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Comment 30 Dec 2017
The sad thing is that every other year the media touts bowl records and uses them to rationalize their SEC boner, yet now that the BIG may go undefeated and the SEC hopefully gets crushed in the rest of their bowl games (I genuinely think UGA & Bama will get boatraced), bowl games are meaningless.
Comment 08 Dec 2017
Agreed about committees comments. Disappointed they claimed there was little separation only to get ratings for the selection show. If the 31 point loss couldn't be overcome just flat out say it instead of drumming up ratings for SECPN
Comment 03 Dec 2017
I'm not confident at all anymore that we get in. Worst part is my flight will be leaving right about when it will be announced so I won't know until I land. Oh well. Go Bucks!
Comment 29 Nov 2017
I do think that the chairman's comments about 5-8 being all very similar means we can jump Bama if we look good in a win. Not blow out, just look good. I say this only because with the 31 point loss, they're already saying there's little separation. I'd imagine a conference championship and record vs top 15 (not bottom of top 25) would be their justification for the jump. Not saying we will or should, just my thoughts on what may play out. The biggest loss here for everyone is if Bama gets in (their fans will be even more insufferable than they already are).
Comment 24 Nov 2017
I think the idea was if they beat Pitt, we'd want them to beat Clemson. If they lost to Pitt, it doesn't matter what happens in ACC cause the loser won't be getting in.
Comment 31 Oct 2017
Does anyone remember watching the UGA vs Notre Dame game? I vaguely recall it being an ugly game between the two with UGA just doing enough to win. I only bring it up because, even though they both look significantly better now, why is so much stock being put in that game when it wasn't well played on either side?
Comment 28 Oct 2017
What did happen to Campbell? Did he get hurt after that fumble?
Comment 25 Oct 2015
I don't think Clemson will lose a game and as FSU showed last year an undefeated power 5 is in. Stanford looks like they'll run over the rest of the Pac. I think the SEC only gets in if it's an undefeated LSU or 1 loss Florida. Bama has not been nearly as dominant or consistent as previous years and will lose their only remaining game (LSU). Bucks are clicking at the right time and will have the team continuing to improve throughout the remainder of the year. I think the Big 12 with Baylors QB out for an extended period of time will cannibalize themselves and be left out. OSU 13-0 LSU 13-0 Clemson 13-0 Stanford 12-1
Comment 18 Nov 2011

ha thanks for that, i just read it again and got it.  Meyer to the buckeyes seems like one of the best possible scenarios for the head coaching dilemma, I do like the idea of keeping fickell as a coach in waiting type of deal.  There's no way he would leave that position like Muschamp did