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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Kerry Coombs smacking my ass and telling me "GREAT TACKLE SON" when I leveled one of his Colerain Cardinal running backs during my football days at Fairfield High School. Coach Coombs then proceeded to grab his running back by the facemask and scream at him that if he doesn't run through my sorry excuse for a tackle next time he'd be handing out water bottles to the JV Girls Chess Team for the rest of the season.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Willie Buckets, Mark The Shark Titus, & 3-Bler
  • NFL TEAM: Who Dat Say They Gon Beat Dem SAINTS!

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Comment 12 Feb 2014

Everyone whose hating on SuperFans who dress up (sans the aforementioned trio of Columbus' Irritatia) are probably the same fans who complain about true fans STANDING and CHEERING during football games at The Shoe. If you wanted to sit down and watch the game in peace and quiet without rabid fans, you should have kept your butt at HOME on the couch.

I happen to be the SuperFan in the image headlining this article and unfortunately Johnny left out details on my subspecies:

Cajunus Buckimus - A rare breed found only in the swamps of New Orleans. We are brave and bold and in the fall we congregate 100 strong at Mid-City Yacht Club to cheer on our Buckeyes in the heart of SEC territory. We left bland and boring behind in Ohio and carry ourselves with true style and panache down in the Bayou. Win or lose, we join arms to Carmen Ohio and then we drink Abita to old Ohio till we wobble in our shoes! Please do not confuse our "Loud Colors" with Columbus Irritatia.