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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2006 Ohio State over Michigan
  • NHL TEAM: North Stars (never forget)
  • MLB TEAM: Indians/Twins

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Comment 07 Oct 2018
You have been aggressively condescending to those who disagree with you. You have also uncharacteristically set up strawmen. Finally, you have actually claimed assertions as fact that are objectively false. Edit: to be clear, I ordinarily appreciate your contributions to this site and comments in the threads, which makes your bizarrely negative behavior in this thread odd.
Comment 02 Oct 2018

It would simply be a stream of 740Buckeye740 comments.

Comment 15 Sep 2018
Miami and at Auburn are hardly home against Oregon state and Rutgers, the latter of which surrendered 55 points to Kansas. Plus LSU has a terrible o line and o coordinator. If Haskins lights up TCU, that is a better barometer.