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Born in the year of Woody's first National Championship. Mom used to sing for me "Across the Field" as a lullaby. I've raved in Bucknut ecstasy and wallowed in abject misery as well. If that makes me a conflicted Ohio State Buckeye fan... then I've got company.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Anytime the Buckeyes post a victory in any sport.
  • NFL TEAM: Dallas Cowboys
  • NBA TEAM: San Antonio Spurs
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 18 Oct 2020

Appreciate the Saturday posting, Louie. Thanks.

Comment 14 Oct 2020

Right. It's still our offseason. Meanwhile this guy is spending time in the comments section of a forum discussing the topic just to say it's a waste of time?

Wasting his time to tell everyone that they're wasting their time by discussing this non-news item...

Comment 14 Oct 2020


This is not a good look.

Wishing Coach a speedy and complete recovery.

I fear for the balance of the CFB season.

Comment 11 Oct 2020

OK, I'll try to deconstruct this:

No commercial advertising, including company names, apparel brands, hashtags, social media handles, phone numbers, logos, slogans or other branding.

Team-branded attire only.  No third-party branding, including on apparel and in photo backgrounds. No attire or other branding of NCAA or professional sports teams.

First paragraph seems direct and explanatory enough.

Second paragraph...well, I find that ambiguous. I'd say if your dad's OSU shirt is Buckeye-related only, with no branding (including Nike), then his pic should be OK.

Check to see that his pic meets these parameters:

Best of luck, Girl.

Comment 03 Oct 2020

Paul Warfield co-hosts. Nice.

I've a good Buckeye friend from my Fan Nation days whose handle is Woody's Boy. He played for Ohio State when Woody coached there '76-'78. WB's greatest regret is that those editions of the Bucks didn't beat TSUN in that time period. It bugs him to this day.

The Ten Year War was an epic time in Ohio State football history.

Comment 21 Sep 2020

Put up a quadraphonic sound system in the 'Shoe that periodically blasts out "O-H-I-O!" beginning at the south end of the stadium. Gotta have the virtual students lead the cheer.

Comment 21 Sep 2020

Renaming Columbus

I'm surprised after all this cussing and discussing that nobody (including me at the time) thought of Tecumseh.

Comment 18 Sep 2020

"I'd rather go to a three-day Kevin Warren leadership conference."

We're Laughing!