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Comment 06 Sep 2016

Barrett has done a great job of largely feasting on inferior competition - with the notable exception of the 2014 MSU game.  He has largely underperformed in tough situations - PSU in 2014, MSU last year, etc.

Comment 13 Feb 2016

is it too late to get wiggins back

Comment 09 Feb 2016

Generally no limit on interest, however, that being said, low 30's is the highest rate I've heard.  Get a new card with a lower rate and transfer the balance.  

Comment 01 Jan 2016

What does he do in the offseason?  Hopefully he makes basketball videos as well.  If we are really lucky maybe he will make political videos for the upcoming election.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

No need for the man to apologize for keeping it real.  Maybe not the time and place to say what he did, however his comments were accurate.  I hope that this serves as a growing moment for all and that the team improves because of it.

Comment 02 Nov 2015

Should have definitely refused the breathalyzer and made them drawn blood.  Additionally, he should have downloaded the Mr. Checkpoint or Checkpoint Wingman apps.

Comment 28 Oct 2015

Manny's is the spot you want to go - much better than the Iron bar IMHO.  Will definitely have a loud crowd and has two floors, although they will both be packed with OSU fans.  Both the Iron bar and Manny's will play the sound and music during timeouts though.

Some of the other places named - Stout, 121 Fulton, Tonic, Blondies all used to be Buckeye bars but aren't any longer.  You won't have much luck going to those spots.