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Comment 14 Jan 2020

And Miami won their first three titles on their home field.

How many of those near misses (1971, 1973,1975,76,80, 2006,07)might we have won if the game was on our home field?

Getting championship games in your home stadium, regardless of the ticket splits, is a huuuuuuge advantage that isn’t given enough discussion. 

Comment 11 Jan 2020

Think about this;

If Indiana had shot 35% during their first half drought and made 65% of their free throws for the game we would have lost by 25.

We got boat raced today in a game where our “glue guy” returned, our team was coming off 3 straight sub par performances and we proceeded to actually regress.  Nothing about today’s game was improved over the average performance of the last 3 games 

Comment 11 Jan 2020

I hate to say it but I really do wonder if Holtmann is up to this gig.  I was so high on him but he really has no clue how to get these guys to play effective offense.

Four games in row and can’t break 60 points? We never get a good shot on offense from two point range.  Occasionally a nice open three but we are always throwing something up inside the arc that looks like it has little chance to fall. I don’t get this at all.   Coaching is absolutely the only solution.  There is no overall concept on offensive end, no sense that the guys know what will be successful against whatever the defense is doing.  Additionally, these constant high ball screens and weaving out top aren’t creating any space to get in the lane.  SMFingH

Comment 11 Jan 2020

After that game in Glendale I was so pumped to have the BBall team to watch.  They have essentially pullled the equivalent of 4 straight 2016 OSU/Clemson games  since then.  Absolutely nothing to ease the pain from this  BBall team. They are making it worse in fact

Right now I hate this BBall team because they are doing this to themselves.  They are not being outplayed they are simply bad

Comment 11 Jan 2020

We defend ourselves by having terrible spacing poor passing and picking up dribbles at worst possible time

Im beginning to think that maybe....just maybe... Holtmann has no clue how to coach offensive side of the court.  Great effort and defense coach but offensively challenged

Comment 11 Jan 2020

Good half?  Indiana did not make a FG for the final 10 minutes.  

Think about that....your opponent doesn’t make a FG for 10 minutes  and are shooting close to 50% from the free throw line and you only lead by 3.   We should be up 15..... at worst.  We are simply the beneficiary of IU sucking worse.  Absolutely nothing to feel good about from this team right now

Comment 11 Jan 2020

Beating Kentucky two weeks ago and now can’t beat our own second string.   The most precipitous fall I’ve ever witnessed.  Nothing to do with Kyle Young’s absence.  These guys are just terrible offensive players. Terrible 


Comment 11 Jan 2020

I am really getting sick of seeing guys dribble towards each other out top and hand balls off or make a 12 ft pass.  Terrible spacing and crappy passing   We need to learn a new offense cuz this one sucks

Comment 11 Jan 2020

We are in big trouble today. Indiana is having their best shooting day of season and Kaleb can’t finish shit.  Weakest inside moves of any 6’9” 260lb I’ve ever seen

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Personally I’d prefer not getting my heart ripped out in the finals by Clemson given a choice. If we can’t get by them in the semis we obviously aren’t the best.

i without a doubt feel like this team can play with anyone  due to Fields ability to extend plays and our D but this Clemson  team is uber talented and uber confident.  No ones beaten them in a couple years.  
We will have to play unbelievably hard and well for 60 minutes.  I’m not worried that we won’t play hard enough.  Game will come down to 2 or 3 key plays and our guys are going to have to win those few  key 1 on 1 battles

Comment 08 Dec 2019

I’m coming around to the idea that playing Clemson with three weeks to prepare is probably better for us.

I don’t think Dabo Swinney can go three weeks without saying something that’s disparaging to Midwest football.  Clemson deep down has no respect for us, they think they’re just gonna roll,  that we can’t match them physically.  Let’s go ahead and get them out-of-the-way first.

Comment 03 Dec 2019

Rkylet83 you are right about LSU/Ga being a straight up fight.   Many times though the game ends up being one sided.   They have met 3 previous times in SECCG I think and none have been closer than 20 points IIRC.  They have played some good ones outside of SECCG though.

I just have a sneaking suspicion LSU is going to struggle to score this weekend 

Comment 03 Dec 2019

Not crazy at all

Georgia will keep LSU under 20 points I believe.  They have the defensive talent and Kirby has the ability to scheme .  They can frustrate Burrow I think.  
I’ve been calling UGA 17-13 .    Georgia’s weak offense will have more relative success against LSUs defense than LSUs strong offense will have against UGAs strong defense

Fromm has been very disappointing this year,  he is due to get back to his Freshman form.  He has the ability

Comment 27 Nov 2019

We never have a right to be arrogant.   We do have a good reason to be extremely confident that our team will perform at a high level.  Past performances matter a lot,  unlike with investing, and our track record in big games, specifically THE game, speaks for itself.

That being said, teams lose to teams they shouldn’t every week of the season.  I’ve watched too many OSU games in my 60 yrs on this planet to not be just a liiiiiiiiitle wary of Saturday’s game.

We are better but they can beat us.

Comment 18 Nov 2019

You can’t take away a victory against OU by claiming OU gave it away and in the next breath discredit them for giving away 2 games against Bama.  Either it’s about winning or it’s not.

My point is this, as a die hard OSU fan, I think if we had played UGA every year since 2000, alternating home and home like a conference opponent, it would likely be 10-9 or 11-8 one way or another with very few blowouts. Yes we’ve sealed the deal twice (and went down hard twice) and they didn’t the only chance they had but that’s the main difference. There is no Big Ten team that has an 8-11 record against us since 2000. 

No they haven’t capitalized on the opportunities they’ve had but it is a little tougher slog in the SEC. 
I’m no SEC homer by any stretch but you cant deny the depth of their conference most years.

I don’t think the gap is as large as the ESPN talking heads like to make it out to be but there is a gap.

We would not have the same number of SEC titles since 2002 as we do Big Ten titles and I think most OSU fans know it.

I have no problem with UGA being thought of as a top tier program.  Obviously lots of high school kids think they are.

Comment 18 Nov 2019

I disagree about Georgia FeedZeke.

They have managed to lose a few head scratchers over the years, but as a Buckeye fan I can’t hold that against them (Illinois 2007, Purdue mult times, Iowa, Sparty to name the most obvious).  And if you look at their last 3 games vs Bama in post season 2012 SECCG, 2017 NCG, 2018 SECCG they have gone toe to toe with Bama.  They do not fear, nor should they, Bama.  

They have always recruited extremely well especially RB, QB, DL  and TE (not TE so much lately). Their great teams in last 25 years have been unlucky to be great when Florida was humming with Meyer or Bama with Saban    Richt had a couple teams right there.  If they don’t lose to Fla in 2002 it’s them against Miami and 13-0 Ohio St goes to Pasadena.  

UGA by far is best program not to win a NC in last 25 years.  They will get one soon too. Just hope it’s not this year