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Comment 13 Dec 2019

I thought he looked pretty good last year.  Came in and handled himself against ND real well.  The bit I seen of him this year was just OK.  Seemed to run a lot more then got the shit knocked out of him against WI.  Hadn't looked good since but quite a limited sampling.  Final assessment - who knows????

Comment 10 Dec 2019

If I recall correctly, Fickell told him it was likely he wouldn't be his coach but his replacement would take care of him (I guess he did lie a little there).  He was recruiting to commit to the school and not him.  At least that is what I remember from a Browning interview after he signed.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Yeah, I've been pretty happy with Day's approach.  He doesn't seem one to wait for something good to happen - goes out and tries to make it happen.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

I've been thinking about this the past two days (figured it applies to all the potential opponents in the playoffs).  All three teams have great offenses  and will be successful to some degree.  Clemson will get their yards and points so the team can't get bent out of shape about it.  The team needs to have the offense in attack mode the whole game.  Late in the game with a  4th & 1, 3 minutes to go in a one score game - don't punt and hope the D holds.  Go attack and win it instead of don't lose it.  They have play makers and will be trying to win so take that opportunity away.  I'm sure Day will be calling me shortly for other strategic thoughts about the game. 

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Thanks for the notes on the game.  I too suppressed most of my memory of it.  Only thing I remember was it was an offensive shit show that frustrated the hell out of me.  I watched it all but that is all I remember.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

The OL isn't the greatest pass blockers in history but with the way we protect (often no TE or split out, JK a little limited in blocking, etc.) lends to any mistake resulting in pressure or a sack.  Any mistake is amplified.  The ones that really have given us trouble are the ends that are really more of a linebacker (<250 lbs.).  they T it up and speed rush and our tackles have trouble.  Not sure there is a fix for that as we want 300+ tackles and no one (other than Pace in his hay day) can stop that without help.  Maybe have the TE chip a bit more with those types of speed rushers.  Inside guys have to react better to stunts but most teams could probably say that (why teams run stunts).

Comment 07 Dec 2019

Sure was. The QB running like that isn’t protected or defenseless by definition - of course he looked a little defenseless against that hit but that is his problem.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

I watch/follow Michigan quite a bit and I had a couple observations to bounce off you.  I think they affect what I'll call UM's underperformance for lack of a better term:

  1. Lack of player rotation.  I've watched a couple games and even in blowouts, UM doesn't sub all that much. I'll use McGrone as an example.  He played sparingly in 2018 at most last year to keep a redshirt that really isn't going to be used.   This year he went through some growing pains and turned into a real good linebacker prospect.  He should have been rotated in more last year to get those growing pains out of the way.  I see the same thing happening with the freshmen DT prospects thing year - Smith & Hinton.  Lets be honest, the UM DTs were less than impressive this year.  Would it have hurt to play them more?  Hinton blew his redshirt and Smith will keep his but if they are what you want/think they are, redshirting is a waste.  Hell, at the end of the OSU/UM game, the starters for Michigan were still in - what's the point?  I'll admit this is something that bugged me with Meyer in the past but Day seems to be handling it quite well to date.  Day puts the backups in early and they actually play - not just hand off and all that.
  2. I've heard that a few of the coaches aren't all that big of recruiters, specifically Brown and Zordich.  Not sure how much truth but the Mgoblog folks bring it up.  There may be others but I've seen these two called out (Warinner had a poorish reputation at OSU but I'm not sure how he is doing up there).  In today's football that is unacceptable.  Every coach has to recruit as much as they do coach - maybe more.  Aggressive recruiting might get you that player or two that makes a big different.  Heck, it was rumored OSU was going to get rid of the OL coach if he didn't pick up on recruiting.  Not sure if it was true but I've heard a lot of good things on the trail this year.

Anyways, I feel some of these factor into the UM perfromance - certainly more than bogus classes and bagmen.  I just know OSU has some assassins' when it comes to recruiting and UM seems to only have Partridge doing the killing.  Curious what your observations were.

Comment 30 Nov 2019

Flat Rock, MI (south Detroit).  The game means a lot for us living in enemy territory.  I don't talk much smack at all, but the natives are just itching to pounce.  I will receive all kinds of hell if OSU loses.  Hell, I'll have several neighbors stop by I'm sure.

Comment 17 Nov 2019

Freshman or redshirt freshman at the time. More of a blocking tight end. Blew out his knee either right after, spring game or early the next season and never recovered. Put on medical scholarship.

Comment 28 Oct 2019

He's great as an analysis.  Of course he is set up to look real good as the alternatives are crap.  Might sound like an ass but I'm not always interested in how somebody got over the emotional distress of being born with six toes or how they adapted to a lost love one.  I know, I'm a callous ass-hat.  A little sprinkled in here and there is fine but the meat should be about actual game items.  If you've been in the stands or at a watch party, you probably know some folks that could use some education of the finer points a football play.

As for if Meyer wants to coach again, I would hold no resentment at all for any school.  He came in and improved the program and left us in a good situation for continued success  - nothing to get upset with if he felt like coaching somewhere else.