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Comment 24 Jul 2019

That pole reveals everything you need to know about Mythigan's broken psyche.  They feel they have to choose, we go 11-1 and beat them.

Comment 05 Jul 2019

True story!  I hope the Flinching Irish join the Big 10 so I can despise them almost as much as Mythigan.  The ND v UM game needs to be titled the irrelevant bowl.

Also surprised to see Purdue near the bottom.  Bama must have academic bagmen too.

Comment 01 Jul 2019

It seems like there were four main areas of concern with the Day promotion:

  1. Does he get what the last Saturday in November means?
  2. Can he recruit?
  3. Can he build upon the culture Coach Meyer established?
  4. Will he make tough coaching changes?

As recruits often say, he checked 3 of the 4 boxes. We'll have to wait a few months to see if he checks #1.

How he and his staff handled the PJJ and Lejond Cavazos situations is nothing short of masterful.