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Comment 27 Nov 2019

Almost had this happen to me last year for the BIG championship. Was going to meet up with a guy in Indy who had tickets. He sent me screenshots of them and everything. I'm a very cautious person and will question the hell out of you to make sure I know I'm not getting scammed. I wanted to meet at the fanfest so I could scan the tickets in to see that they work and he wasn't having it. So I called ticketmaster and gave them one of the codes off the tickets and he said yea, those don't exist. 

People are really good these days with photoshop and such. 

Comment 13 Nov 2019

Yea, if he's signing early it's completely different than not enrolling early. If he signs early it probably betters our chances because Bama and UGA are still going after bigger stars.  Both want Evans and it looks like neither will get him at this moment. When they feel they're officially out both programs will likely turn up the heat on Gibbs. And i wouldn't be surprised to see that happen soon with Evans trending LSU.

The less time the better IMO.


Comment 02 Nov 2019

Was at the Elder/Lasalle game last night and got to watch 3 OSU commits (Jake Seibert, JoeRoyer, Jakob James) and 1 offeree (Jaylen Johnson)
Elder started slow and went into half down 27-6. Came out in the 2nd half and got within 2 but came up short. They Didn't let Lasalle score in the second half. Final was 27-25 and Lasalle wins the GCL. 

1. Going to be a surprise to some, Jake Seibert was the most impressive kid on the field and it was echoed in the stands. He can kick field goals, he punts, and lined up at WR. He even recovered the onside kick (which was a damn good one) to pretty much seal the game.
2. Joe Royer is good. He was pretty much the primary target in the 2nd half and made some big plays. He was a big reason Elder was able to get back in it.  He can definitely go up and get a ball. 
3. Not much on James. OL for elder did well in the 2nd half and they were able to create holes for the QB to run through.
4. Heard Jaylen Johnsons name from the announcer a lot.

Comment 10 Oct 2019

Give me an all gray uni with a pop of scarlet. Believe someone worked them up on here before and I thought they were fire.

Comment 19 Sep 2019

These are my thoughts as well. At first I could stand him bu after a few years he's gotten progressively worse. He blows his load on small plays. Then a big play happens and he just starts screaming. 

Comment 08 Aug 2019

So because an "insider" says the schools to watch are OSU and USC, that means another school can't just sneak in? All it takes is communication and a visit. 

You know what insiders also said? Bijan was coming to OSU, because he was. What happened? He went to Texas. 

Urban said it best, a commitment means you made the kids top 3.

Anything can happen in recruiting.

Comment 07 Aug 2019
Not sure how you can hes not going to flip when hes taking all his officials. If he wasnt taking officials I'd agree with you.
Comment 07 Aug 2019

Going to start this thread with Elias Ricks. Thanks to someone in another recruiting thread I started following that Recruitology IG account. The account posted that Dawgnation thinks they have a shot to flip Ricks. Milton is apparently working him hard and traction is gaining, apparently.

Comment 28 Jul 2019
When Nevada gives the ==== sign it means that the recruit told the staff he was in. Things do change though. He gave the ==== on Jackson Carman and he went elsewhere.
Comment 24 Jul 2019

I'm gonna go with Jordan Burch. Not committed and most likely staying in the South Carolina. Also a name OSU hasn't really been associated with.

Comment 17 Jul 2019

Notre Dame being undefeated last year was a real killer to our chances at the playoff. Luckily this year they will play UGA at UGA and I think they will lose that game. If they end up beating UGA, us OSU fans should be rooting t for UM against them this year as well because them losing that game last year kills ND's playoff.

Ultimately, don't get blasted on the road by an unranked team by 30+ points two years in a row.
The games I think we can potentially lose would be at Nebraska and at NW.
Nebraska's QB Martinez is pretty good. Scott Frost is in year two and he knows offense. This game will most likely be a night game and we'll definitely get Nebraska's best. I still think Frost is a year or two away but this game scares me.
Most people forget that NW gained Clemson transfer QB and former 5* Hunter Johnson. Never discount a Pat Fitzgerald team especially when it's a Friday night game.
If we lose close to either one I think we'd be fine, especially if they end up in the BIG10 championship game.

Looking at other teams who have been consistently in the playoff discussion, OU has a pretty favorable schedule. They play at Texas which could be the only real challenge. OU will have Jalen Hurts most likely starting and while he was a winner at Bama, I'm not sure what he will be like at OU.

UGA is always a threat. I think they do have little tougher of a schedule this year than previous years. Florida has shown improvement. I think Texas AM will be better and UGA  plays Auburn at Auburn. I can see them losing one of those plus the SEC champ game against Alabama. 

Clemson and Bama- LOL at the schedules.  Neither team should lose. Bamas toughest test is LSU at home and both teams have byes before they play. Clemsons toughest test is Texas AM. 
I will say if Lawrence goes down for Clemson they could be in trouble. OSU could be in the same boat if we lose Fields.

If you want to root for one out of conference team this year, root for Texas AM. They play UGA, Bama, and Clemson. 

Comment 10 Jul 2019

Christopher Nee (FSU 247 insider) with the spear to the FSU fanbase. CB for Knighton to THE Ohio State University.

I kind of feel bad for FSU fans. It could be that I like FSU but damn they really messed up hiring Taggart. 

Comment 05 Jul 2019

Little info on Ricks from Givler:
He should know where he's playing high school football by mid this month. Givler thinks it will be IMG Academy (hello ace recruiter Lejond)  
Also said a lot of misinformation and "half truths" going around about Ricks.

Nothing earth shattering but if he does end up at IMG I would assume this recruitment gets interesting.