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Comment 21 Mar 2017

I've always liked how Beilein teams have played, they are always well coached. As soon as he got his shooters on board he was bound to be successful at Michigan. Plus he picks up sleeper players that aren't all americans; that he helps become good ball players. In spite of the Big's showing, the Big was pretty down this year, although it's a young conference without many name superstars. 

Ohio State is going to rue the day that Matta let Ward leave Ohio for a heated rival. At least when Ohio was good they were rivals. Three more years of watching him develop and beat osu. A new coach is going to hate Matta for that as much as the fans will. He'll be wondering the same thing osu fans have been for years, what in the world was Matta thinking? Oh well, only three more years of that agony. 

Comment 21 Mar 2017

I'd say the airplane wrecking shook them out of any doldrums they may have had, moreso than any loss to any one team.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Must not be your day, you are wrong again. Bay resigned in protest over the Earle Bruce firing. Hardly a pussy move to stick to your guns over principle. Bay also fired Eldon Miller, after Miller WON the NIT championship, that's right after winning 5 straight games to win the NIT. Bay fired him three days later. It seems he stood a lot taller than you are giving him credit for. 

Comment 13 Mar 2017

Meyer is by far the highest earner and it isn't even close. As to earnings tied to performance, that's how Matta got his package, remember when OSU bb was good, Smith signed him to a top notch contract so he wouldn't go anywhere else. Ah, the good ol' days. The problem with long term rollover contracts are; when things go south, the coach is living on what he once accomplished and the compensation seems out of line with current results. Hence he seems overpaid in comparison to wins and losses. But at least Mean Gene got his man locked up long term, right? There's good and bad associated with that kind of contract, right now, you're seeing the bad side. 

Comment 13 Mar 2017

He who blames anybody but the head man himself, is a fool. Anyone and everyone played a part in this debacle, but who hired and who recruited ALL of those attributable to the Masterpiece Theater we had the pleasure of watching this year? The second and more important question is, who is responsible for it continuing, who finds the last number of years acceptable, by keeping the man responsible for the continued deterioration of the program?The sad thing about the answer to that question is, Smith obviously doesn't have anyone on his short list that he knows can do a better job at getting some energy back into the program via the play on the floor. I would hope that he is looking hard at the coaches in the NCAA and NIT that do very well with little, so that when they come to a place that offers a lot, they can expand OSU's brand nationally with hard play and enthusiasm. It's obvious Matta has lost control of the program based on watching what has happened inside and outside of the team, at a minimum of the last two years. Based on some of the comments he has made, he has also lost touch with reality of what is expected of him and those under his watch at OSU. It seems Matta thinks the fans should be on a perrennial honeymoon with him because of what he did yesteryear. If it's true one is only as good as their last game, last season or seasons, the honeymoon period has been over for a few years. I wonder if he is so myopic that he hasn't seen the dwindling attendance and the Ohio kids distancing themselves from what could be perceived as a sinking program? If the students, who complained for years about their seats and the number of their seats, don't come to the games, that says everything one needs to know about how they feel about the program. Is it any wonder that the best kids in Ohio see that malaise and don't want to come to OSU? Next year Smith should set the bar as, one of the two Big 10 championships, and or, an elite eight/ final four type of year. Short of that, Smith has one full year to get the next hire perfect, and a full year to make sure it's right. This hire should be so important that he burns the midnight oil night and day until his short list is three of four guys that hit the road running and don't miss a beat and they bring the enthusiasm that Matta had when he first got here. 

Comment 12 Mar 2017

The Big ten stinks but I hope someone/anyone gets out of the first weekend and I don't care who it is. Besides I never root against my Big ten brethren. After all we are all in this sinking boat together.  But hey, wait till next year. 

Comment 07 Mar 2017

I have the same regional bias that you do, but to just put an arbitrary number on the amount of recruits that 'should' be from Ohio is just stupid. As long as OSU is a national power it is imperative that they recruit as such, and if that means that 7 or less kids in Ohio get scholarships, so be it. 

My only thought on Ohioans is that all things being equal, they should get the tie breaker. Other than that, few of the kids that OSU leaves on the table go anywhere nationally. That tells me that OSU knows far more about recruiting than bloggers. I'm hard pressed to remember a highly ranked Ohio player that OSU didn't offer that became a star elsewhere. 

Comment 07 Mar 2017

I don't get where he gets the good recruiter reputation, he's done nothing nationally, and I can think of a few guys who fell into his lap, but his Ohio recruiting and judgement of Ohio players is abysmal. 

Lap dance: A down Indiana University-Conley, Oden, Thomas, and his friend Tom Crean stating Matta woke up on third base and thought he hit a triple. Sullinger-he wasn't going anywhere but OSU, no matter the coach. 

Other than that he's had a couple of pro's and good college players, but in 13 years that's pretty unimpressive, especially considering the facilities and the resources at OSU, not to mention fairly decent Ohio players from year to year. 

He's missed on a lot of Ohio players over the years, especially the national ones recently, and he'll miss on the best guard in Ohio in this year's class, but what's new? As bad as his guard play has been in recent years, he should be kissing this kid's butt to get him to OSU. He would change the direction of this team in year one. 

Maybe with the malaise that is gone with the senior class, the team can improve to no.5 and a .500 record in Big 10 play next season. 

I would rather have seen that with new blood at the helm and a new identity, with enthusiasm that hasn't been apparent in a few years around here. But with basketball being a distant, distant red-headed step child at OSU, relevance is only relative. Apparently Gene hasn't gotten any heat from the powers that be to make the necessary change. So one more year of the same old, same old. Next year at this time, you'll be saying the same things you are saying today. 

Comment 10 Feb 2017

I'd love to see new blood coaching basketball, but if Smith keeps Matta, I hope they are both handed their walking papers next year. Maybe Smith has balls and does the right thing for osu basketball this year, maybe he doesn't. The only coach on the current staff I'd want to see coach the bucks is Paulus, at the least he is young and would probably have a disciplined team, with a modicum of offense that would be evident to a basketball beginner.

Comment 10 Feb 2017

It's always easy to have 20/20 hindsight after an event. The problem isn't the play calling as much as the execution of the plays called. I would imagine there have been just as many losses attributed to running the clock out as there have been in running a team's regular offense. Since the nfl is a passing league by far, it makes sense that the offense passes far more often than it runs the ball, even when in field goal range. If one of your team's guys gets blown up that's not necessarily the play call's fault. That defense didn't offer much resistance the last half of the game. And the offense only scored seven points. Maybe you should begrudgingly give credit to their opponent?

Comment 03 Feb 2017

If five guys leave, osu isn't making the numbers tighter, they are making the number larger. To jettison one more player would not be more difficult, osu doesn't seem to mind floatsam. 

Also the new kicker technically, isn't a grey shirt either. He's a walk on. If you pay your own way you are a walk on and only a walk on. It's been thrown around on here and other sites that he is a grey shirt. He isn't a grey shirt. But no one knows what to call a walk on to scholarship player. I've got an idea, let's call him what he is, a walk on to scholarship player. WOTSP (REGISTER, COPYRIGHT, AND PATENT APPLIED 2/3/17) He has himself said, he can and will play if needed for the '17 season, that is not a grey shirt. I take that to mean one of two things, if he beats out the current kicker, or if the current kicker gets injured during the pre-season or in the regular season. NB has a little injury history, and Myer doesn't seem too enamored with him either, so it's not in another realm that the freshman plays this season. NB could also get the boot, no pun intended. 

If five players or more go bye bye, HB could potentially be put on scholarship. Even if that doesn't happen, by paying his own way the first semester, he doesn't count against the roster limit, he is a walkon and he is eligible for the '17 season, by norms, that excludes him from being a greyshirt. The other part of being a grey shirt is when one's ncaa five year clock starts ticking. A grey shirt is usually done to separate years with players of the same position. If HB doesn't play during the '17 season, his five year window starts in '18, then technically he would be a grey shirt this year. It is extremely rare for one to pay their own way the first semester, to be a grey shirt candidate for the following year. It's the first that I know of at osu. It's also rare for a grey shirt to be 'eligible' for the season in which he is trying to be grey shirted. Usually, in the case of osu, they would 'sit out' the fall semester, Aug.- Dec., then enroll the spring semester, Jan. - Apr. and count towards the following year's scholarship total. 

Here's the TLDR; if the frosh plays in '17 he isn't a grey shirt. If he doesn't play during '17, even while being eligible to play by paying his own way, he is a grey shirt. Of course that's today. If the ncaa does allow fresh. to play four games and still be redshirted, he could still have four years eligibility to follow, even if he played four games, depending on what part of the season the four games are allowed to be played. I suppose in that case he could be considered the first redshirted-greyshirt in osu history. That I know of. 

Comment 03 Feb 2017

Ding ding ding. Hey somebody who actually knows what he is talking about on a blog site, pretty impressive. 

Speaking of which. Since the big ten only allows a team to oversign by three, osu has to send a plan to the big ten office on how they are going to reduce the roster by fall semester. I would love to see what plan osu submitted to the big ten. Since it has to be public information, I hope someone on 11 warriors would like to see the inner workings of the osu machine, and ask the big ten office for osu's plan through the freedom of information act. 

Anybody going to step up to the plate on that?

Comment 03 Feb 2017

The frequency has nothing to do with it being an issue. It's only an issue if a team one doesn't like does it. The team also has to be successful or it doesn't matter either. I doubt anyone cares if Purdue or Vanderbilt oversigns.

It doesn't matter who oversigns or by how many. Every team has a limit of 85, that's the only number that matters. How each team manages their roster is up to that team's staff. Since all teams work with the exact number, only how you manage your roster matters. If you don't want to follow what the top teams do to manage their roster, you risk falling behind in the arms and legs race. 

Comment 03 Feb 2017

It's also okay for anyone to keep their head buried deeply in the scarlet and gray sand. It's impossible to know who wants out and who is pushed out, unless and until a player starts squawking about it, one will never hear about it. This brotherhood and love for one another that osu and the teammates push would indicate to me that most would stay to the end of their eligibility regardless of playing time or ability. It would seem if one wanted to leave for playing time they wouldn't wait until their fourth or fifth year. If a guy doesn't want to leave osu, that is being pushed out, no matter how osu or its fans couches it. Can you imagine an Ohio guy, or one who has grown up with osu as their all time favorite team, suddenly deciding after three or four fun filled years, this isn't the place for me? Nobody has seen it, because no one has made a fuss yet, but to think it doesn't happen is just plain silly. 

One day a player will squawk about being pushed out, it's bound to happen. OSU will duck its head and close its eyes, and the fans will scream it's just sour grapes. After all nothing bad happens at an institution that I root for. All the other places wear black, not my team. 

Comment 03 Feb 2017

Sanders played college through '88, he was a rookie baseball player in '89. Unlikely he would go off scholarship his fourth year in college even if he had baseball bonus money. Just an urban myth. Why would he pay his own way?

Your Davis urban myth has been widely disproved also. 

There's plenty of wiggle room only if you are baiting a hook. 

Comment 03 Feb 2017

Your scenario makes no sense what so ever. I'll paraphrase since your sentences make no sense either. He was not encouraged to leave because he could have stayed on the team, but paid his own way for his graduate degree and not counted against the limit. (My words follow) Making him a walk on. Or, he could leave the team, and have osu pay for his graduate degree as a grad assisstant. Or, he could have stayed on the team and counted against the limit AND had osu pay for his graduate degree as a scholarship player. Which of those scenarios help osu out? One is completely senseless and the other two are exactly the same, except for roster management. 

I didn't know that Alex Gleitman had retired, thank you for informing me.