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Comment 16 Feb 2018
All the new arenas suck, same shit here in Toledo. Tear down the Toledo Sports arena build the Huntington Center. The sports arena was an asbestos laden shit hole that stunk of a strange combination of cheap boos, cigarettes, piss, and a hint of weed. But it was loud as hell and fun. Anything pretty much went and all the seats were good. It was nearly impossible to be kicked out of there. This Huntington Center is high priced, shitty seats and a "Family" atmosphere. It's quite during games and a complete yawner. To top it off the sports arena had it's own parking lot, nothing to offer at the Huntington expect a long walk. Sometimes new isn't better, as fans we need to be careful what we wish for.
Comment 15 Feb 2018
Best atmosphere was at The old Toledo Sports arena. The place stunk of Beer, cigarettes, piss, and marijuana ,but it was fun. Basically anything went it was nearly impossible to be asked to leave.
Comment 10 Feb 2018
Not enough in state talent left and Lloyds pipeline from Ohio has been sealed. Has alot to do with the collapse of the auto industry. Lot of your 20 to 35 year olds have been leaving the state for years. Start families else where in search of work, left the state with alot smaller pool of kids in the state.