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Comment 16 Sep 2020

Wades dad made that big stink and I loved it. He would look a little silly if his son went the other way to the NFL in my eyes any way. How ever it would be his sons choice not dads? Short season a good way to improve upon your stock against a lot of bad B10 teams imo. Getting hurt would be my only question but one can slip in the shower and you don't stop taking them.

Comment 15 Sep 2020

One of the worst things that can happen in recruiting other than not winning is your fan base not liking their coach. I no longer live in Pa. but my PSU buddies  and a couple big shots I know have told me this a couple years ago. My BS buddies say Franklin is a bigger jerk in real life after the camera's are off than his actions when they are on. I have read that coach's don't care for the guy and now that he has lost his top assistant's maybe the replacements can't recruit ? I like Davis here gang just a hunch.

Comment 14 Sep 2020

I think he would be a steal if PSU got him. I like him and said so many times. He never played for that PSU coach just lives near him. If I'm wrong so be it.

Comment 14 Sep 2020

Agree many don't care for BK he holds back too which is better in my eyes than jumping around. I think some don't care for him because of his age and old school too.

Comment 11 Sep 2020

With our wr room everything thing seems cozy now but I can't help to think someone in the room will jump ship down the road. I hope I'm wrong but all these guys are elite and all think they will get a ton of PT someone might not get what they thought they would. Allen would help for depth reasons and maybe a surprise? On the other hand 3 star wr's are a dime a dozen and Hartline has more cooking in the class ahead I see no need here unless we have extra space.

Comment 10 Sep 2020

Some people like things their way either by opinion or the system if not it's brought to our attention. Many things on here there is no right or wrong and a lot of guess work too.

Comment 10 Sep 2020

True but with so little going on whats the difference and I can bitch more about o line recruiting which so many feel is ok.

Comment 10 Sep 2020

Going to say the same old what we here each year. There are players you can't say no to and we have 5 or 6 that wouldn't be turned away. We also offered a couple recently to take the place number wise of the 25 targets we failed to get for what ever reason. Egbuka, JT, Malone, Davis and don't leave Leigh out totally and I can't help but think a player or two are in the works either by flip or still not committed yet. Until one signs anything can happen and usually does. JMO if we signed the players I listed  and didn't have the best class I wouldn't switch it to the one that does simply because we filled our needs and that's more important than bragging rights for the best class. Plus the rankings are not accurate each service has a different opinion.

Comment 09 Sep 2020

I have not forgot the talent he has brought in. After all this is OSU who wouldn't want to play here? How ever it seems they don't want to play for him. Many of our kids wasn't his doing from what I read on here. Look at how many went to other schools we offered this year at least 25. The problem seems to be he can land one or two a year then goes fishing. If you want to be the best we need more than one or two elite lineman a year. Oline has 5 players not like rb or other positions. Clemson Bama and even ND recruit better than OSU at the Oline. Heaven for bid if we ever get in a injury situation or a player or two don't pan out and the depth is thin.

Comment 09 Sep 2020

Studs does a nice job as a coach but recruiting another story. Just imagine if Ohio didn't have a few horses at O line the last couple of classes? Some think the oline is in fine shape and maybe so  but many of the future has played little to no time on the field. 56th rank tackle not really a reach he maybe better than that o line hard to predict but Indiana football is not the best. I'm not one to fire Studs but he needs to recruit better and not a one trick pony.

Comment 07 Sep 2020

Just a hunch but these kids talk to one another and Johnson saying we will win out over Bama makes me think  we have some kids that are waiting to commit but just haven't pulled the trigger yet. The staff has said they cooled on recruiting makes me feel the same way and a player or 2 maybe 3 are in the barn. Egbuka is the only one I feel strong about and until I'm proven wrong I like Davis from Pa. After that JT and Malone we get at least one. I also would love another high profile o lineman and agree or not I think is needed jmo??

Comment 05 Sep 2020

Sad to say but who can you believe these days? Everyone wants to be Jimmy Olson or Lois Lane. How ever it's more like the old 3 Stooges flicks when Moe has the toilet handle on his collar that says press when he was acting as a reporter. One thing that is happening is high school football. Just asking are they going to games on a bus and 6 feet apart with mask on? Going to my first game tonight.