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Comment 07 Nov 2016

I had a chance to talk with Gerald Foltz, Sam's dad, before the game. I was probably the most tongue-tied I've ever been (and if anyone ever listened in on my date-seeking phone calls when I was in school in Lincoln, you'll know that's saying something ... 8^). How do you express your sympathy on a loss no parent should ever have to experience?

Despite the final score, this 'Husker fan will never forget Saturday night - the card section in the south end zone, the locker room placard, the chants of "TOM-MY" from both Buckeyes and Huskers when Tommy Armstrong left the field, the TBDBITL tribute, and the class y'all showed toward us. Would've been an even better night if (1) I'd taken the elevator rather than the stairs up to B Deck, and (2) my freaking football team had opted to show up -- but we can't have everything we want, can we?

Comment 25 Dec 2013

Awesome story. I didn't attend E2B in 2012, having already made reservations for the Nebraska Husker Huddle at the RPAC, and figuring my Nebraska gear would invite no small amount of abuse (as it did at the game, when a slightly-more-than-inebriated young lass asked me how I could live with myself, residing in the Columbus suburbs but still carrying my 'Husker affiliation).

However, I'm also the dad of a 26-week preemie who spent 75 days at Nationwide Childrens Hospital in the NICU (after 10 days at OSU, where he was born), and so I must tip my cap to 11W, one of my daily reads, for your support of a fine facility that literally saved my son's life.  (He's totally fine now, for them as are interested.)  Well-played, y'all.

Interestingly, I met Simon Fraser and his wife in the NICU, his twins having been born six hours after my son, and he is as high-quality a representation of Buckeye Nation as you could hope to ever meet.

(Edit: forgot to include the fact that, as a result of his kids, Simon's well on his way to becoming a doc himself: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/sports/2011/06/12/a-healers-calling.html)

Comment 21 Jul 2011

Lame effort.  Woody Paige, also an ESPN hanger-on, used to slam Nebraska every year in the Denver Post prior to CU-NU, and he was, actually, y'know, funny.  I experienced the twin emotions of laughter and white-hot rage - simultaneously - while reading several Woody columns.

Comment 03 Jul 2011

Thanks for the kind welcome, though I don't think I could get that graphic at the top of the column out of my mind with anything less than bleach and a cheese grater ... 8^)


As a Husker fan living in Columbus, the B1G TEN transition is unbelievably exciting - having seen the traditions and excellence of two legendary programs up close, I can't wait for the first B1G game in Lincoln on 8 October.  Not pulling for the upset special, though.  8^)