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Comment 14 Aug 2019
Matters a fact here's a article of when Jimmy showed up at Patterson's apartment.
Comment 14 Aug 2019
I guarantee that if Fickle wasn't the coach Hudson would of had more support in his transfer. It's nothing more then sour grapes over two decades of mediocrity and not looking out for the interest of the kid. He don't want to play for that delusional scum bucket and I don't blame him. Get over ficks former affiliation to tosu. And Harbaugh is a flat out lier, when he says he wasn't involved in Patterson's transfer. As I distinctly remember the team charter in Oxford when it surfaced he was in the portal.
Comment 07 Aug 2019
I'm kind of split on the Zeke situation. He signed a fully guaranteed 4 year deal. The contract value was just a tick under 25 million. All guaranteed. The Cowboys have dealt with his off the field issues multiple times and seem to give him a long leash. As a top pick they have a option for a 5th season that gives him a big raise, which they did pick up. At the same time I could see why Zeke wants a long term deal. More Money and long term security ( depending on what guaranteed money gos into his next deal) especially with the short life of the position. I could see Dallas picking up the 5th year option, 2 franchise tags and sending him packing. At 7 seasons Zeke will have no hope of ever getting a decent long term deal with guaranteed money, not with that many miles. Here is his current deal
Comment 05 Aug 2019
I will give Legow credit for playing a hell of a game against us. He had a Rabbit foot stuffed in his ass that game.