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Comment 01 Mar 2019

This is better, but still not what we need. In-game ejections should go away. Targeting or borderline-targeting plays should be reviewed by the conferences every Sunday, as a whole, by a small committee. Any ejections (i suppose suspension would be a better word at this point), if warranted, should be issued then.  

This would improve the consistency of the calls, ensure each hit is given a thorough review without disrupting play, remove concerns over whether ejections are being issued (or withheld) based on the potential effect on the game being played, and guarantee that every ejection results the same penalty. 

Comment 21 Feb 2019

Pretty sure a big chunk of this would replace Beekman Park. Waterman Ag looks safe, because the northern border looks a lot like Lane Avenue. The southern border of the project looks like Kinnear. Guessing the other borders are Kenny and North Star. 

Lots of good memories at Beekman playing baseball as a kid and intramural sports as an OSU student. I'll bummed if it gets replaced with...this.

Comment 11 Feb 2019

Count me as one of those who believe we did not have the best man for the job at linebacker coach the last two years. 

With that in mind, I'm going to try to look at all the players at LB with a fresh set of eyes this year. Hopefully OP is on to something and we'll see some major steps forward for Werner (and all the other LBs)

Comment 15 Jan 2019

What a bizarre take. Bill Davis isn't a bad coach because people keep hiring him? Bill Davis isn't a bad coach because Fick had some five stars that didn't turn into world beaters? (and what an odd choice of examples, as both Sabino and Grant were captains and solid starters by their senior years on an undefeated team and a national championship team, respectively).

Maybe Davis isn't a bad NFL coach. But we know the last two years were the worst we've had at linebacker since at least 2000. And we know the roster is stacked with linebackers who were very highly recruited. Yes, it's possible some of them are busts. But I think it's far more likely that Bill Davis just doesn't know how to coach linebackers.  

Comment 09 Jan 2019

Am I reading the chart correctly that he's asserting that OSU lost half a billion dollars in "value" (33% of its total!) in one year? A year in which we went 13-1 and won a Big Ten championship?

The amount we supposedly lost is greater than the entire "value" of all but thirteen programs in the country. 

This is a silly exercise from start to finish. 

Comment 24 Oct 2018

^^^Thread over. Either we improve enough to beat Michigan State and Michigan or we don't and lose to one or both. 

If the former, we crush whoever makes it out of the west, which is unlikely to be Purdue in any event. If the latter, we won't be in Indy. 

Given that the problems areas on this team have been obvious since game 1, right now it's hard to have faith that this group of coaches can get things fixed at this point in the season. I'd love to be wrong. 

Comment 11 Oct 2018

3:30 would be the best of both worlds--early enough that cold isn't a major factor, late enough that the crowd is awake and you get to play the second half under the lights. 

2006 was a 3:30 start and it was amazing. 

Comment 05 Oct 2018

Alabama is not the problem. There have always been teams that are so good it's boring. 

If you're worried about butts in seats, there are three easy fixes:  1) stop playing body bag games; 2) stop jacking ticket prices up; and 3) reduce the number and duration of commercial breaks.

The product on the field is as good as its ever been; the problem is that it's watered down and overpriced. 

Comment 11 Nov 2017

For real. Take it a step further even: imagine they switched teams so urban is coaching us and tress is coaching florida. I think we all know the result of that game.

Comment 26 Jul 2016

@Kyle: From campus outward, and just off the top of my head; Adriatico's, Rotolo's, Panzera's, Tommy's (Upper Arlington edition). I'll add more as I think of them.

Comment 13 Feb 2016
Mr. Hall was my math teacher in high school. I cannot begin to describe to you guys how much this man was and is loved in Grandview. Excellent teacher, involved in everything--he coached both the girls' basketball and tennis teams. Just a stupendous human being.
Comment 18 Dec 2015

Your facts are great and all, but this man is trolling you. The best response is not to take him seriously, as you have done, but to laugh at him.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

It did happen here. My freshman and sophomore years (2005-2007) there was a wave of racist incidents on campus.

The administration handled it properly (or at least adequately), and thus no one felt compelled to go on a hunger strike. Obviously the Mizzou president did not handle this situation adequately. 

Comment 05 Nov 2015

Lots of good points for both sides here, but one I haven't noticed yet:

What system do most of your kids' friends have? If everyone has a PS4, it doesn't matter how great the xbox is, you need a PS4 (and vice versa of course).

Comment 26 Oct 2015

1) Type the word you would like to use. 

2) Highlight the word with your cursor

3) Click the Chainlink button 

4) Copy your link into the URL line in the dialogue box

Comment 16 Oct 2015

Birm: I know Christian Kirk is another top receiver target we were high on last year. Having seen Kirk jump to a hot start for A&M this year, how would you compare Mack's game with Kirk's? 

(edit: haha sorry badowl, great minds....)

Comment 16 Oct 2015

4 years in, I think it's safe to say that there are no criteria for black stripe removal, other than whether Urban Meyer thinks it would be beneficial to the team to have a given player's stripe removed on a given day. It's a motivational tool, not a measure of the player's progress.

Sometimes its a stick, sometimes its a carrot. Sounds like with Baker it was a carrot.

Comment 05 Oct 2015

In addition to all the very good reasons stated already, you have to remember that we're still in a subjective system. Winning your conference is probably a necessary condition but not a sufficient condition to getting into the playoff. If the committee sees a team trying to game the system like this, they're probably not going to reward the team that does it.

Plus, you also risk getting absolutely pasted. Which, again, hurts your standing in the eyes of the committee.