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Comment 06 Jul 2020
Thank you for taking the time to address my comment. I know alot of us disagree with each other, may not even like each other. But everyone should be respectful. Besides we are all fans of the greatest team in the nation, so at the end of the day that makes us family.
Comment 20 Jun 2020
A deep dish jets is hard to beat. We had them popping up all over, but the Toledo market is dominated by Marcos this is where they started so they have a heavy foot print, jets faded off some. I will be sure to get some eagles if I'm ever in the neighborhood.
Comment 18 Jun 2020
Looks like 60ish games with a 16 team playoff. 100% prorated salaries for the players. Should make for an interesting trade deadline. With 16 teams in the hunt.
Comment 16 Jun 2020
Only a hand full of teams have a legit gripe about stadium revenue. The rest of them are at a fraction of capacity most of the time. The owners have done it for years. Slash payroll and fatten up their pockets with tv money as they become a farm system to a handful of teams. They couldn't careless about the product they put on the field so nobody gos. Then when they accumulate enough assets from years of tanking they make a couple year run then dump everyone before they have to pay them. Absolutely zero competitive balance in baseball and the owners choose to keep it that way that's why it's tough to feel bad for them. The players are just as guilty as well for not pushing harder to change it. But that would limit some of the absurd contracts they get.
Comment 16 Jun 2020
Yeah I thought that was ridiculous myself. Play till September and start the playoffs. It's unnecessary anyways theirs only like 4 or 5 legit contenders anyway. And I get these owners have to turn a profit, every ass in America will be in front of a tv set I think people are ready for any sport they could get. Advertising revenue should be thru the roof.
Comment 16 Jun 2020
Kid makes 33 bucks. Similar thing the players already agreed to in March. They aren't asking for 100 bucks they just want the terms of their negotiated contracts at a per game average. I really think the players would be more willing to negotiate if the owners wouldn't of insulted them with the initial offers.
Comment 15 Jun 2020
Let's say the players did go out for pennies on the dollar and the stadiums opened. Think you will get a discount ticket? Hell no, and they still are going to break one off in your can on a 11 dollar hotdog.
Comment 15 Jun 2020
How about you go to work for half price you going to do it? And fans in the stands don't mean squat all the money is in those tv deals. 3/4 of the league is tanking and is at a fraction of capacity anyways. The marlins, A's, Ray's ect would of been bankrupt years ago if fans in the seats mattered.