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Comment 18 Apr 2019
Hes lying when he says it's to be closer to home. He knows he doesnt have a good chance to start and as long as Fields is here and healthy he never will. Business decision and cant fault him for it.
Comment 25 Mar 2019

I do agree with him to a point about fan attendance.  Every time I'm in town, I go see a game and am shocked at how low the attendance is for a playoff team.  Having said that, it's a lot cheapter to watch from my couch with a beer than at the stadium!

Comment 09 Feb 2019
So if you're not dead, can I get a response to the email I sent you? And then the other 2 as well?
Comment 15 Dec 2018

Consistently plays better defense?!?  What a joke of a comment.  They play in the Big 10 West, which could possibly be one of the worst divisions in all of college football.  Step away from the ledge my friend.

Comment 03 Nov 2018

You know how in basketball if the starters look lackluster the coach will pull all of them out at the same time to send a message.  It's about time to do something similar, especially on defense.