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Comment 14 hours ago

For Rutgers there problem is keeping kids at home to play for them but I can go further in the B10. Other than PSU OSU TTUN when has the rest of the league really made a splash even just 5 out of 10 years? Nebraska probably coming back but they are bad too. Some of our teams haven't won anything since the face mask to be honest. Making a bowl game is not a hard thing to do. Years ago if was a honor to play in a bowl but then they only had about 8 or 9. Now you have over 30 and some kids skip the game and their team with a 6/5 record. Like giving every kid a ribbon that showed up to play big deal

Comment 17 hours ago

Little early to say that with such a small sample size to go by. Another little thing of note the best coach's most of the time were marginal or bad players. Urbans best sport was baseball and I can't think of anyone that had a great win record or ever won a NC at the college level. There might be someone but Steve Spurrier is the best I can think of and he wasn't all that. Tress was little All American at Baldwin Wallace I believe was his school.

Comment 21 hours ago

The one kid said he won't decide until next June. How this class finishes is not important but filling your needs is important. I look at it as a NFL draft you might not have the best group but you filled in the weak spots with great talent. I will say they are doing better than I thought and had them a top 10 class at best. I'm still worry about the defense side of things who we pull some of the top targets are gone.

Comment 22 hours ago

I'm going to stand by what I have said for awhile on here. There was nothing wrong with ZS as a football coach and he put kid's in the NFL too. Hartline looks to be a great coach at least a recruiter but is getting a lot of love for making the guys last year better. I won't say he didn't but last year's group had a qb that could throw the ball to them and the players were a year wiser too. Even most of this years wr are from the ZS era. We as OSU fans tend to jump up and down when things look great here to quickly. We also bite the heads off even faster when things go south. Some here want Hartline to get more money and there is a good chance he may down the road. Recruiting he has been a A+ but in a small sample size and more importantly I want to see how the wr's do when his kids take over and don't have  Haskins throwing the rock. If you remember the great PSU comeback at the Shoe I saw great wr play when JT had one of his finest moments of passing. After a couple bad games this year you will be wanting Hartline to give that money back. Don't get me wrong we all know what went down the ZS and hope for him and more so his children he gets it back together but as a coach he was very good and want to see more about Hartline as a coach before he gets a dime from me anyway.

Comment 22 Jun 2019

He is lower rated by a recruiting service and how many of those people ever coached a down of football. Many times I disagree with our takes but the coaching staff watch's hours of film and are more hands on than Rivals and others. Each staff and school look for a certain talent that fits their team not a star ranking. Not only that once you get past the so called elite the next 50 or so could be ranked in any order because they are that equal. Someone has to be number 20 21 22 and so on.

Comment 22 Jun 2019

He had no choice but to say that about Ohio recruiting. He doesn't have a national name out there yet to pull in elite kids like Urban did. Tress was in the same boat and even in a worse way. Everyone in Ohio knows about coach Day but I bet some kids in Ohio at the time knew little about Tress from a lower level YSU. Sort of like the Mt. Union coach who has won many titles or even know where Mt. Union is located. Once he gets a couple good seasons we can go out of Ohio more because the pickings are slim some years in Ohio. I know many don't believe that but you don't follow recruiting that closely or for many years no offense to those. For that matter Woody should of recruited more national than he did but who in Hell would tell Woody that.

Comment 22 Jun 2019

There are a couple games I don't like how they sit on our slate. Nebraska has to have a nice feeling about themselves after last years tilt. Along with PSU who always gets a break when they play us it seems if you look back. Not sure how many times since the first white out game maybe 3 they had byes before our game. I have said to many times the NCAA needs to step in and make teams have a byes at the same time. In other words who ever a team plays should have a bye week together so the advantage goes away. PSU even though will be a bit down this year will be sky high for their rival lol and look who we play the following week. Hard to get up two weeks in a row and as Urban would say sledge hammer games. Another tid bit about the PSU and TTUN games those teams will be much better at seasons end than the start of the season more so the PSU qb.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

All good points guys but most of those errors and muffs come down to execution than coaching. Kicking the ball out of bounds and dropping the kick off is all on the players not the coaching. Like they say you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Hartline has received tons of love with the performance of the wide receiver's. Why hasn't Ben Victor been listening then? He must of missed that day I guess. All good guys but our stats speak for themselves near the top each year in net yardage return on punts and kick offs. JMO feel a coach for sp. teams is a waste since it's not that hard and takes very little time.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Not sure what more would you want from Sp.teams that hasn't been in place. Easy to say now but I knew we would get bit in the butt on running to the left on our kick off team if you prepared a play for it like PSU did. We haven't had a lot of returns to the house but still not sure what can be done that hasn't. I like the kick to the corner it chops the field down but you can't go to sleep like we did vs PSU and let a player get out side. Myself we got this Barnes on the cheap but rather had a position coach than him. Mattison hire is a mystery too.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Not 100% sure we will get any of the big three but I am 100% one would be tops and I bet he was told that. So if we do get 2 rbs and another te that doesn't leave a ton of room for the D side of the ball. I heard  they would like another oline kid if the right one comes along. Lastly I'm one of the very few that thinks there will be room for 26 or 27 if they want to take that many. There are going to be at least 3 transfers along with the NFL and also the dreaded medical issue to maybe a player that pops up time to time.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

None of them are worth the print and stopped buying them 30 or 40 years ago. The rankings at the end of the season won't be close to the  predictions along with the All American predictions all guess work. Those writers know less about teams than we do.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Agree I like the fact he is tight with throwing his CB's around. I want someone that has a great percentage from the get not a guy like Wiltfong who changes his mind like his underwear. Gets your hopes up only to let you down the next day or week. I'd rather not know than to be let down and BK is on top in my book. I have said to many times how long I have followed recruiting and seen many come and go. Tony Grossi  and Tom Lemming for two in the business always talked up kids that had offers to their favorite teams PSU and ND. Not sure how guys like Wiltfong and Mike Farrell get to be head directors of their services but the bottom line it's all about keeping the fan bases excited and signing up for rags and recruiting sites. Either way no service ever agree and no recruiting service can be near close in ranking one position let alone all of them. There are to many kids to evaluate and everyone has different taste. I been doing this  since the 60's and have read and seen it all. That's why I judge a player on his offer sheet over any recruiting service because the coach's know more than the service. Even coaching staffs recruit different type players and pass on others so that's not 100% either. There are many reasons why some players get low stars. Injury and grades along with speed and size and high school they play for and even the state they live in.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

I said the other day there is track speed and football speed. You can be a 4.7 wr and be faster than a 4.3 db. When a wr makes a cut on his route he knows where he is going the DB doesn't and has to catch up. Even on a stop and  go pattern I know when I'm stopping and when I do the db stops too but I'm off and running again while the db is still sitting there. Speed helps in running past a db but if you cover correctly they have to run to you just don't let them run past you. I think it's over rated but it is a advantage at times.

Comment 17 Jun 2019

Happy Valley more like the song Harper Valley PTA. I blame a lot of the fan base and other weird crap on being independent for so long. I feel ND follows in the same situation like a man getting married in his 50's for the first time. Then finding out you have to share and can't come and go as you please play the teams you want and set the schedule the way you like. When your independent and things don't go your way you can't blame anyone but yourself. When they get a questionable call they say the B10 doesn't like us lets get out and join the ACC I have heard that 100 times here in Pa.They should be playing Pitt every year a true natural rival but Paterno said we gain nothing by playing them. Then again I have always thought Cincinnati should be on our slate each year too. I think it's for the same reason PSU doesn't play Pitt it would be their Super Bowl same for the Queen City.