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Comment 03 Dec 2020

You studs lovers make me laugh and don't get it at all. Day and Hartline and others don;t always hit their targets no one does but they offer a small pool of players and win out most of the time. Studs had a ocean of offers for 21 and landed only 2 getting this last kid late after everyone else selected other schools. Plus you guys are satisfied with his lazy ways and others picking up his slack.

Comment 02 Dec 2020

Stupid would be a better word than shocked. If he goes back to the sidelines personally feel he wasn't all that sick to begin with. He would also be going against his list to the kids and hid wife not wanting him to coach again jmo.

Comment 30 Nov 2020

One should listen to offers but if your not interested one should close the door and both parties move forward. This Urban to Texas talk could be hindering our Texas recruiting and other talents too? 

Comment 30 Nov 2020

He wouldn't want to play for Dennis either in my eyes. Dennis is young and coming and will be a star down the line but Day is the true guru of our qb's and offense. Dennis also hit a perfect storm of a long string of top qb's here at OSU not needing to know a ton and learn from the master. Going to Texas he is going to be his own boss with out Day to fall back on  along with lesser qb's and probably JT types. Not saying Dennis is a bad coach but I think he carries the clip board a lot more than making the calls in this present time in his career.

Comment 29 Nov 2020

I cheer for the team when a ball goes through the hoop. I don't have a Ohio scoreboard and a oos score board. You mentioned one kid from Ohio I'm talking about UM and MSU winning more battles over our kids through the years not just one kid. They have owned the Canton McKinley kids as far back as Witherspoon. Not going to debate it we lose to much Ohio talent bottom line.

Comment 29 Nov 2020

I have never seen Franklin tell his players anything. He goes to the huddle on time outs and says nothing after the huddle breaks goes to the side line looks at the score board then crosses his arms and looks again at the scoreboard. Then the famous flips his mouth piece in place folds his arms and glances again at the score board like something changed.

Comment 28 Nov 2020

Yes they did have 4 in mind I follow it closely and even not long ago two other kids they had their eye on  as a possible 4th which both probably are not in play now.. Oline is no different than any other positions in filling open slots year to year.

Comment 28 Nov 2020

Well we can agree to disagree with Studs but 25 offers and they still didn't reach their goal of 4 yet. Having the best oline in the Big lol here we go just win the B10 it won't help against Bama or Clemson. For the oline having a strong position group today is a ? mark. Very few have any pt and  some of them won't ever get any pt.

Comment 27 Nov 2020

Early but I counted 15 offers at the top of this page and Wagner is not one of them for some reason. Studs % is very poor oos recruiting wise. Last year at this time it was nearly double that. Seems a shame he can't hold his side of the deal of his fellow coach's and I don't understand why gets a pass from some of you.