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Comment 14 Sep 2019
Day indirectly fixed it. Haffley/Mattison appears to be a great duo. They've obviously taught... see ball get ball. Which was the only thing that cost us tonight on the flea flicker. Great stuff
Comment 14 Sep 2019
Fields wasn't great today, missed some easy throws, but Dobbins was awesome, the o line was awesome, and what a defense we have.... trying to remember that we are 3-0 against a light schedule, but I love what we're seeing. Fields will keep getting better, which has to be terrifying considering hes pretty damn good so far. Loved taking some deep shots today. Great great day.
Comment 12 Sep 2019
This is a bad take. Oklahoma's offense looked competent, Michigans did not. I think everyone gives leeway because of the weird offense Army runs, but no excuse for the shitshow that was Michigans offense. That's why there is criticism
Comment 20 Aug 2019
I love Ohio Stadium. I think it's one of, if not THE most beautiful sights in sports. But #7 is about right. The crowd is electric at night or in a big game...IF the Bucks are playing well... but not too well, go up 3 scores and were back in our seats or some even out the door. In my experience, if the Bucks aren't playing well, there's no push from the fans, rather booing and hand sitting. And, if it's a nooner vs a turd, not even close. (Which you could say about any home team anywhere) The shoe will keep dropping down these lists until they drop prices to every man levels
Comment 11 Aug 2019
This excites me. I have to think that the offense will be just fine. But its reasonable to think for this team to be successful, the D is going to have to carry them for a few weeks until Fields and co figure it out (which they will) Also, it's only fair after last year
Comment 09 Aug 2019
If you remember... Pep Hamilton came with Jimmy with much fanfare. NFL guy, well respected, yada yada yada. Their issue isn't their coordinators... it's the psycho in charge. I'm sure Gattis is great and knowledgeable, but will JH REALLY let him be in charge of the play calling when things get tough?
Comment 09 Aug 2019
This seems so easy to me. I get the old school approach of "finish what you started!" Etc etc etc. But all of us were free to transfer if we wished. 19, 20 year olds make mistakes, change their minds, etc. Give everyone one free transfer with no penalty (maybe conference restrictions like each school can mark 5 schools they cant go to, and put dates on it so kids cant leave a week before the season). After that transfer, they transfer again, they sit a year, regardless of scenario, with zero chance for a waiver
Comment 10 Jul 2019
I always loved JT despite being able to see his deficiencies. Tough as shit. Great leader. Everyone who begged and begged for Dwayne to take over, while I agreed he made our ceiling higher, he sure as hell made our floor lower too. As much as he'll be remembered for the throw to Mack on 3rd and 14, I won't forget that rainy Illinois game where he was so bad, Urban had to put JT back in even though the game was a blowout. I get as frustrated as anyone else with personnel decisions, but I always go back to, man those coaches spend a lot of time with those kids, in practice, in film, in the weight room...they surely know A LOT more than all of us in terms of who deserves to play.
Comment 10 Jul 2019
I think what saves him is the absolute fact of who are they getting that's better? This was supposed to be the top of the top, their Urban. Who is going to be the guy who fires up the fan base? I agree with a lot of the posters that if he has an eh year, loses to Ryan Day in year one, and lays another egg in a bowl game, eventually those NFL rumors will have some steam.
Comment 26 Jun 2019
Its because yes, the OOC schedule sucks. It is terrible. But, even. UC is interesting, but not a game that moves the needle...especially with it being a freaking nooner. Its okay, as long as future schedules stay the same, this is, as they say up north, a mirage.
Comment 24 May 2019
We missed a FG on first possession I think and then another one I think. I thought our D battled and battled to keep it close on the scoreboard for a while and then just broke
Comment 24 May 2019
The obvious ones... but I think 05? when we went to Iowa on a losing streak with Zwick and lost 33-7 or something. That was incompetence at it's best and led to Troy Smith getting his full time shot. Miami in 2012 with Fickell was awful and that miserable Michigan State game in the rain. All terrible