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Comment 23 Nov 2019

Great win...need to win games like this especially against a great team like Penn State. 

By far the worst Play calling game of Ryan Days career as HC. Why did it look like 2016 JT Barrett offense? Why so many designed QB runs? Especially since he was banged up early on? They could not gaurd our WR and we did not challenge enough down field. Why not take those easy 5-8 yards every time we dropped back? Day seemed to get conservative- specifically on 3rd and medium. Hopefully a wake up call for next 2 weeks. 

Comment 14 Oct 2019

Insane. How does ESPN/ABC not take this game? BY FAR the biggest game of the week. I understand that there is a WS game and hat is why Fox wants it at Noon. 

We seem to get screwed every time we play Penn State and Wisconsin ( a night game every time on the road...never at home). 

This will absolutely have an effect on the crowd noise, atmosphere. The 'You should get up for this big game no matter what' are not thinking logistics and tailgating element. What a f Joke. 

Comment 04 Jun 2019

Good Hire in my opinion. There are 2 Immediate things that should be Top Priority for Kevin for the betterment of the Big 10. Delaney is too old school and likes the "traditional" nature of Big 10. He was never forward thinking. 

1) Football Scheduling. Kevin needs to look after his conference like Greg Sankey does for SEC. Between the number of conference games and OOC scheduling- WINS are more valuable. Look after your top teams

          Impact: The CFP has shown that its not about schedule strength for Power 5 teams...Only if you have losses and when you lose. This will help BIg 10 teams have more presence in CFP. 

2) Big 10 Championship Baskteball Game move to saturday night or Sunday AM. As one of hte top basetball conferences- this game SHOULD NOT be an afterthought. The game is litterally goes on while the committee has already met and made the brackets. The show is right after. 

Impact: Committee has shown that this game has no impact on seeding ( good or bad). But it does value other tourney champs ( ACC for example). We are still talking about humans here and they will make decisions based on a game they just watched. This will help tournement seeds for our Champs and runner ups. 

Comment 18 Dec 2018

 JIM DELANEY is the problem for Ohio State and the rest of Big 10 conference. Greg Sankey ( SEC) looks out for his conference and top dogs. You think he would ever let ppl push him around to schedule Alabama a Friday night road game? You think he would ever let people push him around to schedule 

Delaney is completely over the hill and the Big ten will benefit greatly when he retires. Additionally, Delaney is one of the biggest advocates against expanding the playoff...Here is a guy whose conference champion has not made the playoff the last 3 years and he is totally fine with it. All because he is OLD school and just wants to be in the Rose Bowl. 

We will continue to run into BS problems like this until Delaney is gone. 

Comment 06 Nov 2018

If you are Baron do you not think about transferring? One of the highest recruited LBs in a long time and currently being coached by one of worst OSU LB coaches in a long time because he is friends with the Head Coach. He is getting no snaps and probably playing out of position at the MIKE spot. He will not get more reps as the HC loves Tuf and continues to give him champion status for 3 tackle days.  How does Browning not get any looks at OLB to get him on the field? 

Comment 02 Aug 2018

Meyer blew this at the Big 10 Media days. All he had to say was ‘No comment’ or even ‘I did not have all the details but I apologize for not acting sooner’ and this would be fine! This McMurphy guy took it further once Urban made those stupid comments at presser. Why couldn’t he pull a Izzo or Saban coach speak and just move forward? 

Comment 23 Jan 2018

Agree. Meyer simply is too stubborn to give up the controls of his 'balanced, QB power offense.'  My feeling is that Wilson probably got tired of this and transitioning over to Day 

You dont see any other top programs having this much difficulty with who is actually calling the plays. Only with Meyer and the 'collaborative' effort

Comment 28 Nov 2017

Why is Parris Campbell note the only Kick Returner?! These are the type of Urban Meyer moves that boggles our minds. Parris was our best returner in the last few years and he got hurt....understood. Obviously, he is healthy now as he is starting H-back and playing majority of snaps. Mike Weber is not a kick returner! Please put our fastest player back so we can start with decent field position. 

Comment 22 Feb 2016

Where was this all season?!?!  Another example of the offensive coaching staff not utilizing it's playmakers all year and getting lazy and predictable with playcalling. Cost this unbelievably talented team  the playoff