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  • SPORTS MOMENT: My mother woke me up as a child to watch Henry Aaron break Babe Ruth's record
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Comment 19 Sep 2016

Is there an all 22 version of Ohio State's games available anywhere?  I know there are NFL games available and I was able to find "some" college games.  Watching in the all 22 view makes it much easier to make these kinds of breakdown vs. the TV feed.  I for one, really enjoy this kind of commentary.

Comment 14 Sep 2016

I'm envisioning McMillan hitting Mayfield similar to the hit Katzenmoyer put on Corby Jones.

Comment 29 Jan 2016

Glad to see Pete Johnson on the list.  Incredible athlete.

Comment 11 Nov 2015

I always love playing top notch competition and Alabama fits this bill.

However, does anyone else think that the game could've turned out differently last year if Alabama had just kept feeding Henry?  It looked to me as if Kiffin had a colossal brain fart.  We could've still won, but I feel like the flow of the game would've been much different.  On top of that, we haven't looked good against top notch running teams this year and it looks to me as if Alabama has it rolling well.

I'm not predicting doom, but don't get all cocky thinking we'd roll over them.  It would be a battle, as it was last year, to come out with a win.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

Most of my favorite music is from the late 70s:

Steve Miller Band, Billy Joel, Jim Croce, Carole King, Foreigner, Styx, ACDC, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, Elton John, The Police, Boston, Queen, Bob Seger, Steely Dan, Van Morrison, Cheap Trick, Bad Company, Joe Walsh, Earth Wind & Fire, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Lynard Skynard, CCR, Pink Floyd .......................

An amazing era of music

Comment 27 Aug 2015

With the lack of experienced players at the Z position for Va Tech, I could see OSU using a lot of two TE formations with Thomas at the X and Braxton/Samuel at the H.  Vannett was especailly effective blocking from the TE/H position during our playoff run.  If the Hokies run the Bear D and play man on the outside, a steady diet of jet sweeps by Samuel and Braxton should be effective along with the outside zone.

Comment 21 Jul 2015

What a tough issue for fans and athletes alike.  Football is a barbaric sport and let's face it, that's why we like it.  The more that they remove the barbarism from the sport, the less I like it.  Tackling a QB in the pocket may as well be 2 hand touch the way they've changed the rules, WRs have little fear of going across the middle, a RB can lower his head and shoulder pads and not worry about a helmet to helmet collision.  There's a really fine line here and I'm not sure where it is.  Why don't we have two full units of offense and defense and the whole unit comes off the field every play and every player gets checked before they go back in.  A bit tongue in cheek there, but the question remains, how far is too far to change the game in the name of safety.  We all want the players' safety to come first, but if we're really fanatic about it, why don't we just do away with football all together?

The biggest problem is the warrior mentality of the athletes, you're trying to change a culture that has glorified being tough and dealing with pain.  The very thing that you're telling them to do goes against everything that has made them successful at football.  How are you going to get someone to change that when it is what go them there in the first place?

Comment 10 Jun 2015

The second runner should have run right over top of the catcher or "accidentally" hit her with a backswing after you swing and miss or just plan flat get off the ground and kick her ass or have your pitcher drill her in the middle of the back her next at bat etc. etc.  There are several ways for the other team to take care of the situation themselves.

Comment 16 Feb 2015

Didn't think of Carol Burnett till you mentioned it, but it was hilarious.

Comment 10 Feb 2015

I always admired players who handled being in the spotlight with grace.  Chris Spielman and Aaron Craft are two of my favorites, but Archie will always be my hero.

Comment 10 Feb 2015

Post college issues aside, for those of us old enough to remember, he was probably the best QB to ever play at OSU.  His numbers aren't that astounding, but considering he played in fewer games per season and in the "3 yards and a cloud of dust" era, they are exemplary.  Don't let the train wreck his life has become make you overlook how great he was as a Buckeye.

Comment 10 Feb 2015

I'm surprised how undervalued Kelvin Ransey is on these kinds of lists.  He is 5th in career scoring AND 3rd in career assists.

Comment 10 Feb 2015

Starters: Conley, Jackson, Kellogg, Lucas, Oden

Bench: Ransey, Craft, Sullinger, Russell, H. Williams, Havlicek, Hopson

Comment 09 Feb 2015

I think it would be great for kids who don't like all the attention and want to put an end to still being recruited even though they've verbally committed to a school.  It would be a surefire way to identify who is into playing games and who isn't.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

I hate that we criticize these kids for changing their minds.  I know that some kids like playing the game, but my guess is that most of them don't.

I'm not saying that something shady couldn't have happened, but I think we all underestimate the pressure put on these kids by recruiters and coaching staffs to sign "now", especially on a visit.  Some kids like it, some kids tolerate it, some kids hate it.  Then on top of it, recruiting has gotten to the point where everything they say is under a microscope from the perspective fan bases.

I can certainly see situations where kids are persuaded to sign on a visit before they're ready and then changing their minds later.  I wish they would either make it so that once they sign, it is permanent or that no one can sign until National Signing Day.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Spot on observations.  

Smith is a great deep threat, but might not be consistent enough on shorter routes to play in the league consistently.  I think his performance on special teams this last year will help him.

I'm stunned that more people aren't high on Grant.  He quietly did an outstanding job this last year.