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Comment 48 minutes ago

I know Kerry is on the phone and road but would love to here his version instead of what we think about his return. I'd rather hear it from the horses mouth and when things wind down some a presser would be nice. They did it with last years new hires. For Clemson some put to much stock into rankings If Grimes goes to Clemson so be it he is just one player not a entire back field. Stroud fell 10 spots in the rankings so does that mean we don't want him now? He is the same player if he had dropped 50 spots. Miller fell a ton because he was injured and missed games but that didn't make him a worse player than before the injury. These experts are silly they see a player have one great showing and bumped them up kind of like what have you done for me lately and forget what they have done for a career. So much talent out there and very little difference in the top 50 per position most years. This rb from Texas sounds good to me if he was in another state might be that states no.1 other than the state up north or Ohio. Makes me worry about the others on the board higher up not looking good when they add to a rather long list of ten or so .

Comment 12 hours ago

If I was Miller or Stroud I wouldn't be to quick to transfer if I didn't win the job after Fields leaves. Your only one play away from being the starter and if you perform well enough you may never loose the job. It's going to be interesting how Day is going to handle mop up time with the youngsters or if either gets 4 games in next year and both red shirt? Then again maybe Miller if he would move ahead of Stroud would get pt and Stroud no more than a couple games to make a year separation between the two. Not matter what that's why he gets the big bucks to work that out.

Comment 17 hours ago

Winning for me would be the only thing. I was stationed in Columbia S.C. but I didn't like the weather  there and something else which I could never put my finger on. I moved 18 years ago from Howland Oh. to Sharpsville Pa. which is about 14 or so miles apart and dislike living in Pa. My point is even though this is the same country different locations we like and dislike. I feel the same goes a little in recruiting you visit a campus or city and get a feel of love. Some people want to explore others want to stay close to home. Carmen Jackson wanted to leave Ohio so it's been said and loved Clemson. OSU probably wasn't his second choice either and just wanted to get away? If I had a choice to play football it would be OSU and Tennessee or UCLA would be up there too.

Comment 26 Jan 2020

I look at ND the same way I look at Massillon Washington. Cream of the crop when writers voted for being the best but neither have won a title since the voting stopped. Both have made the playoffs ND a year ago and Massillon this year still no championships.

Comment 26 Jan 2020

QB is a trump card and we have elite wr's but to be honest there are a lot of good wr's out there and name a team that doesn't have one or two. TTUN had a nice group but no one to throw to them. Not only that defense wins championships ask Oklahoma. We are on par with anyone keep bringing in talent and play good football we will win it all. The Clemson game wasn't our best game and lost that game before we got screwed over. Kicking field goals along with the drive before halftime was all on us. We gave them a touch down when they were going to run out the clock.

Comment 26 Jan 2020

Sad to say this sounds like OSU when the BIG was down and we played no one OOC other than Akron and YSU then went on to get beat badly vs Florida and LSU. When we did play good OOC games Texas and USC we got spanked again. Tress was smart and clever keep Ohio money in state was his motto. Clever man average coach in my eyes. He also should of spent more time working at football than teaching a worthless class while he was here.

Comment 26 Jan 2020

I think these huge contracts are nuts and schools are acting to quickly. First off a 20 million contract won't make a coach any better, but the staff around him will. You throw all your money at one guy you have little left for the rest of the staff. Sure OSU has money to spend but there comes a time something is going to give. Ticket prices are a thing they need to change some how because I have yet to watch a game that didn't have empty seats and not everyone in that row or section called off for that game. Harbaugh has earned every penny of his contract and it will be interesting to see how good LSU is now that Burrows is gone. I would say the same about Day but recruiting is better than when Urban was here and went from Haskins to Fields with out skipping a beat. Day is not leaving here unless he wants to go to the NFL and you can always add money to a coach but you can't subtract so I hope we don't go nuts right away like LSU did.

Comment 26 Jan 2020

Before he was hired wasn't his claim to fame basketball recruiting? Wiltfong and Farrell to me are both follow the sheep they don't have the time to evaluate talent with all the shows they appear on and things they do.

Comment 26 Jan 2020

I have two questions that holds me back about him but like another poster mentioned the staff knows more than us and what they want. Mr. Footballs in any state hold very little water for me. When I lived in Ohio we had people that voted on that and never left Mahoning or Trumbull counties to watch anyone play. The other is his position many say he is not real sharp as a db but yes he could be coached up because he is so athletic. Then again it seems like a lot of the big hitters are not banging down the door for him? Mr.Football had some winners that never should of won the award either and proved it after high school. Kidwell of Fostoria comes to mind right away.

Comment 26 Jan 2020

I have agree with that other than education ND is behind in facilities when it comes to football.  Most of ND's glory days are in the echo's. Sure they made the playoff a year ago but for sure if they played in a conference they wouldn't of made it unless maybe the Pac 10.  Agree or not they are not a top 5 program and haven't been for sometime but your correct there are other great options out there than OSU we are bias like other fan basses are to their schools.