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Grew up a UK basketball fan. Caught the scarlet fever from my brother-in-law when I moved to Ohio and watched my first OSU game at 13.


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Comment 28 Sep 2019

Wow, Clemson calls a timeout on defense and gets a free shot at the QB with no flag. Looks bad on the refs. Should have been a personal foul. 

Comment 09 Jul 2019

I was with the same woman for 18 years. It ended last year and I had no idea what to do. I didn’t know how to move forward. I lost 40 lbs from stress. It does get better and there is light at the end of the tunnel. After a few months I started getting my confidence back. Realized I am the only person who can make me happy. So I focused on things I like to do and kinda rediscovered myself. After a few months she actually tried to come back but I was actually happier alone. I definitely would let her be. Anything you do right now will push her away. If she wants to be with you she will come back on her own. You never know, once you get over the hump your feelings might change. Just keep your head up and focus on making yourself happy. 

Comment 23 Jun 2019

You’re whole last paragraph. My reading and comprehension is just fine but you can stand on your soapbox and preach if you want. Nothing I said was out of line or endorsing bad behavior at games. Being frustrated because your kids are frustrated doesn’t make it about me. I just choose to be positive and move on. 

Comment 23 Jun 2019

I think you need to re-read my post. You obviously got angry and went on a tirade about things I never even said. I never mentioned getting onto my kids. You accused me of it in your post. I actually attended a parents meeting with our high school coach for my 10 year old who plays select basketball. The coach told us all that when interviewing pro players and college players about their days playing as children, what was the worst memories. The top answer was the car ride home. So I make it a point not to talk about negative things with my kids. My oldest was down on himself for a bad game the other day to the point he tears in his eyes. Broke my heart. All I could do was give him a hug and tell him that’s how baseball goes. Even the pros make mistakes. I stayed in my post that these are games and mean nothing. Even OSU and professional sports. Just games. I have noticed that as the quality of the ump goes up, the grumbling from parents stop. Zero arguments and grumbling at my sons high school games. It seem to all stem from 13 year old umps who do not pay attention to the game or don’t know the rules. That’s why I said the coaches should work together. Instead of trying to win at any cost. Speak up as an opposing coach if you seen the call. The coaches know the rules better than the umps do. Help them out. Show some SPORTSMANSHIP. 

Comment 21 Jun 2019

Wow dude. I just stated to act as adult. Being frustrated and being angry are different and I don’t get on my kids when it comes to sports. When your child pours their heart and soul into baseball and you see they have a love for the game and the kids make an awesome play at second to tag out a runner stealing and the home plate ump ask the field ump for the call and she says she didn’t see it and it was the 3rd or 4th time it happened in the game because she was looking at her fingernails I think anyone would get frustrated. Nobody said anything but we were all thinking it. Or an umpire calling a strike zone from the shins to the waist an anything over is a ball. 1st and 2nd place teams beat first game in the tourney on walks in their first games. That can be frustrating. Nobody said a word to the kid but we all felt it. 

Comment 21 Jun 2019

As a father of two sons who play baseball I can completely understand the frustration with 13 year old umpires as can most parents but this is crazy. Be a man and set an example for those kids and your community. It’s a game. It means nothing in the game of life. We question the umps all the time but wear kid gloves because they are kids and they are unsure of the rules and themselves. I also think a little more sportsmanship between coaches would help. If it’s an obvious bad call maybe both coaches should talk to the umpire to get it right because the 13 year old ump in the outfield was looking at her nails when the tag was made. 

Comment 17 Feb 2019

I was married to my high school sweetheart for 15 years. Came to an end about a year ago and let me tell you that it is rough out there. Especially in your 30’s. They are all blind dates. What shows up and what’s on the dating site filtered as all can be pictures are two different people and sometimes you wish you were blind. I think I will just stay single. Seems like the people dating in their 30’s are all from the dark side. You find out they are already in relationships. They still live with mom and dad. They have psychological problems. I find it way more peaceful to just hang out at home with my kids. 

Comment 03 Feb 2019

Metallica’s new album is fire. Spit out the bone is up there with every great song they have ever made.