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Comment 12 Jun 2019

Dumb statement.

Don't admire Dabo, and If I was recruiting against him I'd use it. He would against anyone else.

I'm not, so I'm done thinking about it.

Comment 22 May 2019

Where the hell did you find that one?!

Comment 21 May 2019

Just a dumb situation that he didn't need to put himself into. He loses more than anyone else, accept the responsibility of being a professional football player/star.

Comment 20 May 2019

Your idea of cooling down and mine are drastically different! But, I thank you for this information.

Comment 10 May 2019

It was closer to Varsity Blues after the strip club than anything else. Except Troy went for the whip cream..

Comment 08 May 2019

I like Joe Burrow, but who is the one that has the potential to take the team to the National Championship game? It's Fields. I'm not here to have a great shot at 11-1 and sit outside the playoffs. It's not a bad situation, but I'll roll the dice every time.

Then again, I'm just a fan.

Comment 29 Apr 2019

Skipping out on the bowl game was a horrible end to his college career.

Comment 23 Apr 2019

This is going to open up a whole new ugly side of college football. Other teams are going to go after backups under the table a lot more than happens now.

Comment 23 Apr 2019

Do I really care that much? No. Do I get a chuckle out of it? Hell yeah!

When did anyone compare the two schools in all of this discussion? Why are you always ready to argue with OSU fans?

Comment 17 Apr 2019

Screen something, please. I haven't clicked on that website in sometime.