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Comment 31 Aug 2016

OOPS, forgot I couldn't find Denzel Ward's date either.  I have a nerdy spreadsheet with things like Official visit dates, etc and was hoping I missed something.

Comment 31 Aug 2016

Anyone know when/if these 2nd year guys had their black stripes removed?  Before Gibson was suspended, I think all of them were in the mix for some PT.

Torrance Gibson
AJ Alexander
Branden Bowen
Jashon Cornell 
Dre'Mont Jones

Comment 07 Apr 2016

Thank you sir.  I do research for a living and totally missed the article you linked.  I checked a few of the other ones after searching black stripe on the site, but unfortunately, they don't include the dates.  Hoping Mr. Skull Session catches wind of this, since he was on a 2014 article that listed the players in chronological order, but did not include the dates.  My quest continues, thanks again :)

Comment 06 Apr 2016

Last year, as we all know, 21 True Freshman redshirted.  Urban’s innovative “black stripe” rite of passage has always intrigued me and it made me curious to see if I could locate some sort of list that showed who achieved this goal and when it was achieved.  I am kind of a Buckeye nerd, to be honest.

After poking around on other sites and 11W, I couldn’t locate anything, other than a few articles about the first few Young Bucks to accomplish this each season.  I was hoping someone knew where to locate a more comprehensive list with dates included, so I tried to bump last years thread titled “Predictions for 1st 2015 Commit to Lose Black Stripe?”, but no one took up the cause.

I thought I would comment here and see what happens.

PS The reason I am hunting down this information is I have a pretty neat spreadsheet and would like to add a column for when the black stripe was removed.  I think it would be interesting to see how, historically, when the black stripe is removed impacted things like early playing time, whether or not the player red shirts, transfers, etc.

I included a link to the spreadsheet through google docs, so it should be safe.  (Disclaimer: I am a novice and this is my first attempt at pulling this off.)but I think it will work.  If it does, enjoy...


Comment 05 Apr 2016

Is there an article/thread on 11W or even another site that accounts for how many of the 25 members of the 2015 Class (minus Jamel Dean of course) who lost their black stripe last season?  Obvious ones are the 4 who played, but I was curious how many of the remaining freshmen eclipsed this milestone last year.

Comment 18 Jan 2016

WOW...so excited for this young man... represent zone6 as the premiere unit in America; one of 9 units strong...Go Bucks!!!

Comment 25 Jul 2015

QB Experience in 2015, I’m good.  Braxton has always been an athlete playing QB and his presence should keep JT and Cardale focused on continuing to improve in 2016, even if it is split 80/20.  Not to mention they are both auditioning for potential NFL careers.  Regardless of who starts in 2016, tOSU will likely lose all three to the NFL Draft in 2016!  Especially if JT wins the job outright in 2015!  JT has a good head on his shoulders and a solid family support system and could very well choose to come back in 2016 to continue his development, get degree, etc...  However, after shattering your ankle and experiencing first-hand how fleeting it all can be, another season of college football might be too risky.  I hope JT comes back for 2016, but my gut says all three tOSU QB's are preparing for the 2016 NFL Draft.

QB Experience in 2016, not so good.  Does KG clone, RS Sophomore Stephen Collier have a shot with three springs and two fall camps under his belt?  Torrance Gibson, with likely no experience other than Fall Camp and Scout Team in 2015? Joe Burrow, will also likely Redshirt and only have Fall Camp and limited Scout Team snaps in 2015.  True Freshmen, Tristen Wallace?  It is now clear why two highly coveted QB's chose to sign in 2015.  tOSU had to be hard selling the scenario described above and hyping the opportunity to compete and start in 2016!  Why would Jarrett Guarantano pass up an opportunity like this?  Props to you and your confidence, Mr. Wallace.

Athens OH native Joe Burrow is my pick to take the job in 2016!  He REALLY reminds me of Joe Germaine, who is one of my all-time favorite Buckeyes.  This is completely emotional and not based on talent evaluation.  1995 was my first exposure to the phenomena of tOSU Football after moving hear from IL.  Imagine if you will, Joe Burrow, the first QB ever to lead his school to a 4 peat!!!  The unquestioned Top Overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft!!!  The potential to be legendary must be in your DNA to even consider being the QB at tOSU under UFM.

I really hope QB Coach Tim Beck was the correct hire.  This season will give us a taste, but the true test will be next off season.  tOSU will likely have four really talented guys competing for the QB job in 2016.  I can’t help but feel Tim Beck is hoping Cardale can lock down the job in 2015 and stays healthy.  This is the only scenario where I see JT coming back in 2016.  You could just as easily insert the names of the two extremely athletic Dual  QB's getting the nod in 2016, instead of Joe Burrow.  Or maybe you are in the camp of the most experienced guy getting the nod.  Could Stephen Collier be the next KG?  All of these guys have a shot at the job next year!!!

Why else would you come to tOSU, but to compete!  UFM and Staff preach competition is the key and the young men that choose to commit to tOSU seem to have really bought in.  I got goosebumps watching the FNL videos.  This showed first hand, young men getting ready to start their Junior season of HS Football were talking about how humble the tOSU staff and players were, even though they had just come off of winning a Championship.  More importantly, from a recruiting standpoint, young men were impressed with tOSU’s ability to help them achieve their dreams of developing and becoming professional athlete’s. 

Next year, the tOSU will likely plant their flag on the 2016 NFL Draft, much like “That Team Down South” has done for the past few seasons.  tOSU has become a destination for HS athletes that are serious about developing and pursuing a career in the NFL.  The results on the field speak for themselves, 38-3 and the first ever Undisputed National Title!!  It is an amazing time to be a Buckeye fan.  With only his fourth recruiting class reporting for fall camp soon, UFM has taken the talent at the QB position to a whole new level, Go Bucks!!! 

Comment 25 Feb 2015

I am a transplant from IL, not an alum of OSU, but deeply passionate about OSU FB and BB.  Thad has managed to recruit well (and the right way) over the years, historically wins 20+ games per year(though many would say the powder puff OOC Schedule plays a big role in that outcome) and has had some successful runs in the tournament.  BUT, and it is a BIG BUTT, if I am on the selection committee this year, even looking through my scarlet tinted glasses, the only way OSU is a four seed is if they win out (improbable, but not impossible, ala Sylvester over U of I) and make the finals in the BIG tournament.  Vegas is usually right, what am I missing?

Comment 22 Feb 2015

Sad and not emotionally invested perfectly describe where I am with this team as well.  Bigs uldom developed, predictable offensive sets and absolutely no energy to start this game.  First half one of worst I can remember.  Hope we make tournament at this point.  This team could easily lose 3 out of 4 down the stretch and be a NIT team.  Thad is best coach we can get, but is routinely out coached. Gonna take the Michael Bennett approach for remainder of season and assume NIT and be grateful if we make the dance.

Comment 25 Dec 2014

Love it...B1G needs coaches and this would be a huge upgrade I_HO.  Rivalry gets instant boost and I predict _ichigan finishes with a top 20 class if JH signs, similar to UFM in 2012.  Wow, typing that reminded me that this will be UFM's fourth recruiting class and a play call or two different and our AD not being a dumbass and we could conceivably be attempting to compete for our fourth straight title.  It is good to be a Buckeye and Merry Christmas to all.

Comment 08 Feb 2014

First, I want to say, that my beloved Eleven Warriors and the official university website are the only two sites to have made any effort to put out a 2014 roster.  I have been keeping a roster in an excel format and have 25 athletes in a different class heading into next year.  Please excuse me if it is premature to point out that 21 redshirted in 2013, .  This included 16 freshmen, 3 sophomores and 2 juniors.  The other 4, include Dontre Wilson (played in 2013), Tyvis Powell (redshirted in 2012), Frank Epitropoulos (redshirted in 2012)and Jeff Greene.  I thought Jeff Greene, the GT transfer, would have 2 years of eligibility left after sitting the mandatory year.  I thought I saw where someone posted that the redshirt isn't applied until the senior year.  However, most of the previous classes redshirts are currently listed in the correct class, including 4 from 2012, 6 from 2011 and 3 from the 2010 class.  I love the site, appreciate the content and hope this helps.

Comment 12 Feb 2013

I love "The elevenwarriors.com" and appreciate all the dedication it takes from all of you to pull this off.  I have voiced this appreciation to the staff before.  Equally, I have voiced my displeasure to that other site for making everything, even forum posts VIP.  Having formally frequented that other site daily, I can't express enough my disappointment for the "corporate" path they have chosen.  I must say I am encouraged that I can share my opinions with other buckeye fans and get timely updates about my bucks without having to buy in to the "corporate" VIP model.  I for one have every intention of supporting this site financially and encourage everyone who appreciates the efforts of the staff to do the same.  The articles are better quality, more in depth, more timely and best of all they aren't VIP.  "The elevenwarriors.com" will be the site I turn to the most for my buckeye news and I just want to say thank you not only to the staff, but also the fellow posters who bring their unique insights on a daily basis.