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Comment 17 Aug 2017
If I am not mistaken, the 'Most wins by QB' should fall this year. Art had 34, JT has 26. Corny had 31 (?). Of course, this record was going to belong to Pryor, until tat-gate.
Comment 02 Aug 2017
Reading Ramzy makes me smarter, and I like that.
Comment 27 Apr 2017

We have all heard it before...The Browns are gonna Brown. They can not help it. It is just who they are.

Comment 11 Dec 2016

The most important stat for a QB is most Wins.  I think JTB4 has 26 wins as a starting QB (11-1, 4-1, 11-1).  I think Art had 34 and Corny had 31, but I am not sure.  At one point TP Sr. was a lock to get this record, but we all know how that turned out.  

The second most import stat - for an OSU QB - is record v. TSUN....JTB4 -s 3-0, like Tippy Dye, Troy and TP Sr. 

If all goes well JTB4 will own all of these records.

Comment 23 Nov 2016
Troy #10. When I first saw the title, I thought it was 'who is your favorite wolverine'. My initial thought was 'none, I hate all those fuckers'....but I think Hugh Jackman has done a great job in his role.
Comment 01 Nov 2016
Just bought a new home and I am deep into moving, packing, fixing, etc. My alumni pair is 28C, row 36, seats 24-25 $135 each. After Ticket master fees, my total was $289, which is what I looking to recoup. please contact me if you are interested. Go Bucks!
Comment 06 Oct 2016
MiamiBuckeye - I have attended the matches vs. Mexico in '01, 05, 09 and '13. Dos a Cero! Also vs. Jamaica in 2012 and GreNadine in '07 (?)