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I'm a moderately cool guy born in Columbus, OH. Moved around to Steubenville, Pittsburgh, & Atlanta while growing up before coming home. Graduated from The Art Institutes via Cincinnati - Currently studying Psychology at The Ohio State University. Man of God, Family, & Friends and of course, a passionate Buckeye.


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Comment 16 Jul 2017

I don't think these are so much Buckeye commits dropping as it is other recruits rising up. It just seems like minor adjustments because of that given they're all about 2 spots on average. Chatfield's is probably the only legit drop due to his size and struggling with bigger, stronger OL, but that' somewhat understable, especially when OSU is recruiting him to be more of edge rushing LB type.

Comment 11 Jul 2017

Here's the job's description FWIW:

"...assist coaches in identifying potential student-athletes and serve as on-campus host. Develop, implement, direct and monitor effective student mentoring program. Coordinate and direct the Life Skills outreach program in the community. Work closely with assistant coaches, helping to manage and oversee many of their off-the-court responsibilities and assisting in community service efforts. Serve as liaison to all current men’s basketball student-athletes and incoming recruits."

Comment 05 Jul 2017

I also think it's generally overlooked that while Ohioans do have a special connection to Ohio, it never leaves us and it's generational. The posters on this board are evident of that. With that being said, Ohio State isn't just ours any more, it has been a national brand at the forefront of academia and athletics heading into this decade.

So the idea that kids who may be elite targets from Florida, Texas, Georgia,  California, etc. couldn't have the same love for the Buckeyes, living and dying with us every Saturday watching the Scarlet and Gray is moot, IMO. You don't have to be from here to share the love or dream of coming here and playing your heart out. 

Comment 02 Jul 2017

Nah, I'm just optimistic. I know it's not very likely, but if Bama can win back to back with historic recruiting classes, I'd like to think with the talent brought in these last few cycles is as good as anyone in the country.

I feel like we've had a championship level defense for the last 3 seasons, but the offense hasn't been up to par...I firmly believe  Wilson's offense will be even better than Tom Herman's. 

Considering how these guys have developed and the depth of talent coming in, I certainly don't think 2 or 3 in the next 5 years isn't within reach. If anyone can take the mantle from Bama, it's Urban and this coaching staff. I just got a feeling...

Then again, people thought I was a homer when I said J.T. would compete for a Heisman his freshman season too.  ;)

Comment 01 Jul 2017

I'd agree. I not only believe Ohio State will win 2 or 3 of the next five championships, but I also believe Urban will lead the first ever undefeated CFP season as well. By the time the 2016 class are juniors that team should be ridiculous with the #Select17 getting this year under their belts and the #Supreme18 coming into their freshman season.

I'm confident that with what we've had on defense will carryover from last season, especially with the stability in the front 7 and the talent in the secondary, but Kevin Wilson is going to have this offense humming and we could win one this year and then Burrow takes over then Haskins, and we could be primed for a repeat, and dare I say it, a three-peat title run!

Comment 28 Jun 2017
Definitely a capable solid team defender. You can't play lazy around him or he will pick your pocket or even block your shot. Other underrated aspects about Dane are his ability to finish through contact, post game, and ball movement. He's just the kind of player that would fit in the style of ball that Holtmann wants to implement.
Comment 26 Jun 2017

Let's not start that #TeamJT vs. the QB room debate up again. I argued a lot in favor of him, because I saw the offense as a whole as bad; regression due to poor coaching and misses in recruiting. We saw what this team could do with balance and creative play-calling. There's no question in my mind that J.T. has the talent and the work ethic to take to that coaching and efficiently run that offense, maybe even DeShaun Watson-esq numbers, but I expect to see a very different offense this year. 

Comment 23 Jun 2017

I still don't think LeBron leaves. Like yea, they strike out on Butler, but PG is definitely still in play and I like a lot of the other things I've been hearing regarding Cleveland trades and moves. I've seen them talk about getting Beverly and Lou Williams for Shump and some other guy's rights which would be an upgrade at the PG and adds instant offense to the bench in Lou Williams. Talking about getting a 3rd team like the 76ers involved for PG incase they want to add picks to the deal. And then there's the potential trades or (more likely) buyouts of Carmelo Anthony and DWade. 

It might be sound like a pipe dream, but even Brian Windhorst said there's a way to have a lineup with Kyrie, Wade, George, Melo,  and LeBron with Beverly, Lou, Thompson, Williams, RJ, Frye... that's a pretty solid playoff roster right there.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

It seems like it's the natural thing to do. You don't get offers from Notre Dame and Villanova if you're a scrub. Sorry, Dane is good and doesn't get enough credit for his versatility. It's not really fair to just say the dude is a sharpshooter and not give him credit for his post game. All great or good two guards have some sort of post game: Jordan, Kobe, Wade, Butler, Carter, McGrady, Thompson, Manu, etc. That's an asset when you have a guard who can orchestrate in the paint, draw contact on post moves, get to the line and knock them down at a high clip. And for those who mentioned Cohill:


Comment 21 Jun 2017

Please watch 13th on Netflix or learn about the reconstruction period, the black codes, the low interest government loans that were denied to blacks, redlining, gentrification, COINTELPRO, the Tulsa, OK terrorism (Black Wall Street), Rosewood, etc. employment discrimination, the FBI warnings of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement, Anonymous hacktivist group's #OpKKK finding police officers with these affiliations.

The government has OPENLY engaged in institutions and policies that have negatively affected our communities and families. I didn't even mention the so called War of Poverty and the War on Drugs and Clinton's 3 strike rule. "Black on Black crime" is largely a media myth. 

Comment 19 Jun 2017

I told people this would be likely! Paul George and Jimmy the Cavs. I guess Chicago is going the rebuilding route after all. Butler said he'd most like to play with Kyrie Irving before...and if the Cavs can swing this trade and then make a play for George straight up for Love or with maybe some other assets they get (draft picks) You could see a team of Kyrie, Butler, LeBron, and George as a core... heading up against those Warriors...3 of them elite 2 way defenders...and can each go for 20+ any given night.

Comment 19 Jun 2017

I just hope this is a sign of things to come come in recruiting. I would love for Holtmann & Co. to be able to lock up Ohio and pluck all the best players from the state on a regular basis and lure in national guys too much like Urban does with the football team. We could easily see the Buckeyes become a Basketball school too in short order!

Comment 19 Jun 2017

Just recently there was a beast of running back who had similar measurables as this kid. A guy by the name of LaDainian Tomlinson. That's who this kid's tape reminds me of and he was only 5' 10"!!!

Comment 17 Jun 2017

I'm not sure where I hope he sticks! I mean on one end, if he stays at guard or center, we're talking about a line that could feature him, Carmen, Wyatt, Jones, Myers, and Munford/Wray on it and we're not even done yet. That's a sick line full of nasty guys who dominate and get to the second level with ease. 

On the other hand, he would be a true 1-tech with that kinda size and strength, constantly 2-gaping and drawing double teams and would allow guys like Garrett and Vincent to go one on one as penetrating 3-tech's with their quickness.

Perfect situation for the Buckeyes to have.

Comment 15 Jun 2017

4 months from Basketball season and I gotta say I like their chances to compete. Yea, some inconsistent guys are gone, but I truly believe that Holtmann's style of offense and hard nosed defense is going to benefit the team. I've never liked the structured offenses that Thad ran and I thought it constricted the players too much, but we'll see what happens.

Ben Victor and Marcus Baugh should be huge in the red zone with Wilson's offense. (I can't wait to see us gash teams with tunnel screens to the TE for huge gains.) Gotta love the reports that J.T. hit on 90% of his deep balls over spring camp and knowing the type of worker he is that should carry over to the fall. If our talented secondary can hold up, with new responsibilities made on the DL focuses on getting more sacks we could be looking at the CFP again if the OL holds up.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

Oh I know that, I was suggesting that as their small ball lineup. I'd much rather assume they get some hard nosed, active guys who just rebound and defend the rim. 

Comment 13 Jun 2017

I would give up any combination of players outside of LeBron and Kyrie.

Honestly, I bet after they saw the stories they did about Draymond recruiting KD that LeBron and Kyrie both got on the phone with two specific players.

Paul George and Jimmy Butler. 


((Now honestly, I like DeMarcus Cousins, but I think he wants to be a 1-2 towers with AD. Imagine if Chris Paul went back to New Orleans. Oh Boy.))

But, seriously. We know Magic and Danny have been on the phone trying to negotiate a sign and trade scenario to see if they can get something for these guys. Lakers are rebuilding. The Bulls are considering rebuilding. Indiana has a decent core. But Kevin Durant changed the game. Now players are going to be forming super teams every chance they get.

But let's be real: Warriors, Spurs, Cavs. Everyone else. With letting some of the older guys go, I fully expect Derrick Williams to remain - he just has to learn the schemes better and what not, but I feel like he could've contributed more against KD.

But you give Indiana some stability by allowing them to run their offense through the paint with Kevin Love who could complement Miles Turner's inside out game and running Teague and Ellis off of high screen and rolls. Paul George to L.A. has largely been a Magic Johnson thing, but if he opts out and wants to compete for a ring, he might listen to LeBron since they workout in the offseason.

It also gives the Bulls some tough defenders to build around who are young and can contribute towards the rebuild if they decide to go that route and Butler forces the issue about not wanting to be a part of it. He's already said that the player he'd most like to play with in the league is Kyrie.

So yea you give up your front court for the most part, but you can find guys who can rebound and defend and are active or just go small and run with everyone. A line up with Kyrie 6'3" Butler 6'7" LeBron 6'8" Williams 6'8" and PG 6'9" would be problematic for every team in the league. Mostly long, two-way guys who can all shoot the three, shoot from mid-range, and create their own shots.

It's feasible if other teams can't offer more for those guys, but only the Celtics would have that kinda ammo with draft picks, but they might be willing to keep them all if they can sign a guy like Hayward in the offseason. 

Comment 13 Jun 2017

And thankfully it is! We're really, really, really spoiled. I tell people this all the time. I mean we've got an ALL-TIMER football team in terms of history, tradition, and success and that has disbursed throughout the school. It's part of why I love being an Ohioan. It's historic in its ways; and especially as it relates to football, home of the Hall of Fame and pretty much the greatest coaches ever and some of the greatest players ever collectively as Buckeyes, let alone Ohioans. 

But that as extended to basketball, wrestling (arguably the GOAT in Snyder), tennis, the sync swim team, pistol team, hockey, lacrosse, men's volleyball, fencing, women's rowing, etc. Like ALL of our programs have been competitive and or winning B1G or even NATIONAL championships.

Say what you want about Gene Smith, but this guy has only continued to get better in his tenure. He's easily the best AD in the country.

Comment 12 Jun 2017

marion_anthrax huh? Only DJ, LOL. it just me, or it going to be ridiculously unfair to the rest of college football to see Dobbins, Teague, and Gill toting the rock together for at least 2 seasons together? (And especially so if the Buckeyes land Carmen to pair with Wyatt on the left side of the line.)

It's evident that Ezekiel Elliott going off in the CFP and in the NFL keeps bringing us clones of the guy.

Comment 03 Jun 2017

I'm not very fond of that drive myself, but a round trip flight isn't too much of a hit from here to Charlotte either.