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Comment 17 Aug 2018

Zach:  Hey coach Meyer, I’m back from my Texas recruiting visit.

Urban:  Wait, before I forget, your cock rings and ball lifter came while you were gone.  So how did the trip go?

Zach:  Trip was great!  Think we are going to land the kid and icing on the cake, was able to take some amazing dick pics!

Come on man!  This has no bearing on Meyer at all!  

Comment 17 Aug 2018

I agree!  This is not Urbans issue at all.  My biggest concern is that the national media is jumping on this story.  USA Today sports, yahoo sports, it’s even in my Apple news feed and on msn.com.  The national media makes sure everyone sees this meaningless crap and now all of a sudden the whole “How could Meyer have this guy on staff” narrative starts again.  I hope Drake doesn’t get spooked by any recent “perception” issues from the public and do anything drastic.  Just to be clear I think it’s total trash but if the agenda is to keep the public “disgusted” with Meyer, even if misguided, mission accomplished.

Comment 05 Dec 2017

Agreed!  Oklahoma was not the reason we were left out.  A loss to the current No.2 team in week 2 had little bearing on the decision.  The 31 point beatdown  to a team who typically struggles to score 17 is the sole reason!  Even with a loss to OK and let’s say a 3-7 point loss to Iowa they are in.  Bottom line don’t give up 55 to a mediocre team who still runs an offense from 1970 and expect to be given the benefit of the doubt.  Beat USC finish 12-2 B1G champs, another win over ttun and I’d say that’s a pretty damn good year.  Not the playoffs like we hoped but it could be a lot worse.....I’m looking at you Hairbaugh!

Comment 03 Dec 2017

This!!  Look I love the Buckeyes and I’d love to see them get the opportunity but you just can’t lose by 31 to Iowa!  I know that result would never be even close to duplicated if they played that game 10 more times but it happened and can’t be ignored.  We gave up 51 points to a team that week in and week out struggles to break 17.  Then we go out last night and dominate but shoot ourselves in the foot with costly turnovers.  I never was nervous at any point in the game last night but we only won by 6!  That game should’ve been a blowout, then maybe the comittee has something to think about.  Big ten champs and a top teir bowl ahead of us.  Good season and a good lesson for the young bucks, prepare and play each game as if it’s the most important game of the year, cause it is!

Comment 10 Nov 2015

I hear ya buck but I'm just saying unfortunately almost every team we played to this point has ended up sucking minus the MAC schools actually!  Just saying that we have only a slightly better resume to this point than Baylor and look where we are ranked vs them.

Comment 10 Nov 2015

I am thrilled we are at number 3!  Honestly outside of Rutgers and a few other bright spots we really haven't played that great.  Our talent is just so superior that we can still win fairly easily with less than perfect efforts.  After this week, tOSU will be the only team in the top 25 who hasn't played another team in the top 25.  Think about that!!!!  We are currently ranked 3 based on last years result and the committee recognizing the talent and potential of this team.  That will change the last (hopefully) 3 weeks with better competition but right now they are lucky to be where they are in the poll.  Only team who hasn't played a top 25 team that is ranked.