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Stay-at-home dad to 2 sons. Excited to go back to work some day but appreciative of the opportunity I have


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching to 2003 Natty with my dad at BW3 in Oxford
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Eddie George All Time/ current Robert Landers
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Scoonie Penn All Time/ Currently Kyle Young(Stark county represent)
  • NFL TEAM: Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Penguins
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians/Pirates
  • SOCCER TEAM: Crew/ Manchester City

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Comment 22 May 2019
My parents were straight arrows growing up and told me if they ever caught me they would call the cops... And my mom was not kidding, she forced Ames department store to call The cops on my then 8 year old older brother when he tried to shoplift a Destroy GI Joe. The cops were going to let him off and she chewed them out and made him go to the police office in cuffs. Then when they didn't want it to go on his record, she said she would agree to that but he had to come in every Saturday for 3 months and wash the squad cars. Mom didn't fuck around. My dad once jacked a drug dealer at a party and his friends had to drag him off. please forgive me for forgive my bias, lol.
Comment 22 May 2019
So after looking at his, McCord's and Miller's films. 3things I noticed. McCarthy looks really slight compared to the other, and his receivers were usually way more open and while very accurate he also tended to look for one receiver and didn't always keep his head down field while scrambling, though he did a nice job on some plays. He also looks at one receiver, which is fairly common for underclassmen starters. Miller has a more prototypical size, best speed of all three, and is a risk taker if need be. McCord, wow can't believe the kid is a sophomore. Clearly plays against good competition as he doesn't often have open guys. Also his field vision is outstanding for soph highlights, frequently checking down multiple times. I could really see Miller/McCord being very similar to Brady/Henson at Michigan. Where Miller is too good to give up his starting job, but McCord flashes brilliance in his limited time. I think McCarthy can be good. But until I see one of Jimbo's QB recruits develop, I will hold judgement. Additionally McCord attends St. Joseph's which is the #1 ranked Catholic high school in Pennsylvania and have a 100% college acceptance rate. Having worked in lesser Catholic schools I know how hard these kids compete even in the classroom on a daily basis. All three are impressive but I'm definitely cool with the two we have
Comment 20 Apr 2019
Middle size school, biggest kid. He hasn't been pushed. I had an elite coach for 2 year in have and a good one (both current or future OHSAA hall of fame coaches). Under the good we we're pushed but not hard enough, I regressed physically from my Sophomore where at 235 I was Squatting 600 and ran around a 5.5 forty (I was not an elite athlete just strong and intelligent enough to learn how to do the little things to look better than I was). I'm not too worried as long as he's willing to work, those things come.
Comment 19 Jan 2019
So in his first year with the browns the d was top 10, 21 ints, DBs were Haden, Justin Gilbert, Buster Skrine, Whitner, Tashaun Gipson They dropped to top 20 the following year as Manziel took over and the D spent more time on the field. They only produced 11 ints, Skrine left and Williams came in. Also PFF ranked every player but Gilbert who was unknown as Very good or good. The d line was ranked as avg at best and the linebackers included an average and below average starter. So it seems other than Gilbert the secondary did ok. And that was with Johnny Manziel being a constant distraction and having Connor Shaw have to play in 7 games.