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Comment 12 Feb 2019
The Jags think they are just a piece or two away from the AFC crown. And not interested in developing while the window is open, which they are probably right. The Eagles have no desire to let the Giants or Redskins get him so franchise tagging and shipping him to a controlled destination is likely. Be a tricky situation inking him long term Jacksonville has a lot of young guys that will be do money soon.
Comment 27 Jan 2019
That's correct sir . I remember how good the late 90s early 2000s Denver Broncos were at zone blocking. 1st team I remember who really excelled at it. You could plug anyone into that backfield and get them 1000 yards plus. Remember Shanahan saying how it made average offensive linemen all pros once they figured out the concept. And masked allot of deficiencies. Probably was the death sentence for the full back position.
Comment 27 Jan 2019
Rpo- the offensive line just run blocks. QB makes read on LBs deciding weather to throw, hand off or run himself. Has to be quick pass in order to keep offensive linemen from getting up field. Zone blocking scheme. Offensive line men ignore defense block to an area. Requires ball carrier to find the hole in a certain area rather then play going to specified gap. Zone read. (Probably dead with Day) When offensive line ignores defensive end. Defensive end is forced to play either QB or the RB Qb makes read keeps or gives to RB. This is probably gone and this is what I assume lead to Tate's transfer. Kind of a generic break down but it will get you pointed in the right direction.
Comment 22 Jan 2019
I know they help but they shouldn't. Those are a team effort and the hall is for individual achievements. It wasn't fair to beat up on a DH either. Be no different then holding out a pitcher because he didn't bat.
Comment 18 Jan 2019
Game time temp in K.C is gonna be single digits. I will take the pats in a low scoring yawner.