio.

Comment 06 Mar 2020

Well, now they are saying they are only keeping Sportstime Ohio in Akron / Canton and Cleveland. Columbus area will not get it.

This is a blow.  I watch all the Indians games, and most of the Jackets games.  Not sure if anyone actually carries this now.

Comment 05 Mar 2020

YouTube TV worked out a deal to keep Sportstime Ohio and Fox Sports today.

Comment 28 Feb 2020

I e-mailed their customer service, and they were very polite, but I got the impression they didn't think this was going to be resolved anytime soon.

Sucks, as baseball season is going to start soon, and hopefully Jackets will be in playoffs. I also like to watch some high school sports. The Cavs have become unwatchable, so not going to miss much there.

Comment 19 Feb 2020

You are so right.

I listened to every friend I have who told me they were SO much better off with cutting cord and switching to You Tube.  Today I did that.  When I  took cable boxes back she told me my new bill was 69.99 for just internet ( Spectrum ) .  I was paying 122 for cable and internet as I had a bundle deal and just basic cable. Now my bill is 50 for you tube and 70 for internet....120. A big saving s of 2 dollars / month.

You still need high speed internet to get YouTube TV. It is not some huge savings. The resolution is better.  I am surprised, but no guide to let you know what is on at a certain time, and no channel numbers.  I may get use to it, but I liked the guide.

Comment 18 Feb 2020

Only have a daughter, but I would have told her to play for this guy.  He is authentic.