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Comment 11 Oct 2019

Looking at this made me really appreciate how accurate he is.  Seems to always hit his receivers in stride.

Comment 04 Oct 2019

This is a story of how Sparty crept up of my least favorite list.

A group of Buckeyes representing the Best Damn Band, Team and State in the land crossed into enemy territory in full regalia to chase salmon. While on the river, a group of 4 kayakers paddled by and we exchange pleasantries, well except for the last in line. Dude sporting Sparty gear looks at my friend's son proudly donning a black Block O hat and says, "Ohio State, huh?" and manages to lift his right leg (almost falling into the river) and rips a fart.  At the time, to be honest, I was impressed with his impeccable timing and livid at the disrespect, but I couldn't do anything more than laugh at the look on Jim's face as he mumbled WTF Sparty.