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Comment 28 Apr 2020

I like this. Blackout game once a year, but it has to be a night game. That nooner against Nebraska in 18 was sure not one to remember... and then one more if opportunity pops on the schedule. I'd prefer for it to not be the game, but I do like the all whites w/ the chrome helmet. 

Comment 18 Dec 2019

Some of these comments are craaaazyyy to me. 

First of all - who are you guys to choose whether or not BC is a dream job or not to Hafley?

Secondly, if you are under contract with your employer, I hope for your sake that you have a good enough relationship with them that you would be comfortable and able to come to them and tell them that you had an opportunity you didn't feel like you could pass up, and ask if they would allow you to escape the contract. I hope your employer would allow that.  

I hope Martinez sticks around. I have a good feeling about him. 

Comment 09 Dec 2019
Wisconsin had the PERFECT game plan and still lost by 13. Fields didnt play well in the first half.... whether that was due to feeling like he had to make the big play, the knee, or nerves, he figured it out in the 2nd half. If we beat Clemson, which I suspect we will, it wont be because we are more battle tested or they played a weak schedule, etc. Itll be because this is an excellent team with excellent players and excellent coaches.
Comment 28 Nov 2019
I agree that I have a hard time seeing bad film on him. His team was an independent though. Got screwed out of playoffs because they couldn't find a 10th game. Had great numbers against some good teams though