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Comment 20 hours ago
It will go to 8 after the 2026 CFP. My money is on fox getting in on a chunk of it.
Comment 12 Nov 2018
Thought this article was gonna be hog wash but upon further review that call has been overturned. Nice catch hope it's corrected asap.
Comment 11 Nov 2018
A bit off topic but since this thing turned into talking about the defense what's up with Chase Young pretty much non existent again today and disappears for long stretches. We need a pass rusher off that edge asap.
Comment 10 Nov 2018
Offset, Dobbins is the better ball carrier. Weber does block better, seems to have more top end speed.
Comment 10 Nov 2018
As bad as Jordans snaps are, the Shugarts award still gos to Prince. Watched him miss blocks, get burnt off the edge with speed ect.
Comment 06 Nov 2018
Agree 1000% what's even more mind-boggling is Kevin Wilson had a 2000 yard rusher at Indiana with Coleman. The QB ran for 98 yards the entire season. Even more confusing is that same QB threw for only 1100 yards and 6tds. So you know the box was loaded every snap. I just don't get what the hell is going on? You know damn well Indiana didn't have an offensive line of even this caliber, and a QB that should be freeing up the box from mutiple man fronts. It's all just confusion for me.