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Comment 7 hours ago
After Penn State botched that punt last year, I thought the game was in the bag and we were actually playing well in hostile territory. Then we lost on bad special teams and a bad no call...certainly unfortunate. I will say however, the TTUN game made up for it IMO
Comment 17 Aug 2017
Hard to say "underachieve" but its hard to leave we only have one B1G title and only played for one other. Obviously, year one wasnt his fault, but only 1/5 big ten titles is surprising considering the overall record. Wouldn't trade the urban era for anything though
Comment 30 Jun 2017
I get the depth thing, but its not like "oh now we're screwed". Beverly was a 3 star guard, no disrespect, but if the program was where it was 4 years ago, we never would have taken him anyway. Funderbirk either wasnt good enough or disciplined enough to play on last years trainwreck, so besides numbers, what did we really lose? Maybe we get the kid reclassifying or maybe we just get a few walk ons, and tough out the year with 8 man rotation.
Comment 24 Jun 2017
I say they give us 10 more years of Richrod/Hoke and we can call it even.... i think we might beat them to 1000 in that scenario
Comment 12 May 2017
I'd imagine this is the NFLs way of saying, stay clean til fall and we will consider it. No sense in giving the guy 4 months. Make him earn it
Comment 09 May 2017

Thad "can't recruit"????? man. Thats news. We've missed on a lot, but you can't go back after the fact and say we cant recruit. I don't think the program is as far away as it seems. One guy like this one, to go with the newly focused search on Ohio kids we have, and we're right back in it. 

Thad lost that strategy....lock down Ohio kids, and add a big national fish every once in a while, and I think he's finding he has to re establish some relationships, which he will. Like it or not, the fact that we let Archie head to Bloomington, shows me that he's gonna be here for the foreseeable future. If we get this kid, one of the grad transfers, and Kam comes back, watch out.

Comment 30 Apr 2017
While I agree that JT doesn't look like a big time prospect, I think he will make a living for a long time as someone's back up. Dependable, intelligent, and plenty of talent to run things for a game or 2.
Comment 27 Apr 2017

No one can win here, there is no good solution. Either Conley is in fact guilty of these crimes, and deserves full prosecution, or this woman is lying, and is going to cost Gareon millions of dollars. This just sucks. 

My interpretation of this mess, is that Conley got himself in a not great situation to begin with, then was an asshole to this girl (got what he wanted and sent her packing), and she was mad about the whole thing and figured she can at least get a nice civil suit out of this, or at least try to ruin him because of her embarrassment. 

No one wins. Either Conley is a terrible person who committed an unforgivable crime, or this woman is the worst. Either way, I hope for a quick resolution, and again, when you get in bad situations (drinking, women, promiscuity - especially as a soon to be millionaire) bad things happen.

Comment 28 Jan 2017
Don't care if you make millions or minimum wage, family first....ALWAYS. If you are the patriarch of the family, and the family is hurting, whether it's a person, animal, situation,etc, you have a responsibility to be there for your family. Good for him. He will Coach hundreds more hockey games, and by all accounts he will put his full effort into it, he won't get many more days with this dog.
Comment 31 Dec 2016
Denard had some guts. I always respected him. Peppers has been less than spectacular from the beginning. Talk about coming into college as a heralded recruit and leaving zero legacy...
Comment 28 Dec 2016
Criticizing coaches is a slippery slope. We don't criticise them when the team plays well, yet we do when they don't. Chances are, if a team as talented as our beloved buckeyes are, and they execute the plays that are called, things go well. I'm guilty of it myself... 3rd and 2, 5 wide set, "well shit here comes the JT draw that everyone in the world knows is coming", then it picks up 10 yards and it's great, but if it doesn't, it's shit play calling. Everyone has the right to critique, it's the fun part about being a fan. But it's important to remember, those guys spend a lot of time with the players and believe it or not, know a lot more football than we ever will. Also, something tells me that Zach Smith sending out tweets doesn't have much to do with our receivers. He was a great Coach 2 years ago when Devin Smith played well, or when Marshall played well, or against Oklahoma when Noah Brown played out of his mind....they're coaching 20 year olds. It ain't perfect
Comment 05 Dec 2016

I believe the UCLA game is in Vegas...the 3rd leg of the UCLA/OSU/UK/Unc round robin thing. 

I don't agree that we're the same as last year....we're a little better. The first half at Va was super impressive. I certainly don't expect a final four run, but I think youre looking at a team that goes something like 22-8 in the regular season, get a 5 or 6 seed, and maybe depending on matchups ends up in the sweet 16. Time will tell

Comment 26 Nov 2016
As a buckeye fan, I'm disappointed in JH....how dare you knock down such a great game when you a) threw 2 picks b) fumbled at the one c) lost to a team that spanked 2 easy fgs. This was TTUNs for the taking and they didn't take it, and a tough ass group of kids from Columbus went ahead and got it