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Comment 1 hour ago
Fda approved that process, but for some reason limits it to 10,000 per day. (Update: Some phone calls were apparently made and the FDA was told to stand down, they will be running at full capacity.)
Comment 23 hours ago
That's done through updates to the software, they never work the same after. Replacing a battery in an "unreplaceable phone" isn't all to difficult.
Comment 27 Mar 2020
Yeah my 20ct is nothing either but it all adds up I bet thier are millions of masks just sitting in garages all over america. I said it a week ago should be drive thru supply drives all over. And companies and restaurants should be stepping up to give people something nice in exchange for these items.
Comment 27 Mar 2020
Just found an entire box of 3m n95s in the garage cupboards. The wife who's in radiology was moved to the ER and they didn't have masks, now her and some of her colleagues do. Go thru your garages folks you never know what's out there. If you have them get them on the front lines.
Comment 25 Mar 2020
Like to know what the Germans are doing, for as many cases as they have the mortality rate is extremely low. Tried reaching out to some extended family that never made the trip over, but no luck.
Comment 23 Mar 2020
A just in case spot but a man cave don't sound half bad, I even have a shower, just a l 5 gallon bucket hung from the ceiling with a hose and shower head. Set up a tote to stand in that hits the floor drain. Have to heat water on a stove 1st but it does the job.
Comment 23 Mar 2020
I set me up a bunk out in the garage sealed off the duct work and the door to the house. Have electric heater, a fridge and tv. Just in case I need to isolate from the wife. Porta pot dropped off this morning.
Comment 23 Mar 2020
Have to police ourself's. Marital law isn't feasible because I don't think we have the infrastructure in place to do it. Allow people to run freely and this thing spirals out of control. It's an extremely fine line.
Comment 22 Mar 2020
I understand that but it seems like alot of people don't. They think you won't be able to leave the house so now every store around here is full of frantic lunatics.
Comment 22 Mar 2020
Shouldn't of announced the shelter in place and just did it. Now people are spazzing again and hammering the grocery stores, who just started to catch up some.