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Comment 18 Dec 2019

From my understanding, he received a call from someone from Miami (his other choice) who said the position coach at Nebraska was leaving.  Left and called Nebraska and found out it was untrue and returned to pick Nebraska.

Comment 22 Sep 2019

Barret Pickering is their kicker, but he had an undisclosed injury happen the week of the first game.  He has been out since and nobody has really mentioned when he will be coming back.

Their punter (Armstrong) handled kicking duties, but the last time he kicked FGs was in HS.  It hasn't been pretty.

They have a walk-on, true freshman kicker and they let him try one kick.  I think it was blocked. 

They have a walk-on transfer from Air Force who is there to play Safety, but was also a kicker at some point.  He handled the kicks last night.  It's to the point where Nebraska went for it on 4th and 11 inside the 20 early in the game because they were positive they couldn't get a FG out of the possession. 

Comment 22 Sep 2019
Lifelong Husker fan here: my opinion and the opinion of most huskers fans are OSU should win fairly easily. Something is off with Martinez at QB that he didn't show last year. He added some weight and isn't nearly as effective running. He also waits much longer before he decides to run, which usually leads to a tfl. He used to spread it around but now he only throws to the rbs or spielman. WRs Noa and Mike Williams are lucky to see 1 or 2 targets a game. Mo Williams is the speed back, Mills is the power back. Mills seems to have limited vision and just takes whatever he can get straight ahead. The Illinois game was interesting. Some here mentioned Illinois should have won that game but the reality is Nebraska should have blown them out. They gave Illinois the ball inside their own 20 three times, once inside the 10. Spotting them three scores. Nebraska outgained Illinois 690 to 299.
Comment 07 Sep 2019
Martinez was perfect passing, they are on Pace for 600 yards, the defense is shutting out a team that scored 51 last week.
Comment 23 Jul 2019

Nebraska lost 5 games by 5 points or less.  They redefined ways you could lose a game in the first 6 weeks.

I think a lot of the hype is coming from Frost's offense and what Milton did at UCF his 2nd year in the offense.

McKenzie Milton

1st year: 57.7% 1,983 yards,10 TD 7 INT 113.0 RTG
2nd year: 67.1% 4,037 yards 37 TD 9 INT 179.3 RTG

Adrian Martinez

1st year: 64.6% 2,617 yards, 17 TD 8 INT 139.5 RTG

Nebraska is going to score points as long as Martinez stays healthy.  The defense should be improved which isn't saying much.  Mo Barry is one of the better LBs in the country.  The huskers had a lot of players leaving after the Frost hire which led to a lot of younger players playing.  If they can field an average defense they will be a tough out.

Comment 05 Mar 2019
There is a theory that something lies beneath winterfell or in the crypts of the winterfell castle. Could be why Arya is running at the beginning. She looked to be down there...and found whatever it was.
Comment 02 Mar 2019
I thought this was an interesting video on depression and how each generation has a higher percentage of depression. It's well worth the 20 minute watch if anyone is interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drv3BP0Fdi8
Comment 28 Feb 2019
Nebraska has a favorable schedule this season. The OSU game will be huge for them. They don't have PSU, TTUN, or Sparty to deal with and the other remaining difficult games are at home. Northwestern, wisky, and Iowa. An upset over OSU and they could get on a roll and have a really nice season.
Comment 26 Feb 2019
You must be thinking about the Martinez from several years ago. This one completed 65% as a true freshman.
Comment 13 Feb 2019
Things I have read. - The video was recently sent to him by someone else. I'm sure he saw it initially as well but when he got it again he somehow felt like it would be a good idea to send it to her. - It wasn't sent from his phone. It came from his adoptive dad's phone. Apparently. - The weirdest part is the police say they were trying to contact him for questioning since August. He was never charged until now. A lawyer contacted the police claiming to represent the UNL athletic department and Washington and had the police send documents. The lawyer recently said that he has never represented the UNL athletic department and never told them that. So who knows where those documents went, if Washington ever got them. The AD said recently that they were made aware of allegations but were never given details and the police never contacted them again.
Comment 02 Feb 2019
He had 12 receptions for 76 yards as a freshman and 3 for 22 yards in his first few games as a sophomore before he transferred in October. From what I read his attitude and work ethic were good examples of what Frost was trying to get out of the program.
Comment 01 Jan 2019

Fitz would have a lot of explaining to do after his interview during their bowl game trophy presentation.

He said he's not leaving. Ever.  Wildcat for life.

Comment 20 Dec 2018

Nebraska got Bryce Benhart (OT), who is listed at 6'8" or 6'9" depending on which site you look at.  https://247sports.com/Player/Bryce-Benhart-46040349/

I was surprised at how many quality RBs they were able to get.  They got the #2 and #6 all-purpose backs in Wandale Robinson and Ronald Thompkins.  Got the #1 JUCO RB (former Georgia Tech RB) Dedrick Mills, and Rahmir Johnson out of Bergen Catholic.

Frost has at least a decent shot at landing Polamalu's nephew as well.  Pola-Gates out of Arizona.

Comment 16 Dec 2018

Speaking of Saban,

I saw this story and found it funny.  Saban made an in-home visit to Ty Robinson (DE out of Arizona) the other day.  Scott Frost had another in-home scheduled with him the week after that and shut down recruiting on the last day and had all 11 coaches on the recruiting trail show up for the in-home visit.


Comment 07 Dec 2018

Nebraska was a member for nearly a century.  Back then, agricultural research was the most important thing.  Now it holds the least importance for the AAU.  What also killed them is not being able to use research at their medical center at their Omaha campus since it wasn't located in Lincoln.

I'm pretty sure Nebraska's own president didn't convince the AAU to drop agricultural research as valid contributions. He would have been fired that day.

Comment 23 Nov 2018
You could see Nebraska's offense was a bit off the last two weeks without Spielman. Sparty and Iowa just locked down on Morgan which killed their vertical passing game. Martinez, Spielman, and Washington are going to be fun to watch in the future.
Comment 23 Nov 2018
Frost just dialed up a fake punt from inside the 10 on 4th and 3 in the 3rd quarter and got it. Nebraska driving down 28-13
Comment 02 Nov 2018
Martinez is already doing better than Milton did his freshman year.
Comment 10 May 2018
Good choice. I bought a new trail edition two years ago. Had a 1999 before that. Also wanted to clear up some misinformation from a couple people. The 4runner and Tacoma are not related and don't share the same chassis. Every 4runner is built and imported from Japan. I believe land cruisers are made at the same facility. The 4runner is a fully boxed frame on the J150 platform shared by the Lexus GX460 and Land cruiser Prado. The Tacoma is a c channel frame and is built in the US to avoid the 25% truck tarrif.