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Grew up watching more Jim Jackson, Mark Baker and Treg Lee than I did Ohio State football but my priorities flipped as I got a little older. Tress helped that transition along.....Urban is pouring massive amounts of fuel on the fire.

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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Tress vs Miami; Urban vs Oregon
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Ezekiel Elliott; Boom Herron
  • NFL TEAM: Denver Broncos
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
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Comment 03 Jun 2017

Good question. It's on the to-do list, just not likely in schedule form. I have a few more schedule wallpapers to finish off for desktops/laptops and then a phone/tablet offering to put together.

Comment 19 Sep 2016

Watched Wisconsin knock off #1 Ohio State there in 2010. Spent three hours in Wando's after the game sitting at a table for four with my two buddies and...O'Brien Schofield. Don't ask how or why because I have no idea. Made the trip worth it.

Fans were great before the game while they thought they may be in for a long game. Worst I've ever seen after the game. We didn't speak to a soul but had a dozen empty beer bottles thrown our way (from street level) as we walked aimlessly towards State St. Not much better in the first bar or two we entered but found a home at Wando's. That place was great.

Watched Iowa at Wisconsin around the same year and it was a much different (better) experience. They weren't near the douchebags to the Hawkeyes fans.

Hit Wando's!

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Great catches. I've corrected both for the next update (we've already updated it a couple of times as the Composite Rankings continue to shift within the Top 10 before being finalized). Thanks for the help.

Comment 14 Dec 2015

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Can't express how excited I am to contribute - while learning and improving. The sky is the limit.