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Comment 17 Aug 2015

VT offense is replacing the whole left side of the OL.  One of their better RB isn't playing.  tOSU back 7 might be the best in the country.  Brewer might have to hold the ball a bit too long.  Last year Apple, Lee, & Bell were new starters with Powell switching positions.

Last year JTB, 4 OL and Elliot (played just after wrist surgery) were all new starters.  Actually VT had more penalties and same number of turnovers.  The pick 6 in the last minute made the score more lopsided.  tOSU for as bad as they were tied the game in the 4Q.

VT D have an answer for Braxton?  They are starting 2 new safeties.  If they try the bear front this year they will have a healthy Elliot and Braxton left in beat one and gone positions.

last point.  Turnovers are a killer for sure.  VT has a good D.  But can they keep tOSU under 24?  Can they score more than 17?

31-17 Buckeyes is my guess.

Comment 13 Aug 2015
Moments like that make me proud to be a buckeye fan. Very good player and great Young man. Saw him at FNL. Very magnetic personality. Saw his Dad doing some recruiting.
Comment 03 Aug 2015

Who needs to throw it 50?  Throw it 15 to a mis-match or uncovered receiver. Miller throw a wheel route pass Thomas/Vannett out of a jet sweep or "flee flicker"

DC will have a slight case of anal leakage whenever Miller goes in motion.  Full loss of bladder control when the ball is in his hands.  DB gonna be scared.  Thomas, Brown, Vannett, Miller, Elliot (w/ 2 good hands now) and Samuel/Campell/Dixon/Mclauren/Gibson as receiving and/or run threats. 

Urban has both 15 and 50 yard passes from Miller in his doodling.  I sure of it. lol

Comment 02 Aug 2015
Bought the DVD. ...seen 6 times + Don't need Espn U
Comment 31 Jul 2015

Miller just being on the field is a concern for the defense.  Put him in split back formation,who's the greatest run threat?  Put him out wide, do you put your best CB on him? Put him in motion and what does you LB and DB key on?  Miller may not be able to throw it 45 yards on a rope but is he a threat to toss it 8 yards to receiver in the red zone?  Do you try to jam him in a bunch formation? Raise your hand if you like to see Miller get one of those 1 foot passes as he runs a jet sweep (ala Marshall v. Indiana). [me rasing my hand]