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Comment 06 Jun 2020
This is the thing that really amazes me about TTUN's fans, players, and overall culture. They just never learn! Respect the rivalry. This is a huge reason why Michigan can't beat us. They just have a total lack of respect for the rivalry and it permeates their entire culture. The players, fans, and coaches all run their mouths non stop with nothing to back it up. I guarantee that if an OSU player/commit talked trash publicly, coach Day would have him running all day at the next practice. But hey, I hope they keep this stuff up. It's hilarious off-season content and it just makes them look stupider. Edit: Yes, I do see the irony of saying "I guarantee"
Comment 06 Jun 2020
I'm 21 years old, so for as long as I can remember, OSU has owned the rivalry. However, there's still nothing I love more than beating them every year. I never had to live through the 90s, but I see the look on my dad's face when he talks about it. I've seen the way my older cousins react when it's brought up in conversation. I know I don't ever want to live through that, and I want to beat them every year for the rest of time.
Comment 02 May 2020
As a music major, I'd like to shed some light on this. While I'm not a vocal major (I'm a drummer) I can say confidently that there are a ton of jobs that aren't performance or teaching that you can get with a music degree. Studio work and live sound are becoming increasingly popular, as is audio engineering. You can write film and TV scores, be a songwriter for other artists, or manage artists. Technological advancement has also opened up many other avenues and expanded the list of jobs available in the music industry. Plus, as a musician, I can say with 100% confidence that if you're willing to work hard and grind, you're already better than 50% of the crowd.
Comment 07 Feb 2020
Honestly, probably a losing season, or 5 more years of getting beat by OSU. Whichever comes first. At this point it's hard to say. Their recruiting has fallen off the last 2-3 years, and the monster classes Harbaugh brought in at the start of his tenure are graduating now. To add to that, OSU has somehow gotten better despite losing a hall of fame coach. Unless OSU sleepwalks into The Game (which won't happen) I really don't see how UM can beat the Buckeyes
Comment 26 Jun 2019
Thankfully, I was born at the end of the 90s, 3 years before the hiring of Jim Tressel, so I never really had to experience the horrors of that time. But I'm not stupid. I see the dark shadow that passes over my dad's face when he hears "John Cooper" or "90s" and "Ohio State football" in the same sentence. I may not have experienced it, but I know enough about it that I sure as hell don't want to go through something like that. That being said, here's to the continued dominance of TTUN!!
Comment 25 Mar 2019
I'm 100% in agreement about CJ. Say what you will about his talent, but he never lacked effort. Always gave his all. And he did it the right way. Never got into trouble, worked his ass off, and he always did what the coaches asked of him. I'll always remember that cold-blooded dagger he hit against Indiana last year in Bloomington.