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Comment 32 minutes ago

Not so sure I'm still saying 25 in the class and who knows the numbers at TE, WR, and DL which seems to maybe 5 instead of 6 going to be interesting. Seems like they want 2 at TE though and until just recently I was riding with one. Pugh probably if all else fails and the sure thing like many think.

Comment 48 minutes ago

Not sure how many people are on here but 5 down votes is easy to get when people disagree with ones opinion. The Wiltfong post of only one wrong is pretty hard to believe and not because he is not my favorite of all the guys that are out there. The one he missed must of been Edwards since he covered the field with all three going to OSU just saying. Some here don't like Alt unis some don't like red and black outs and that's all fine but to d/v a person for not liking that I think is wrong but jmo.

Comment 3 hours ago

Dunn and Davis would be great. Wilcoxson is like Lake Erie smooth as glass one minute white caps the next. Still hoping Grimes but not looking good.

Comment 3 hours ago

All these sites have different rankings if you go by them which I don't. However out of the 3 I looked at Pugh I noticed is ranked higher than Hart on two of them. The staff knows better what they want but if Whiskey likes him and their history of TE's maybe we missed the boat ? What makes me want Pugh from what I have read last year was his first year of football which makes me feel his ceiling should be much higher than the others. Hooker was a one year player and I think this Jones kid we have is too. No place to go but up? jmo

Comment 19 hours ago

He was smart they played MAC teams and ran thru the Big which was not that strong in that era. Michigan started their down ward fall. USC could of run up the score along with Florida and LSU did mash us. He took his foot off the gas vs Arkansas and lucky to win that game and what 1 -2 vs Texas. Woody Earl and the Vest cut from the same cloth. I will say one thing though the Miami game should of never went into OT we got screwed on the one drive. Plus most of the players were Coopers kids.

Comment 22 hours ago

There will be a under class NFL draft and if you don't get drafted you can return. Thats off the top of my head. That would thin it out some and your next recruiting class will fill in what you lost to the NFL. I do feel they would expand rosters because a lot of kids wouldn't get recruited that normally would have. If that would happen Sermon would never played a minute here  and Teague and the others will be 100% healed. Then we will debate who will be our rb Teague, Henderson or Pryor. Fields will be gone and we have two qb's that never played a second of college ball. Lastly the season we thought would be won't be.

Comment 22 hours ago

We have lost more Ohio players of late because they are not offered and go to the likes of Kentucky. I remember him losing Prescott Burgess, Mario Manningham and Shawn Grable all to the team up north and a lot of others. Recruiting the Ohio kids is not a hard thing to do at OSU. Urban went for bigger fish and got kids Tress would of never attempted. Day is doing the same but Ohio has been decent the last two cycles talent wise. 

Comment 28 Mar 2020

I wasn't a fan of the vest in his style of recruiting. He didn't offer enough players and sometimes we had to look under rocks to fill the class. Story probably would already be in this class too. His motto I want kids that want to be here fine but sometimes you need to work a bit harder and flip a player or two. It was his fault that as each year passed and coach's left his replacements were not very good recruiters. I know most love the guy but he left Urban with a weak roster not like what Cooper left him. IMO should of spent more time recruiting instead of teaching a class on football. It was time for him to go I believe.

Comment 28 Mar 2020

Story I can't see in this class or maybe I hope he isn't. If we slip some I hope they have better options they are looking at. Washington laid the ground work for Henderson but only has one lb on board  and not a lot of chatter of others we are looking at other than Lewis. Why don't we ever hear anything about Barnes in the recruiting circle or anything for that matter. Sometimes I forget he is even on staff. With so much great news going on I think we over look the back side.

Comment 28 Mar 2020

From what I have seen Burton is the no.8 guard in the nation and Jackson number 1. What bugs me about rankings is they do put a number on it. A player that is ranked 10th in this class could very well be ranked 39th in next years class as it's a stronger class. Still it goes year by year and with so much time remaining the numbers will change.