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Comment 4 hours ago
Go with my home towns own BJ Barre. Here's why
Comment 23 May 2018
I said it many times, this site is structured a million times better then other sites regardless of team coverage. The behind the scenes guys that maintain this site do a phenomenal job.
Comment 21 May 2018
Checked in to Tiger droppings (LSU fan Forum) looks like they excepted Joe with open arms. Side note: Members of 11 warriors are spoiled, every other forum I have been to has had a shit format compared to this.
Comment 20 May 2018
I hate Notre Dame as much as anyone but I don't blame them from a financial stand point. That nbc money is big, and no sharing with conference parasites.
Comment 20 May 2018
For large quantities of people 1 750 ml everclear (or shine if you have it) 1 750 UV Blue 1 gallon Green Hawaiian Punch Muti fruit slices, oranges,lemon,lime, cherry, watermelon ect (stay away from high seed fruits) Serve with ice and a classic solo. Turns into the same color as antifreeze.
Comment 19 May 2018
Can't believe some of the comments from "Buckeye fans". Burrow lines up against the silver bullets I want him to take a beating just like any other player not in scarlet and gray. Outside of that I'm pulling for him to be successful and will be tuning in for some LSU action this season.
Comment 18 May 2018
Have you tried any of the new styles? I seen a red edition and one in a stubby medicine bottle as well..... Like to get feed back on stuff before I buy it after a run of bad IPAs
Comment 18 May 2018
Another summertime classic 4oz fresh Orange juice 4oz cranberry 3oz clear rum Splash of grenadine Splash of lemon or lime Protip vodka/gin work well