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Comment 26 Sep 2018

I just read Urban Meyer's New Normal on ESPN and the only thing I could think of to resolve this issue is to kick ass and completely demoralize the opposing team and fans. Problem solved. 

Comment 05 Sep 2018

At least Bill Davis has a strong family life. We do not need another social issue in the national press. As far as coaching, lets hope Meyer doesn't let friendship become an influence in his actions and makes the appropriate decisions when / if required.  I think this is one thing that Meyer has recently become extremely aware of. 

Comment 25 Aug 2018

I did not know that there were so many perfect people in this world that never made a mistake. Saying that Meyer doesn't get it is like saying his words do not matter. I guess your ability to translate his words into his thoughts and beliefs is beyond my capability. I am truly amazed at your ability without bias. 

Comment 25 Aug 2018

Wish I had the means but I would be giving out T Shirts that said: "I BELIEVE URBAN"  on the front and "I SUPPORT MEYER" on the back with no Ohio State Logo on it.  I would give them out at the next three football games showing the media such as ESPN and McMurphy that their comments have little impact. That would be the best statement against this bias.  I also realize many of you would probably disagree because it would give the impression that domestic violence is not that important. My only point is that media translates supporting Zack as if Meyer does not care about domestic violence no matter what the police did or what the committee decides as the appropriate actions.  

Comment 24 Aug 2018

If I was Gene Smith and Meyer I would make damn sure the President knows about all the possible future situations that Smith or Meyer may get involved with that could be translated into a University problem? Instead of backing Smith and Meyer's decisions, apparently Smith and Meyer  were used as the escape goats for the University because the powerful media jumped to conclusions. 

Comment 20 Aug 2018

This is what worries me. A news writer appears to have easily dug up more details about a coach than the University did. Plus the decision made in 2015 looks worse today because of the recent information reported. That doesn't give a good perception in the media on the University and the Board and President know this. That is why I am concerned about Meyer's future.

Maybe part of the blame should be on our local press for the lack of investigating these issue. 

Comment 20 Aug 2018

I would find it extremely difficult to believe that Meyer would coverup domestic violence. I do find it possible that Meyer would believe Zack even if Zack lied. If Meyer reported this to the next level, then Meyer should be coaching next week unless both Meyer and Smith are fired based on their decision in 2015.

Does anyone know if there are people on the staff that monitor the coaches or only what the players are doing. If not, I could see enhanced monitoring of the coaches and their personal behavior confidentiality be damn. The problem is that a news writer appears to have easily dug up more details about a coach than the University did. That doesn't give a good perception in the media on the University and the Board and President knows this. That is why I am concerned about Meyer's future. 

Comment 06 Aug 2018

Thanks Eleven Warriors for all your accurate reporting on this situation.

I wish the ESPN and others had the same approach to this situation but there purpose is not to gather the facts but only to sell their stories. I hope someone will post on the different medias all their comments with captions of the action truth showing. Many commenters made their bias opinions known the first day the story broke without taking the time to gather the facts in the case. 


Comment 05 Aug 2018

I am not even looking at his record when I say he should stay. Tell me where you can find a better Ohio person to run this show. Yes he may have told a lie to the press, but this man has been one of the best to help young men making good decisions in their lives. It appears his weakness is giving people a chance to improve themselves. I do not know how many perfect people are out there in this world but apparently they are ALL SPORTS WRITERS.

Comment 04 Aug 2018

Is there really anything that Meyer could have said at the Big Ten Meeting that would have prevented this situation? If he indicated that an investigation in 2015 revealed that no domestic violence could be proven (which I believe this is what actually occurred since no charges were filed), the press would still have the same reaction after talking to Smith's ex-wife that Meyer knew what was happening. If lying to the press gets Meyer fired, I will be extremely disappointed in Ohio State.