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Comment 10 Jul 2017

I already told you it's not the deep balls that were the most fascinating & with deep balls as long as you gige your WR a chance and don't over shoot by 5 -10 yards that is all you need , even if it's underthrown you still get pass interference. Think about this we are arguing about his 1st start.

I don't even think it matters which WRs you gave to Braxton or JT . They don't have the passing skillset and they are primarily runners in Urban Meyers system. Braxton never had a 300 yard passing game even against scrubs , JT has had a few and they have been against the BGs , Kent State & MSU . 

People really underestimate CJs NFL talents and the ability to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball. 

Yes Braxton had Micheal Thomas his Sophmore season & they RS Micheal Thomas his junior season . Micheal Thomas flourished with slant passes and curls .. even though I don't think JT is an incredible passer he could hit a decent slant pass which Thomas could take to the house . Braxton couldn't even do that consistently.

Jalin Marshall :- Cardale was the only one that really utilized Jalin Marshall , he was running sweeps and part of the option with JT . No way JT and Braxton throw down the middle of Bama & Oregons defense and they had more games on their Belt .

And Braxton did struggle in every facet of the passing game . He barely even knew what a checkdown was. Go back and read Hermans and Urbans comments on Braxton . They were desperately trying to improve his passing game with fail.

i love Braxton but he was sub 100 passer against any defense that stopped his running abilities and forced him to pass . WRs were never going to flourish with him.

CJ played 3 games and 10 games in total and still had the skillset to be a 4th round NFL draft pick . If Braxton & JT had that same skillset and ability no way they will be coming back as seniors & 5th year seniors with all those games under their belt. 

We should be thankful everything worked out & appreciate that we thankfully had an NFL QB on the bench & his skillset fit perfectly with Zeke Elliott , Devin Smith , JM , MT & we weren't forced to run the read option into Bamas D-line.

Comment 10 Jul 2017

Cardale had more and better deep balls in the Wisconsin game in his 1st start than Braxton had his whole Career of 3 years .

Wisconsin and Bama were Devin Smith's biggest games as a Buckeye think of that 2 games and Braxton had him for 3 years. We are also forgetting these WRs never developed with Brax at QB. But the blame was put on the WRs and these guys are NFL WRs .

I love Braxton , but he struggled in every facet of the passing game reading defenses, pocket presence , delivering from the pocket and was always looking to run the ball to bail him out , his legs were his biggest weapon. If Braxton was even close to Cardale in the passing game he will be in the NFL as a passing QB. 

Comment 09 Jul 2017

Wow, alot of revisionist history here . I guess everyone is enamored with Braxtons running ability and claiming he can hit those Deep Balls to Devin Smith like CJ did , then why didn't he ever do it like the way CJ did in his 3 years of starting ? What gets overlooked by Cardales 3 games is not the Deep balls he was awesome at and his awesome arm strength allowed him to attack the middle of the defense , with those passes to Jalin Marshall & those 18 yard outs to Corey Smith and how good he was on 3rd and long.

Will someone explain to me how we beat Bama with sub 100 yards passing , we are forgetting Braxton got shut down for 2 whole qtrs against MSU the 1st qtr and the 4th qtr and everyone blamed the defense .

The same way Zeke never had those 225+ rushing games with JT running the read option all the time is teams key up on the run and force the QB to beat them with their arm.

I'm happy with the results we got with Cardale a pass 1st QB who can run when needed . The glorification of guys who barely could read defenses and pass the ball and fit the ball into tight windows and make the big time throws when they are never going to play a down in the NFL as QBs is amazing.

You think these Bama NFL D-lines are letting run 1st QBs beat them without the constant threat of passing the ball. 

You guys just watched Deshaun Watson , use his arm and passing to beat Bama .. he wasn't out there trying to get 150 yards on the ground and passing for 100 yards .. it's not going to work . Braxton was never going to turn into a passer , there is a reason he got moved to WR . 

Comment 24 Apr 2014

Ash is not a press coverage guy.. I think we will be 60 % off & 40% press coverage .. Rolling in & out of each other .. 

But Watching Wisky & Arky secondaries .. They were not in press majority of the time

coombs bears some responsibilty also for the CBs sucking .. It wasn't the off coverage that was the problem, Urban had his CBs play off @ Florida also .. It just wasn't being coached right