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Comment 04 Jun 2020

The title of the song is “Another Brick In the Wall”. We don’t need no education is the first line, but not even close to the meaning of the song.

Comment 09 Apr 2020

How many of you would go to a game if there is no vaccine or medicine available to help prevent the serious complications of this virus?  All the medical experts are telling us that this virus isn't just going to disappear in a few months.  Social distancing is helping to keep hospitals from being overloaded, but it's also increasing the amount of time for a "herd immunity" to develop.  Until "herd immunity", a vaccine or other medical discovery is made, Covid-19 will be like a smoldering fire waiting for gas to be poured.

Comment 25 Mar 2020

I have a daughter and two boys all in college, and they share some stuff with me that goes on at their campuses (or did before this pandemic) I would have never thought about telling my parents. 

My daughter claims that she knows several girls that have told her about having sex with guys at a party, and then when the guy doesn't talk to them the next day or tells the girl they aren't interested any longer, they've reported sexual assault claiming that part of their encounter was not consensual and it gets the guy in a heap of trouble/worry.  The guy has to go in front of a school board and try to prove his innocence, as well as usually retaining a lawyer, which isn't cheap.  That's my biggest issue with the he said/she said claims when there usually isn't a witness.  

It's too bad since when there is a legit instance it makes it harder to believe the "victim."  In cases where it is able to be proven without a reasonable doubt, then I'm fully for severe consequences to the assailant.

Comment 19 Mar 2020

In talking to some guys I know that are more in tune to high school basketball, most of this attitude is attributed to the AAU circuit.  Some kids egos are over-inflated due to their success in summer leagues that don't play much defense that when they struggle to adjust and aren't getting all the playing time they think they should, they just fold tent instead of putting in the work and figuring out the parts of their game that needs to improve to be successful at the D1 college level.

Comment 13 Mar 2020

It seems that with this virus, you or I could have it and not show any symptoms for days.  Stopping interaction needed to be done weeks ago if really was going to be able to contain it.  With lack of testing in the US, there are many more people infected than reported, so those numbers are going to jump quickly, more than likely.

Stay safe fellow Bucks!

Comment 13 Feb 2020

I've made this point before, that our fans, or lack thereof, and the sterile atmosphere at the Schott is a negative recruiting factor.  Kids can go to smaller schools who are passionate about basketball and have just as much, if not more success, and feel appreciated.  At Ohio State the basketball team is an after-thought.  Football is king and unless the basketball team can pull in a recruiting class like Conley, Oden, Cook, and Lighty again, then fair weather fans aren't showing up.  

Holtmann isn't a bad coach, but he doesn't have the charisma and name recognition to be able to recruit at an elite level.  Expectations for Buckeye basketball should currently be a middle of the pack conference team that makes the NCAA tourney almost every year, but getting to the Sweet 16 would probably be overachieving. jmho