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Comment 09 Jul 2013

There's not much important info I can share about Michigan and Hilliard at this time, but from a few updates I've seen over the past month, he's definitely high on us. One of our insiders expect us to make a big move when he visits for the BBQ. I get the feeling ND is the team to beat here though. I would think Michigan and OSU have an equal shot at this point, he doesn't seem to have an affinity to one or the other. 

Comment 10 Jun 2013

Sounding more and more like OSU is looking good. Michigan was looking better for a few weeks but our insiders have backed off this a bit the past few days. They're beginning to believe (again) he's most likely yours at this point. 

Comment 28 May 2013

I have no allegiance to the state of Michigan, as I am not from the midwest.

From an unbiased point of view I feel that this argument is counterintuitive, because saying UofM takes some of Ohio's best is actually.. a compliment for UofM.. by them not allowing OSU to keep this talent in-state. With that said, when it comes to state vs. state arguments (which I never care to get involved with) this gives Ohio the upper hand against Michigan when it comes to talent. 

With that said, what I took away from this article is that Michigan had a guy with the last name "Prettyman" back in the day. Something about that is funny as hell to me. I couldn't imagine living my life with that as a legitimate last name. 

Comment 05 Apr 2013

Just curious, move on to where exactly? The NBA or another program? 

The way I see things, both Beilein and Hoke are at their final destinations. Also, with the talent Beilein has coming in next year along with the number of highly touted kids Michigan is leading for in the 2014-2016 classes, there's no reason to believe this is Beilein's last run at a NC. His stock is definitely high right now, but there's nowhere he would go. 


Comment 10 Mar 2013

Keeping on the theme of revenge, absolutely.

It's one of the primary factors as to why Burke returned in my opinion. He would go off for 30+ 


Comment 10 Mar 2013

I really like this bracket. While many Michigan fans are going to cringe seeing us go up against Penn State, Wiscy, then hopefully Indiana, to me it's screaming REVENGE. We will not lose to Penn State in consecutive games. Their upset was well deserved, but that just won't happen again. Wiscy will be tough, but our team will be more than hyped to suckerpunch them with payback. And Indiana; well we all just saw the choke show that went down this afternoon. 

I don't care much about winning the BTT, obviously that would be nice, but I'm more-so interested to watch us seek revenge against those three teams, work out the kinks for March madness, and hopefully face you guys in the championship. I absolutely love watching Burke and Craft go at it. It's without a doubt one of the most entertaining match-ups in all of college basketball.

As destructive as our loss was this afternoon, I thought we played a great game for the first 39 minutes, and it gave me a lot of confidence entering the two tournaments. Our freshmen are finally starting to step up in big games, which is necessary if we even want to think about making a run.  You guys seem to be clicking on all cylinders. Should be fun to watch.