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Comment 07 Dec 2018

 Put together my own list prior to reading this article and the only game on my list not on your list is Michigan 2015.  I didn’t have 2012 Wisconsin although that is quite worthy. I chose Michigan 2015 just because finishing that season with a beat down of horrible Harbaugh was very gratifying.

 I had a little different order than yours but all of my top five are within  your top seven and the only significant difference is I put Oklahoma 2016 at five strictly because that was the seasons best win in all of college football and is what held sway at the end for our CFB Playoff berth.

We matched perfectly at numbers 1,2 and 8     

Pretty good I thought!!!

Comment 02 Dec 2018

My comment does not imply my wish, nor my belief about what is right, it is simply what I think the committee will do.  I will vehemently disagree with the choices if Im correct but my gut is feeling a 2 SEC team and rebuff of ND.

The rebuff  of ND will simply pacify those who would rightly see a 4 team playoff ignoring champs from 3 of the 5 major conferences as a sham.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

Time to pull for UGA.   Just want to see Alabama beaten

Last weekend was glorious, tonight will be underwhelming and New Years will feel hollow but overall a great season

Comment 02 Nov 2018


281 passing

181 rushing

Bucks win 38-35 and keep their streak alive of never losing a game when  they score more than 35

points.  The only division 1 team that can make that claim!

Comment 29 Oct 2018

Picking today the answer would be ...... I doubt it.  Too many holes in this team.  Our one strength is actually where Michigan might be best.

 The streak has to end eventually.   I didn’t think it would be this year in September but October has given me great pause to believe in the Bucks..

Just sayin

Comment 28 Oct 2018

I’m finding the nearest sports book and taking the 22.5 for 500$ .   That’s the easiest money to make this year.  Bovada  gives you 50% of first bet but they only do bitcoin or credit card. I don’t want to give my CC info to any gambling ring.  Gotta find one that does PayPal if there is one.   Anyone know?

Comment 28 Oct 2018

We’re still Ohio St?   What does that mean?   There have been plenty of 9-3 seasons in Columbus.

Not under Meyer  but do you really think this is the same Urban Meyer from 12-16.?   Something happened around that 31-0 beat down that changed his whole demeanor.   He doesn’t prowl the sidelines anymore, he sort of wanders and looks exasperated a lot

During Ga/Fla yesterday they showed an old clip from a Ga Fla game and I asked my wife “ Where the hell is THAT Urban Meyer, cuz he ain’t in Columbus “

i get that people don’t like to hear doom and gloom  and I am a bruised Ohio sports fan waiting for sky to fall ........ mostly cuz it does.  The only two fan bases who can’t feel this way for now are Clemson’s and Bamas   

I have been very bullish on OSU since about 2002 but the last couple years something is off.  I hope Meyer will take care of it but not sure he wants to

Comment 28 Oct 2018

So "backbone" means to just believe the Bucks will turn things around?  I did predict they would win this week!   Sparty and Blue will likely take care of us in ugly fashion (not high scoring just ugly ass football)  

I hope they prove me wrongbut Ive seen nor heard nothing this week that gives me reason to believe.  We  just aren't tough. 

Ill give you an over under of 3.5 for the number of 30+ yd plays  the Cornhuskers get and tell me what your going to take. I'm taking the over and one will be on their first drive.  Book it!    

Comment 28 Oct 2018

I'm going to make an early call on the Nebraska game.   Dont feel great about it but I think we manage a win in a high scoring affair 38-35.  None of us will feel better about the Bucks Sunday morning Im afraid.  While we will run the ball better I think the defense will continue to disappoint.

Im resigned to a 9-3 season with a Florida bowl appearance against a Kentucky,  Florida or A&M.   Very disappointing season all through the B1G.  No one has lived up to their preseason status yet.  Michigan is the only one with a chance.

The big question is what will all this mean for Meyer?  Im of the belief he has lost his fire and will take an earlier than expected exit.  I have heard he has some headache issues (lots of room for sarcastic humor here but I wont go there) and some speculations Ive seen about the sources of them mean significant health issues.  If true he needs to get the heck out of this high stress job and take care of himself.  The Buckeyes will be okay without him.  We'll get back to owning  Michigan after this season.

Comment 11 Sep 2017

I think the people wondering what is wrong with Meyer and talking about his insistence on running the system he has always run forget that Saban is exactly the same way.  The power spread works, there is no reason to change that. DCs haven't figured out anything new. The way to stop the offense has always been there but we now dont have the personnel edge at the crucial positions to make them pay.  

Why has Saban stayed so consistent?  He has a recruiting system no one can match.  What Meyer has gotten the last 2 years Saban has had for 12.  80% of Sabans roster is 4 star or above.  The next closest is Meyer at like 58%.  The difference between 1st and 2nd place is greater than the difference between 2nd and probably  7th or 8th.  I believe LSU and FSU were the only other schools over 50% over all.  Clemson and Michigan are close to 50% now due to the last 2-3 years and Georgia is close too. 

Comment 11 Sep 2017

Meyer didn't stop being Meyer, he's always been this kind of coach.  He is Tressel from the spread with an H back instead of fullback.   

He is loyal to a fault and has a very small circle of trust.  He loves JT ( I do too) because he is a gamer and puts it ALL out there for his team.  It will take more than the last two games to get rid of JT but he might let Wilson take more role in game planning/play calling.  Im afraid that is  best we can hope for

Comment 08 May 2017

Agreed, 16 is too many.

I had a way to get 8 teams and preserve the function of the conference championship games.  I say preserve the function because its about getting money to the host sites/conferences not determining a champion.  

If we roll the Power 5 into 4 Super conferences with two division winners we get the eight qualifiers.  Now we just have to preserve the sites and fan interest at the site.  I say do it by letting each host site choose one team from its area to be the host team, then there is a rotation from highest seed to lowest seed to determine choice of opponent.

Seems to me the conference that gets rolled into other conferences is the Big 12 and we see 4 super conferences of 16 teams

Comment 20 Jan 2017

Mo was the most ready to play the tailback position from day one of ANY of the guys mentioned.  He had Zekes ability and willingness to pick up blitzes, he had power and strength to run between the tackles and he knew how to bounce it outside with outstanding vision.  He was a lot faster than he is credited with being.  His game speed was right there. He had all this at 19 years old.    He was a man amongst boys

Boy I wish we could have seen one more year of Clarett

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Yeah but Clemson had their greatest QB ever as well and he is better.  Sometimes that happens.

Clemson had the great confluence this year of timely good fortune (NC St), a motivated team  and talent that wont be replicated soon (Watson). When you get that you got a chance to win it all.

Comment 04 Jan 2017

Here is my take;

The main complaint about Wilson seems to be that he pushed players with concussions to continue to play.  At Indiana, losing a starter was a big deal, there was a large drop off between first and second stringers, so the pressure to keep certain guys in there would be great. Here the next piece is pretty much the same level of talent so I imagine there wont be as much pressure.  Plus, Im sure there is a concussion protocol that is under control of training staff and not influenced by coaches desires.  Once the staff says "no play" that is the final word. Im sure Meyer will make that clear.

Im excited about the hire

Comment 02 Jan 2017

A little explanation of my comment above may be in order:

I used statistical balance to mean an obsession with having the same yards passing as rushing.  We dont need statistical balance just a balance of capabilities. 

I feel we need to be a run first team and only pass when someone shows capable of stopping the run.  We dont need 250 yds rushing and 200 passing to be "balanced".  The presence of a true deep guy, whether he is used once or five times, is all that is needed to hold safeties off the line of scrimmage. It seems to me that many, Meyer included, look at our passing  and shoot for some numerical equivalence as evidence of balance.  A 300 rushing 150 passing can be balanced if all facets of the passing game (flats, middle of field and deep zones) are respected by the defense.