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Comment 14 Oct 2018

It also means ttun ends the season at 8-4.  What a shame that would be, huh?

Comment 03 Oct 2018

I dont think he decided to be an idiot in his response, I think he is just that way naturally. And for some unknown reason the fans think he is a football savant.  

Or they are just lying out of complete embarrassment for what has become of the entire program for the last 12 years.

Comment 17 Sep 2018

You have to have good teams with quality wins OOC if you expect to make the playoffs.  The committee uses the conference overall as part of the selection process.  Look at the PAC 12, they have been left out of the discussion because of the overall lack of good teams.  Now with that being said, only 12 other teams need to be good, ttun can suck it as far as I’m concerned 

Comment 14 Sep 2018

Go visit the Trappist Monks and taste their Chimay.  You will fall in love

Comment 09 Sep 2018

Oh, I wasn’t referring to Rosita the character, I was referring to how hot Christian is.  If it’s a character that would be a deal breaker it would be Daryl or Carol.  Those two are awesome.

Comment 07 Sep 2018

I hope you are wrong.  There is a chance they make a competent hire and then where will we be?

Comment 06 Sep 2018

It almost looks like he is going through a herd of Walkers

Comment 02 Sep 2018

The pathetic performances are squarely on the shoulders of the head coach.  His offense is antiquated and predictable.  Hell, even Saban has given up on the ball control/pro style sets, yet ttun will still line up with 2 tight ends, a leading full back and give the ball up the middle to a RB on 3rd and 4.  Ask  yourself this, when is the last time you saw a QB regularly line up under center?  Even high schools don’t do that anymore, but ttun does.  And for the record, I’m quite content with them continuing to do it too.

Comment 01 Sep 2018

They are kinda stuck with him too, with all the eggs they put in his basket. Also, hiring a 4th head coach since Carr retired will make getting a quality replacement that much harder.

Comment 01 Sep 2018

How is that sad?  I felt bad for Hoke, because I believe he is a genuinely nice guy, just in over his head when they made him the HC.  Harbaugh?  I couldn’t care less about him.  The more miserable the better.  He does funny stuff when his mind is running in 3 directions at the same time.