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Comment 06 Jun 2020

Honestly, what's he supposed to say?  I would have wanted Buckeyes in the 90's to have the same attitude. He said "I want to...." not "we are going to...." so fella, go work your tail off and put forth your best effort. I said/felt the same crap before playing the great St. Marys teams of the early 90's, then got my ass handed to me.  I didn't give up till the clock struck 0 though.

Now the likelihood of this is a different story!!!  Hope he is very unsuccessful beating OSU.

Comment 08 May 2020

They got what they deserved for bombing Pearl Harbor!!!!

I was lucky enough to get to be around some WW2 vets.  Always loved hearing their stories.  Most of the Mercer County boys went to the Pacific Theater so I was exposed to some interesting stories and hatred of Japanese folks.  One guy I talked to about Normandy and he had a different take than you usually hear.  I mentioned how brave he was and the best of the best must have made it through that day (paraphrasing).  He chuckled and said "if I had somewhere to run away to, I would have.  Didn't have no choice but to move forward."  He also mentioned it was pretty much luck and it didn't matter how tough you were.  Up to that time, my war thoughts were centered around John Wayne, Missing in Action & Rambo type movies.  It was very sobering to get the real story.

Comment 05 May 2020

They mentioned this article on MGOBLOG.  Seems they want to downplay Day's coaching chops. One of the last comments at the time insinuated that we had stolen the signs and that was the reason we carved them up.  They had also mentioned that its easy to have our 4.2 receivers beat their 4.5 DBs.  Guess they didn't pay attention to the combine results......not that we don't have fast receivers but the 3 graduates all ran 4.6's and they shredded their defense.  Anyhow, always interesting what they have to say about the Buckeyes.

Comment 24 Apr 2020
I missed Matlock analysis - forgot he was the GM of the Raiders. I generally like unbloated analysis. Half these guys are going to disappoint so what are their weaknesses or watchouts?
Comment 03 Apr 2020

I looked up Tom Pelphrey (Ben Davis) after i finished the season.  I couldn't believe he is basically a soap actor.  I haven't been around too many bipolar folks but he seemed to do it so well.  Really had to switch characters so to speak - very impressed.

Comment 01 Apr 2020

I guess Ari was fired up because he was coming out guns blazing.  I found myself wanting him to tone it down a bit.  This may sound weird but I find them both to be kinda right.  Its the recruiting buts its more than that.

Comment 28 Mar 2020

Worse ever: Ohio Stadium. Not sure what it’s like now but in the 90’s they had shitters along the wall length wise (you sat looking down the wall and absolutely no dividers/doors. You were just out there in the open. I had to piss so bad I didn’t notice till I went to wash my hands and i seen it in the mirror. Some dude was shitting in pure humiliation. I decided then I’d rather shit my pants than  take a dump in that dump.

Comment 14 Mar 2020

I thought about randomly selecting some past team (pre-50's) and stream a game a week and have the write-ups and all.  People would have to have discipline and not look up results and stuff.  Might be some fun.  Instead of bitching about Troy Leroux weighing north of 360 (before getting to campus) we could be worried about our fat ass 50's OT weighing in at 220 - the horror!!!!!

Comment 10 Mar 2020

Talk of moving McCall to running back due to injuries - at least through the spring.  Is that really fair to Demario?  I feel if he is really slated or planned at WR, they should leave him there to get his best shot to get on the field.  I feel that if they mess with him and switch back to RB, he'll just continue on the same path he has been on for the past four years.  Its not like they are going to feature him at RB.