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Comment 06 Aug 2019

No matter where you sit get there really early.  Not sure what time that game starts, but by getting there early, I mean maybe 8am for a noon game.  People think getting there an hour early is good, and it isn't.

Take in the " Skull Session" at St Johns ( Two hours early for sure)  The Schott is open and many things to see if you take your time and walk around.  Buckeye Grove is worth a visit as well.

But the best thing to do is be in your seat really early to watch warm ups, and for sure see TBDBITL come into the stadium. That is no doubt a must see.

Don't get in a rush to leave like everyone else. Stay in your seat till the main crowd leaves and you can walk down and take many pictures close to field level.

An isle seat is a great thing if you can fined one no matter where. Plan your restroom breaks way before the main crowd goes and you will be much happier.

I think parking way out and taking the shuttle buses  is the way to go. I park way out as far as I can off Ackerman near one of the glass huts, and take a shuttle. But, everyone has their own thing. There are many ways to do it.  I find this as easy as any.

In any event hope you enjoy it, but make it but plan on an entire day.

Comment 05 Aug 2019

B Deck hotter than Hell on early season games.  Like other have said Lower C deck in middle of field is not bad. Still on a very warm day make sure you take some sun screen.

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Granville is a wonderful place, but the taxes are terrible. The schools are good, but you pay a steep price for it.  I have 15 acres in the country in North Fork School district.  It is 1.8 miles from  elementary  school, but way out in the middle of beautiful country. It is mostly a hillside, but a several home sites could be built there.  I am looking to sell in the near future. If you are interested in having a house built send me a message. This was just deer hunting property, but getting too old to do that.

Comment 07 Jul 2019

When you hear things like this you realize how much more important things are than a baseball game. He seems like such a good person.

Best Wishes for him and his family...


Comment 08 May 2019

There is Radon in every basement in Ohio, and always has been. Radon is everywhere. If you lived in your basement  24/7 for the next 30 years it might be a problem.

I have know people selling a house over 125 years old that had to go to major expense to install Radon mitigation. Nobody had ever known anyone who had lived in this house for many many generations ever having had cancer.

Funny how when the vans and trucks for the Radon crew was there I saw several of them go out and take a smoke break...Would have cracked up laughing at the hypocrisy of this, but it was an older friends house, and it ran thousands of dollars.

Comment 17 Apr 2019

I think it was the loudest sporting event I have ever been to.  USC Vs OSU about a decade ago was really loud, but this was incredible. My ears are still ringing.  It seemed the entire crowd stayed after it was over and cheered for at least 10 minutes.

Columbus really came out and supported the Jackets. Great atmosphere from start to finish.

Comment 04 Mar 2019

I am not sure I get all the hate for Werner and Borland and Harrison never made a mistake, so he is beyond reproach. That isn't what I saw. I watched the games and replays and Harrison certainly had his moments where he was out of position, and missed tackles as well.

There seemed like plenty of blame to go around, but it was all Werner and Borland's fault on every play. Did they look bad on some plays, Oh yea, but there were 11 guys on defense, and it wasn't on them all the time.

I don't get the love fest for Browning, or any reason why anyone who watched the games think he is an upgrade. He might have been a 5 star player in high school, but he certainly has not looked it when he has been on the field. I hope he comes on and is an All American this year, but I have seen very little to say he is an upgrade over anyone.

Branden White came in and did an admirable job, but it didn't take much to improve on the play of the safeties before him.  He too was far from perfect.

I am sure last year if there were players on the bench that were a huge upgrade over Werner the coaches would have played them.  He actually graded out really well most games.

Comment 12 Feb 2019

I know this wont meet with approval, but the defensive line wasn't very good last year. They did not play assignments on may plays, which really hurt the LB's.  It seemed like they were trying to be on a highlight reel sack every play, which left the big holes which LB's and SF were exposed too.

The DL on many plays needs to play their gap and eat up blockers, and let the LB's make plays. I didn't think this was happening much of the time.  The DL seemed undisciplined, but they seem to get no grief.

Werner was also right on the line  until late in the season. I never could figure what that was about. His first move was forward, and he was an easy person to trap. The play was around him before he could react. Late in the season they went away from this.

Werner was far and away the fastest LB on the field last year. People who suggest he is slow didn't watch many games. He was caught out of position on many plays I would guess because it was a scheme thing.