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Comment 17 Jun 2016
I remember when Alex left and my severe disappointment thinking he was irreplaceable. While a frequent reader it's probably almost been that long since I've logged on and posted. Just want to say thank you for your great contributions and strict professionalism. You have given us amazing work and I believe a small piece of your heart. You didn't attempt to fill any shoes; you straight up slayed it the last few years. The bar has been set even higher. All I can say is thank you and good luck.
Comment 08 Mar 2013

Amazing work. Never upvoted a thread so much before.

Comment 01 Mar 2013

I couldn't have possibly imagined that those uniforms were gonna be that bad. Early 90s throw back? or is that real.

Comment 13 Feb 2013

Just like to say thanks for answering all the questions. Great responses. Get tired of hearing the one line predictable answers. Welcome!, can't wait to see you start competing for and winning those championships.

Comment 10 Oct 2012
Being a lions fan is secondary to ohio state, well as is evrything i guess. On madden i would always trade away the team and bring in all ohio state players. He was always one of my first grabs. Cant teach speed. Was a big fan.
Comment 24 Sep 2012
Have been a member since tbis site was first created. Dont comment much on here cuz no matter what is said someone will tell you you are wrong and certainly why you are wrong. I feel there wont be to much of an honor system w this and will in fact be worse w the voting. I guess ill still stick to the shadows and continue to enjoy all the amazing free articles put out by 11w staff.
Comment 04 Jun 2012

^This. Honorable mention is deserved.


Ok, so terrible with computers. If someone wants to fix that the right way feel free. Always a great watch.


Comment 28 May 2012

No Katzenmoyer no legit Mt. Buckmore. Funny how things change over the years. (Most likely its my memory) But if Vrabel didn't have an outstanding NFL career would he be on there today? Granted I was young and just started my love obsession with tOSU but what I remember from watching those games was Finkes getting all the love from the announcers and what nots.

Also, have we forgoten what sacred number the Big Kat wore in scarlet. Can't measure that holy stat.

I'll give you this is probably the hardest decade to decide, however, my heart is soft for Kat. If it wasn't for him I just might be a Michigan fan. When kids are young they either try to emulate their fathers or be better. I chose the latter when I was child and so Michigan was my team. When I started getting older though and actually appreciated the game (7th grade, and 1st year of playing football myself) Katzenmoyer showed up at Ohio State. Anyways long story short. I was in sheer awe of the way he played the game and would try to play just like him. Simply put its how I became a buckeye fan and he pretty much started this sick obsession. As much as I love him, don't think Vrabel ever had that kind of impact on any fan. Just those intangebles that can't be measured. Just saying. O-freakin-H

Comment 01 Nov 2011

Perfect, back to the good ole days when The Game actually ment something and more often then not determined the confrence winner.

Comment 31 Aug 2010

I dig them, there is nothing I don't love about them. Love the story that goes along with it other than hey this looks cool, buy this different jersey.