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Comment 27 Nov 2018
Not sure if any of you have seen it but they have a new thread where they propose that playing three rivals in one season is too much, and is why they can't beat us. They don't mention that ND played four rivalry games this year en route to 12-0.
Comment 31 Dec 2017
Every year for my fantasy draft I take a Buckeye rookie with one of my last picks. I took Thomas in the 14th round last year and used my keeper pick oon him this year to get him in the 12th. Needless to say I have not regretted that decision. Way to go Thomas! Heres to many more successful years in the pros!
Comment 15 Dec 2017
2005 is a great choice. I agree if Smith was the clear cut starter they at least beat Texas. Idk about beating PSU but regardless that was a great team. 1998 and 2015 are two other great teams that should've won it all. Damn the Spartans!
Comment 10 Dec 2017
The flag planting didn't really bother me as much as his general demeanor throughout the season did. Guy just seems like an ass. That said he did have an unbelievable year. I would like to see OK beat UGA then beat Clemson for the title.
Comment 29 Dec 2016

As I was watchin the end of the belk bowl, I was literally thinking the same thing. I could see the sec going anywhere from 3-10 to 6-7 in bowls (assuming osu beats bama in the title game). B1G has some tough matchups though.

Comment 23 Sep 2016
I graduated from Springfield HS in 2007 and actually grew up down the street from Bryant Koback, sad to hear he broke his leg tonight but that whole family is a bunch of fighters and I'm confident he'll come back from this. Our school hasn't been known as a football power in quite some time and he almost single handedly changed that. Wish the best for him and The Springfield High School Blue Devils moving forward. Would love to see a local boy like him in the scarlet and gray!