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Comment 27 Jul 2020

When the Field's transfer was still speculation, I really liked Tate's "Bring it on" attitude....that's what I want from my QB!  I was pretty disappointed that he didn't even TRY to compete....hell, even Joey toughed out Spring ball before he left.  I would have had a lot more respect if he had given a bit more effort; maybe that's why he's not starting again.

Comment 18 Jun 2020


You always have good points.  I would offer that JH has more critics because of a couple additional items>

1) JH gets too emotional and can't follow the game at the moment.  Case in point: he got so upset in 2016 he threw his notes...ONTO THE FIELD!  I know he wasn't aiming there, yet there they landed....along with a yellow flag.  Then, he about wets himself because of the spot (which was good, btw).  Let's face it: we've all seen the big ten refs adding a yard ,or two, or taking yards away on a spot.  ANYTHING close on a 4th down, at the end of a tight game is going to be good. But jimmy gets so upset that he apparently forgets to call a defensive play, giving up 15 yds and a TD to the Brooklyn Dagger.

2) The QB whisperer: hasn't really developed any homegrown kids yet; how many transfers?  Both into and out of the program.  JF's teams at least seem to function with a qb and develop other talent as well.

Comment 10 Jun 2020

First game I took my parents to when I was at tOSU.  I was so pissed when it was 24-0, I was going to leave.  Mom said, "oh stay, they'll make a game of it."  I thought, bull shit.  Mom, you were right! 

That scoreboard used to do "cheer emergency test" : "This is only a test"; "If this were an actual emergency, you would be directed to the nearest cheerleader,"during the first few games.  When it hit 24-0, the scoreboard flashed,"EMERGENCY!"..."THIS IS NOT A TEST!"...
"THIS IS AN ACTUAL CHEERING EMERGENCY!"...then it flashed "cheer"....then "Cheer"....then "CHEER!".  The crowd started to get louder, we scored, Swoope got ejected and the rest is OSU history.

Comment 10 Jun 2020

Wasn't one of Illinois' all american DB's kicked out of that game as well?  Seems to me, he punched at Byars while he was lying in the endzone after his first TD...gosh, they were only leading 24-7; no wonder the rage.  Guess he knew what was coming.