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Comment 10 Nov 2019
I think this will be the first game where we're "disappointed". I expect us to be very vanilla and get guys out of the game really early. Now our 3rd string could do whatever they want, and it's a travel roster... but I'm thinking its prob a 49-7 type game
Comment 30 Oct 2019
Florida isn't running the table. So let's just table that. LSU and Bama... one will be 11-1 one will be 13-0
Comment 28 Oct 2019
Whooooo cares. We are really really really good. Put us any spot 1-4 and I feel like we are going to win the whole damn thing. The top 4 all have a case... LSU has some really good wins. Bama has been pretty consistent. And they're Bama... that counts for something until they lose. Clemson - playing well against a BAD schedule. Just as we were all bitching in 2015 as we dropped as we struggled against inferior teams, they are the champs. They have a case until they have a loss. Rank in any order you want 1-4 and I really dont have a beef.
Comment 27 Oct 2019
Cool with me. I know everyone wants to bitch about polls, but you could rank the top 4 in any order and I'd have a tough time arguing. Clemson is playing better and I still believe you get some credit for being the defending champs. Even though they're playing a MAC schedule
Comment 27 Oct 2019
Yeah I agree. It seemed we were afraid to throw the ball early and then made some dumb mistakes on predictable downs. In the 2nd half we started spreading em out which seemed to neutralize it a bit. 2 of those sacks were Fields holding the ball too long. It's about his only real weakness, but it's better than making dumb throws and getting picked
Comment 24 Oct 2019
"Our enemies" wtf is wrong with this dude. Who are his enemies? Who does he thinks wants him out so bad? I love Harbaugh. Hes good enough to have TTUN looking competent every year with 1-3 losses, but too incompetent to actually beat someone good. Who are his enemies? Michigan state? Rutgers? Indiana? I'm betting Day, Franklin and Chryst arent shaking in their boots planting fake stories about him leaving. Lol this f'n guy
Comment 23 Oct 2019
Let's line him up at fullback in an old school I formation and have him lead block. But in all seriousness, as we enter the toughest games of our schedule - just having the threat of him on a field goal attempt is enough to swing momentum of a game. Who knows, if he doesn't wreak havoc against UC, maybe that game is a little less lopsided. I could see him demoralizing a Penn State or TTUN with a block.
Comment 16 Oct 2019
Lol look at how much money the deal is worth, and look at the TV ratings. Look how OU Texas did at noon compared to the night games. I'm not a huge fan, but its genius to have no competition for the game of the day. EVERYONE will be watching fox at noon next Saturday
Comment 08 Oct 2019
I'm not even a Baker hater. The flag thing made me mad in the moment but whatever...but watching nick bosa absolutely abuse him was enjoyable. I love these NFL bucks and the brotherhood that continues. You'd think Bosa might be a little more distant but nope... hes a buckeye. Baker is an example of why you dont talk before you deliver. I think he'll end up fine, but boy people want to punish him
Comment 07 Oct 2019
Sometimes it just doesn't work out. Master Teague has been great. You never know though! One injury, etc, and there could be opportunity