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Comment 25 Jun 2012

Wow, phenomenal work.  An educator of men through both action and inaction, powerful words there.


You made me reevaluate my whole take on this.  I respect Joe Pa, and I think that he was an otherwise great and giving man.  I do not think that this terrible incident is indicative of a deeper immoral character flaw.  I am sure every fiber of his being did not want to believe the story that Mcqueary admits he watered down to him.  I'm sure that when the chain of command dropped the ball, he was happy to take that information at face value and did not want to push to make sure a thorough investigation was done, because that would have been painful, ugly, and a harpoon in a close friend, coworker, and mentee's back.  It was much easier to accept having done the superficial job of passing along the information, than the ethical imperative of digging for truth. That said it was the right thing to do.


What scares me most about this scenario, is that I'm fairly sure I would have done the same thing.  I consider protecting my close friends and family as an important part of who I am.  I am afraid I would have fallen victim to the same blinders and biases as Joe Pa, which saddens and disgusts me.  If an otherwise great man can fail in such a terrible, yet incredibly high stakes fashion, I think it is hubristic to imagine ourselves stronger.  Maybe I am alone in this.  Maybe other people who read this would have been more inclined to lead a witch hunt (or in this case, pervert hunt), against a close friend whom you otherwise respect to chase terrible, but unfortunately true, accusations. Indeed, today I have been educated through his inaction.  Today, I am filled with sadness, but from it I hope to become a better person.  


Thanks for the thought provoking article, you guys do phenomenal work.  On a side note, when listening to Mark Cuban blast Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith, all I could think of is the real sports journalism that happens in the blogosphere, of which this site is a venerable example.  One day I will be employed, and you can expect my donation + arrears to your staff reporter fund shortly after that glorious day.


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