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Comment 17 Apr 2019

I think it was the loudest sporting event I have ever been to.  USC Vs OSU about a decade ago was really loud, but this was incredible. My ears are still ringing.  It seemed the entire crowd stayed after it was over and cheered for at least 10 minutes.

Columbus really came out and supported the Jackets. Great atmosphere from start to finish.

Comment 04 Mar 2019

I am not sure I get all the hate for Werner and Borland and Harrison never made a mistake, so he is beyond reproach. That isn't what I saw. I watched the games and replays and Harrison certainly had his moments where he was out of position, and missed tackles as well.

There seemed like plenty of blame to go around, but it was all Werner and Borland's fault on every play. Did they look bad on some plays, Oh yea, but there were 11 guys on defense, and it wasn't on them all the time.

I don't get the love fest for Browning, or any reason why anyone who watched the games think he is an upgrade. He might have been a 5 star player in high school, but he certainly has not looked it when he has been on the field. I hope he comes on and is an All American this year, but I have seen very little to say he is an upgrade over anyone.

Branden White came in and did an admirable job, but it didn't take much to improve on the play of the safeties before him.  He too was far from perfect.

I am sure last year if there were players on the bench that were a huge upgrade over Werner the coaches would have played them.  He actually graded out really well most games.

Comment 12 Feb 2019

I know this wont meet with approval, but the defensive line wasn't very good last year. They did not play assignments on may plays, which really hurt the LB's.  It seemed like they were trying to be on a highlight reel sack every play, which left the big holes which LB's and SF were exposed too.

The DL on many plays needs to play their gap and eat up blockers, and let the LB's make plays. I didn't think this was happening much of the time.  The DL seemed undisciplined, but they seem to get no grief.

Werner was also right on the line  until late in the season. I never could figure what that was about. His first move was forward, and he was an easy person to trap. The play was around him before he could react. Late in the season they went away from this.

Werner was far and away the fastest LB on the field last year. People who suggest he is slow didn't watch many games. He was caught out of position on many plays I would guess because it was a scheme thing.

Comment 31 Jan 2019

I tried that, but only word I could remember was Turmeric and nothing came up.

Comment 31 Jan 2019

Thank you so much!

Comment 01 Dec 2018

the Indians salary last year was not 95 million. It was closer to 140 million.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

Gomes I believe will be 32 this coming season.  If you look at history of baseball, catchers past 32 don't age well, and most drop of significantly after that age. This is a position that takes a beating and mid 30's not many get any better.

Gomes was not exactly J. Bench hitting wise.  He had a good year last year, but the two season prior to that he didn't hit any better than Perez. He is also due to make I believe over 7 million this year and 9 the next.  Not terrible, but if they could get value for him now it might not be the worst thing.

The two prospects they got were a young pitcher who throws about 98 mph. His record is deceiving, as he only pitched above A ball for about one year.

The other is a 23 year old outfielder with a very strong arm, and great potential at the plate.

This trade might better be judged a couple years down the road. But, clearly prospects are just that...prospects.

Mejia was never going to cut it as a catcher, and he seemed fairly set on not changing positions. Also some forget they picked up two younger arms that are on 25 man roster now for him.

Gomes was not going to be the difference in them winning the Central Division next year. I liked him, and he had a good year last year, but he could easily have reverted back to hitting 220 next year and they get nothing for him.

Cleveland is actually a fairly well run franchise. Encarnacion and Kipnis combined salary next year is around 35 million. That is not helping what they can do.

Comment 10 Nov 2018

USAF 1971-1975.  No chance I was going to reenlist with how we were treated in that time period. I think when I first went in my take home pay was 58,00 every two weeks. I know this was a long time ago, but it was poverty even then.

Very good documentary on Netflix " The Viet Nam War"  It is by Ken Burns. I think it is ten episodes and each one is a little long, but an excellent look at this period in our history.

Comment 08 Nov 2018

The refs were really bad.  I never like to blame any game on calls, but this was beyond bad.

Many of these were not even judgemental calls. The missed goal tending, shot clock violation, repeated out of bound calls. Plus, the technical seemed out of place. He could have stopped play and given him a warning, but it was not anything that egregious.  The flop towards the end might have been better to have just been a no call. He clearly was just acting.

This game might not have been that close. The refs kept them in the game.

OSU clearly needs to get more movement on their offense. You can't stand around and weave 30 feet from the basket for 25 seconds and then throw up a three and expect this is going to work against good teams.