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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Going to The Ohio State University during the Tressel/Meyer&Matta era.
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Comment 12 Jul 2017

Cable and Internet companies have colluded for years exclusively to line their pockets and screw you, the customer.

Comment 10 Jul 2017

Well if it makes them feel any better, I counted 8 uncommitted top 100 players that we have a legit shot at (super conservative number by the way), along with the 8 or 9 that are already committed.  4 of those (Parsons, Ruckert, Babb, and Carman) are all higher rated than our highest rated commit, Taron Vincent. 

Comment 23 Jun 2017

Yea man, I don't know if you have ever been to either T-town, but i have coworkers from Florida State and Alabama who have both said "I would have loved to stay there, but there wasn't a whole lot in the way of career opportunities" For the record I love both cities quite a bit having visited them over the past few years on various trips to the southeast.

and especially Tallahassee? according to national data ( Tallahassee is a below average city economically, especially in future job growth compared to the rest of the US, a pretty crazy number considering the population migration to the south and southeast.  Here is a page comparing the economies of Tallahassee and Columbus and here is one comparing the cost of living of both cities  So what i am trying to say here is, Columbus is a city with a better economy, more jobs, better job growth prospects in the future, and is cheaper to live in than Tallahassee.

Comment 18 Jun 2017

We're currently pretty thin on actual depth (plenty of bodies, not many of which are ready for the big stage) on the o line, and we will be graduating quite a few d linemen this year, so I would say it will be a big lineman year on both sides for us.

Also, every Meyer national championship team has been predicated on dominant line play, so if a player that the coaches really like is trying to get in under the crunch (Scruggs, Owen, Hawkins if the coaches really want him) they'll find a way to get him in. 

Comment 12 Jun 2017


1. the best players in the world 100% show up for the majors, they plan their year around it.  

2. The tournaments themselves are much more exclusive, usually having stringent requirements that a player must be meeting at that time to make the field.  Normal tournaments are open to anyone with a PGA tour card.

 3. These are 4 of the oldest tournaments i.e. the most prestigious/historic to win. 

4. while yes, Augusta is always the Masters, it isn't like the US Open, Open Championship, or PGA championship go to easy courses.  Typical winning major scores are usually lower than winning scores of regular tour events.

Comment 12 Jun 2017

He's been out with Injury almost the entirety of the last two years.

Comment 12 Jun 2017

From the 1997 Masters to the 2008 US Open (12 years) Tiger won 14 majors of the possible 46 he played in, an almost 31% winning percentage, which is absolutely insane.  For the record, by 46 major starts, Jack only had won 10 majors, and it would take him 56 majors to get to the 14 win mark, a still extremely high 25% win rate.  Overall, from his first US Open (1962) to his last Masters (1986), Jack won 18 majors in 92 attempts, which is about a 20% win rate.  It is worth pointing out that in that time, Jack also came in 2nd 19 times, to Tiger's 6. Tiger has also won 6 more PGA tournaments than Jack did in 7 less professional years (25 vs 18). 

So while I would still call Jack the GOAT due to his Major victories as well as his longevity in the game, but Tiger is my favorite player in history (Jack is 2 and Greg Norman is 3) and if you can't see why there is at least an argument for him being the greatest golfer in history alongside Jack, Arnie, Sam Snead, and Bobby Jones, I just don't know what to tell you.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

I'm not all that picky. I'll kill for pretty much any really good coach.  If we are going to get rid of Thad, it can't be for some lackluster, meh hire.

Comment 24 May 2017

Well considering Apple has the cash on hand to buy Disney about 5 times over, imma go with nah dawg