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Comment 10 Jul 2019
I always loved JT despite being able to see his deficiencies. Tough as shit. Great leader. Everyone who begged and begged for Dwayne to take over, while I agreed he made our ceiling higher, he sure as hell made our floor lower too. As much as he'll be remembered for the throw to Mack on 3rd and 14, I won't forget that rainy Illinois game where he was so bad, Urban had to put JT back in even though the game was a blowout. I get as frustrated as anyone else with personnel decisions, but I always go back to, man those coaches spend a lot of time with those kids, in practice, in film, in the weight room...they surely know A LOT more than all of us in terms of who deserves to play.
Comment 10 Jul 2019
I think what saves him is the absolute fact of who are they getting that's better? This was supposed to be the top of the top, their Urban. Who is going to be the guy who fires up the fan base? I agree with a lot of the posters that if he has an eh year, loses to Ryan Day in year one, and lays another egg in a bowl game, eventually those NFL rumors will have some steam.
Comment 26 Jun 2019
Its because yes, the OOC schedule sucks. It is terrible. But, even. UC is interesting, but not a game that moves the needle...especially with it being a freaking nooner. Its okay, as long as future schedules stay the same, this is, as they say up north, a mirage.
Comment 24 May 2019
We missed a FG on first possession I think and then another one I think. I thought our D battled and battled to keep it close on the scoreboard for a while and then just broke
Comment 24 May 2019
The obvious ones... but I think 05? when we went to Iowa on a losing streak with Zwick and lost 33-7 or something. That was incompetence at it's best and led to Troy Smith getting his full time shot. Miami in 2012 with Fickell was awful and that miserable Michigan State game in the rain. All terrible
Comment 21 May 2019
Why are people saying he doesnt fit in todays NBA? Hes obviously worked hard on his outside shot because he was pretty smooth at it last year and I'd assume it would continue that trajectory. I get that he got suspended at a bad time last year and that easily brings character into question and thats on him. But we have no idea even what the suspension was for and tell me if i'm wrong, but outside of fans, has anyone heard anyone say a single bad thing about the kid? No one has even leaked the reason for the suspensions, which in 2019 tells me something. He needs to come back, but I'm no NBA scout. Who knows what they're telling him.
Comment 16 May 2019
Beilein was almost entirely likeable. He was about all those shitnuggets had. It was hard to root against them because I liked him and loved how they played. But now...
Comment 11 May 2019
Yes. 6 teams. 5 conference winners, 1 wild card. Top 2 byes. Make ND join a conference. Everyone schedules by the same rules. 9 league games, 2 mandatory power 5 games, 1 cupcake
Comment 11 May 2019
My opinion... Troy got a little fat and happy on the award circuits and we couldn't block them. I remember there being multiple florida defenders in the backfield on every single play
Comment 01 May 2019

Every single football league is doomed unless the NFL backs it up. The AAF absolutely could've worked as a "minor league" development system, but unless the NFL puts its muscle behind it, it ain't gonna work. The XFL will be fun for about a month, just like last time, but it won't work either. Especially with the added consciousness to head injuries and player safety. Whether its affiliates, or just some sort of deal to work together with the NFL it won't matter...

Comment 29 Apr 2019
There was some weird stuff going on about Haskins close to the draft... I thought it was very odd how he continued to become less and less popular. We gotta stop with this bias stuff though... While I think DP is wrong here, very wrong at that, its an opinion about a dude who has never taken an NFL snap....pretty meaningless if you ask me
Comment 29 Apr 2019
From TTUN or not, I take no pride in a kid obviously getting bad advice and leaving early, rather than playing another year, getting a degree, and maybe improving stock. I hope no one gets satisfaction from someones career dreams not necessarily coming true (even though he still has a chance obviously) However - I feel bad for the kid. Someone told him to bail on his teammates and not play in the bowl game. I wonder if that hurt his draft stock. I've come around to the idea of 1st round prospects not playing in non playoff bowl games, but I think if we start having fringe draft guys like this not playing, it gets meaningless quick. The bright spot for Higdon... Ohio State can't beat him anymore
Comment 28 Apr 2019
Parris is going to be great in Indy. MJ could play early in Cinci as well. All of the drafted guys are in decent spots I think... cant wait to follow Haskins career ..will be interested to see if they go with Keenum for a year or give DH the keys early. Certainly proud to call all those guys Buckeyes and excited to see them on Sundays
Comment 27 Apr 2019
This is going to be a great long term move. I think this will be the new QB recruiting strategy... get your top guy and then get a guy with some tools yet is going to be happy to be there. Andrade obviously isnt from Ohio, but I'd bet we see a lot of 2* amd 3* Ohio QBs in classes. And hey, there's plenty of examples out there... maybe this kid develops into the next great one.