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Comment 24 Aug 2018

He's def right about one thing. Today's media is a joke and not to be trusted. Even some of those covering the Buckeyes. 

Comment 23 Aug 2018

I feel like there's a narriative that somehow UM and the university could have stopped domestic violence. If ZS did abuse his wife would not being a coach at OSU stopped that from happening. If ZS had never even been a football coach would that have stopped him from abusing his wife. I just don't understand how not being a coach would've stopped his DV. I just ask myself how would CS's life been different if ZS had never been hired by OSU?

Comment 23 Aug 2018

Not a surprise that Coach Meyer was the bigger man in this situation and accepted an unwarranted suspension so further harm was not caused to the program that he loves. I know we've all apologized before to make a situation better whether it was deserved or not. He's looking out for the players in that locker room that he loves. Go Bucks!