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Comment 05 Aug 2014

I believe he is a part of FBA, they do buckeye songs and perform on and around campus on gamedays. 

Comment 29 Jun 2014
Wouldn't worry too much about the Boykin announcement imo. Cornell & hilliard have talked about playing together. And with the info that cornell hasn't made a return trip to ND and even cancelled one, and possibly turning away full wood because of numbers seems promising. I think hilliard relationship with mcmillan and Damien harris speak volumes too where this is leaning
Comment 23 Jun 2014
If I may add, I think he tweeted that he is ALSO visiting for FNL, not instead of. Huge if true
Comment 12 Jun 2014
Fwiw I do trust the staff. They have their "virtual board" & know who they want and will or will not take if possible. All we can do is look at rankings and perceive. It is confusing though
Comment 12 Jun 2014
I have to agree with 305, they passed on Henderson and barker as well to wait on watson. Both top 10 dual threat guys. Did the same with wimbush.
Comment 12 Jun 2014
Travis waller says he talks to osu coaches(Tom herman) every week, yet no offer. Gibson hasn't talked to osu coaches in "can't remember when". Are they really pursuing another QB? If they are it's clearly NOT Gibson. And he doesn't even have the interest level to visit.
Comment 12 Jun 2014
Thanks for Adding The link. He spent 4 days at Tennessee. Guess columbus was too far for a stop in? It's clear osu is not pursuing him anymore and are not offering waller. If They are happy with burrow, so am I
Comment 11 Jun 2014
Until I start seeing crystal balls Flippin, I'm treating this story like expired milk............I'm not buying it
Comment 08 Jun 2014
I thought that numbers were holding back his offer. With the possibility of hilliard, baker, and SKL. Now that Kilby - lane is out shouldn't this be a no brainer? What are we missing?
Comment 28 May 2014
If he was their #1 choice, it would've been waller getting an offer Tuesday instead of burrow