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Biomechanical Engineering Master's student at Ohio State. Been an avid buckeye fan since I was about 5 (1995-ish). Got an A in Tressel's class (going to the Woody 3 days a week was awesome!) and occasionally get to work with buckeye athletes for research purposes.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1) 2002 national championship
    2) Holy Buckeye
    3) Ron Lewis' game winner against Xavier
    4) 4 way tie of all the wings' stanley cups
    5) Pistons winning the NBA championship in '04 over the lakers
  • NFL TEAM: Lions
  • NHL TEAM: Red Wings
  • NBA TEAM: Pistons
  • MLB TEAM: Tigers
  • SOCCER TEAM: USMNT (and Crew)

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Comment 01 Mar 2019

Whole-heartedly disagree, Iowa.  Being able to look back and say "I could have handled that better, I've learned from it" is NOT weakness at all.  In fact, the inability to do so shows a lack of maturity, self awareness, and open-mindedness.  Higdon is not alone in this, a LOT of people are too stubborn to admit when they mess up, and instead look to shift all the blame on others (in this case, the person who asked the question).  The fact that we're too afraid to look weak to admit fault is a huge problem in our society, and one reason why we're so bad at civil conversation these days.  Seems like too much human interaction is just about posturing rather than turth-seeking and growth.

Comment 11 May 2018

Might be fun to compare to a line up from the Tressel or Cooper years as comparison:


QB- Smith
RB- Beanie
WR-Jenkins, Ginn, Gonzo
TE: Hartsock
OL: Stepanovich, Mangold, Bentley, Simms, Barton


QB- Germaine
RB- George
WR- Boston, Glenn, Galloway
TE: Dudley
OL: Pace, Murphy, Bentley, Winrow ,Stringer

Those are some scary offenses!!

Comment 12 Dec 2017

Michael Jordan- 6'5.75 300 lbs
Billy Price- 6'4 315 lbs

My prediction definitely could be wrong, but I'm not sure it will be because of size.  Billy is a pretty big guy and they moved him to center.  I'm going strictly off the fact that they moved Elfein from guard to center, then Price from guard to center in each of the last 2 years.  Urban seems to like to have an experienced and talented lineman he can trust at center.  

Comment 08 Dec 2017

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict a move for Booker from OLB to DE.  Add's depth in a position group that needs it, and opens up the OLB spot for Harrison.  I think I remember hearing rumors that Booker was being looked at for DE earlier in his career as well.  He's a big physical guy who struggles with pass coverage...seems to make sense.  

My 2 Deep:

QB- Haskins, Burrow
RB- Dobbins, Teague (Weber goes pro)
X- Mack, Victor
Z- Dixon, McLaurin
H - Hill, Campbell, McCall  (in my gut I feel like one of these three won't be here next season, whether it's going pro or transferring)
TE- Berry, Alexander 
LT- Prince, Alabi
LG- Pridgeon, Davis
C- Jordan, Taylor
RG- Knox, Myers
RT- Bowen, Munford

DE- Bosa, Young, Cooper, Booker
DT- Landers, Jackson, Cornell, Garrett
OLB-  Harrison, Jones, Werner, Hilliard  (I feel it's very possible Browning gets moved out to OLB if the starters aren't up to the task)
MLB- Borland, Browning (Curtis Grant, Raekwon McMillan like roation)
CB- Arnette, Sheffield, Okudah, Wade
S- Fuller, Pryor, Proctor, Wint

Comment 23 Oct 2017

I'd still like it a little more if the numbers were scarlet or at least outlined in scarlet.  However, they are pretty cool!  The scarlet buckeye leaves and cleats definitely make the uniform.

Comment 03 Feb 2017

I don't know how to make a GIF, but did you guys see this of Jim Harbaugh?

Comment 18 Jan 2017

In the picture you use later in the article (against Clemson), the receiver got separation and then the ball was badly underthrown.

I am in the camp where I give the wide receivers a little slack this year, because I recall many times (read: several dozen) where the receiver was open and JT threw inaccurately.  More than a few of those opportunities would have been touchdowns.

Just funny that the picture used in the article "calling out" the wide receivers is a prime piece of evidence for the opposite case, in my opinion.

Thanks for the good read, as always, Ramzy.

(I might have gone for gonzo over philly in the route running category :) )