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Comment 13 Jan 2016

I had one of those remote control fart machines. I used to put it up by the tv and anytime someone got out a car, sat up, sat down, used the stairs or just made a face, I'd hit the button.  It was hilarious, even the news would crack me up.  The wife failed to find the humor in it.  

Comment 26 Dec 2015

You can go to a taco truck and get a burrito, not quite as big, almost all meat, much better for less money.  I used to eat a chipotle until I found out how many calories was in on of those things. Over 1000.   Maybe ok for an energetic active young person, but not for a slow, diabetic old fart like me.   Sometimes if the office is ordering out, I'll get the chicken tacos, no rice no beans, and the calorie count drops down into the sanity level.  The wrapper will then be the big count.  

Someday we'll be driving around pointing at old repurposed Chipotle stores like we recognise old Sisters Chicken stores and old old Taco Bell Buildings.  

Comment 23 Dec 2015

FWIW, that film was probably processed at Bennett Labs on Cleveland Ave.  it was a photo lab that processed film for much if not all of Columbus.  I remember hearing People talk about getting the post game films over to Bennetts.  

Just a tid bit. 

Comment 09 Dec 2015

Back when I had a paper route in Jr. High, about 1969, I walked by a bunch of boxes of trash.  It was about 5am so I had no compunction about doing a little digging.  I found a box full of womens underwear!  This was back when a lot of people didnt lock their cars, so I ran far and wide about the neighborhood sticking bras and panties in gloveboxes or under seats.

After I had done this I hid the box of remainders into a nook in the cubby hole for another expedition.  I forgot about that box.

About 6 months later my little brother came down the stairs with that box, walked into the living room and shouted, Look what I found!!!"  I about crapped myself.   So my dad instantly began yelling at me accusing me of putting them on and playing with myself.  I told him no, and gave him the entire story...   He was stunned.  He took them, asked me who I told about this, I sadi no one, and he sadi dont talk about. He threw them away I guess, and never brought that matter up again.   He was probably afaid of getting sued by someone that got divorced over that.

To this day I can imagine some poor guys saying "Honestly Honey, I have no idea how those got there!!!"  

Comment 06 Dec 2015

My desire to see the B10 win the Undisputed NC again overrides my disgust for Cooks ego-centric actions on that stage. 

May Sparty win their next two by last second runs and may Cook be drafted by the Browns and never be heard of again.  

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I always want the Buckeyes to win.  

I used to be one of those guys that wanted TTUN to win until they played us, but Hardballs changed that.  

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I think Fickell wants nothing more than to be rad head tOSU coach (again) but I'm sure knows he'll need to leave to build a resume as HC first somewhere.   I'd expect to see him go to the MAC first, then up a level or so if he can succeed.  

However, if Urban decided he wanted out or whatever, I'd expect Tom Herman to be called upon. 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

If the Buckeyes coaches wake up and smell the coffee, we might win.   The team will realize that this it it: The rival, the last game and a game that can make a difference.  

If the coaches think their game plan was fine and blame it on the players, the weather, the alignment of the stars, whatever...  Then we will lose big to TTUN, with an axe to grind and its maniac coach, who understands this game.