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Comment 18 Jan 2020

Georgia returns all the OL and have a really good RB core.  They return half of the defense.  So on paper they are in OK shape.  Just get a game manager of a QB.  NOT TOP 5 by any means to start.

Now Oregon is interesting to be that high.  They lose QB, 2 WR, 4 OL,  & TE.  Yet their ranking maybe based on the defense.  9 of 11 return.  Ducks were top 10 in scoring defense and top 25 in yards allowed.

LSU and ND may have to the toughest transitions.  Losing the QB is program changing.  Big shoes to fill.

Bucks biggest question is at RB.  Dobbins was a keystone for the offense.  A step back on defense but still better than 2018.  Full trust in Greg, LJ and Washington...Kerry when and if is icing!  Big shot in recruiting 2021 and on.

Comment 05 Jan 2020

More of who will be inside and outside alignment.  

I can see all 5 DB on the field from time to time.

The best 11 will play. Always have and always should.  Greg and Jeff worked out a scheme based on strengths of the team.  We WILL need to see how Greg and the new DB coach work together. So ad nauseam will continue through fall camp.

Comment 11 Dec 2019

Won a NC via playoff with the 3rd string QB.  Urban made winners at every stop!  

Bill Snyder needs to be much high.  He made chocolate out of crap 2x!!

Sure I hate Xichigan...  Bo won no national titles and didn't have a top 50 career.  He played spoiler more than contender.  

Saban> Bear.  Bear had NC claims by cereal sponsors.  In his day there were 3-5 different ways to "claim" a NC.  

This list equals CFP committee putting GA #5 last week.  NONSENSE

Comment 20 Jul 2019

Not a lot can be said that would not take one down to his level.  TTUN board should have done their home work on his metal condition.  It seems to follow Jimmy around.  So this is on them.  Sharks swim.  Frogs leap. Don't hate a snake because it bites.  Snake is a snake.

I thank Jimmy for bulletin board material.

Comment 24 Aug 2018

SIAP  Didn't read 300+ postings.

Allison.  People are good or bad by the time they 18.  But you can make them aware of the consequences of breakNo ing the rules.  Coaches are not PARENTS!  NO ONE I know went future to college to learn how to be a good people.  The go to get an education to improve their future or full fill a goal.

The 3 games was for mismanagement.  Only wrong was there was NOT a written record between Gene or Urban to compliance.  Even it was compliance that informed them.  smh  BoT was making up a crime to punish.  They should gone the route Colorado which DV was proven. State:1. Urban did what his contract said was to do.  2.He didn't intentionally misinform anyone at media days.  3.We all agree DV is bad.  Urban states his core values on DV.   And he will donate a month's salary ($600,000) to DV causes.  Then states Zach has had his troubles and I have tried to help him many times as I became aware of them.  I hope he learns his lessons. 

Main stream media wonders why Tressel treated them the way he did post 2004.  Buckle up...Urban may give you some more of that!

What to do about DV claim?  Check it out and record everything.  Be sure if there is a termination it won't become a wrongful termination suit.  This is why Urban was NEVER going to be fired.  If they fired him and Gene knew, $38 million would have been the least of the school's concerns!  Zach was not charged in 2015.  IF Zach get fired for going to a strip club, there better be a progressive discipline record or line in his contract stating as such.  Or Zach could sue.

Comment 05 Aug 2018

The press is in a position that Urban, coaches, and players are not accessible.  Now the athletic department, President Drake, and Board can now say....we have to see what the committee has to say.  Thus a waste of time to try to talk to any one.  Media just gets to play with themselves with what tOSU allows to be released. They are not happy.  I say......