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Comment 15 Nov 2019
No.. first of all the situation does not go down like that in the street so the comparison is irrelevant. Secondly, it's be hard for the prosecution to prove that he attempted to cause serious physical harm.. the swing wasn't that hard and he's a big man, he also wouldn't have been walking away in the first place if he wanted to hurt Rudolph. Third, it'd never even make it to trial. He's pay a fine and do a bunch of community service, etc. No prison.
Comment 15 Nov 2019
Sure Garrett should have let up on the tackle... But let's not pretend like tackling a qb late isn't part of the sport.. attempting to take someones helmet off is and that's where the "incident" truly begins IMO. Rudolph is unsuccessful in his attempt, Garrett rips off Rudolph's helmet, and (thanks in part to the Steelers lineman) he walks away... Should have ended there. But Rudolph, who was probably embarrassed at that point, decided to keep going at it.. and then Garrett finished it. I don't give a fuck what happens to Garrett at this point, but I don't think Rudolph gets a pass. Yet he avoids answering for his shitty performance, and sits atop his high horse name-calling and playing innocent. I wish he wouldn't try and deny acting like a child and going after Garrett, and it'd be nice if the media would stop enabling that by demonizing Myles Garrett and acting like Rudolph was awoken from his bed in the middle of the night and brutalized by some barbarian. Not what happened.
Comment 15 Nov 2019
I can dig it... I mean if you're Myles Garrett, and a young man like Mason Rudolph is coming at you, be the adult. Rudolph couldn't hurt Garrett if he tried. That looked like a grown man striking a child.
Comment 15 Nov 2019
I don't know what punishment should be imposed, but I won't be surprised if Garrett is done for the year... Gotta make sure players keep their irrationality and heightened aggressive behavior off the field and unleash it on their wives and girlfriends and random people in bars where it belongs.
Comment 15 Nov 2019
He would not go to prison if that happened off the field. An aside, not to excuse the helmet swing which has no excuse, but looking at everything prior to that.. I would like to see Rudolph fined at least. If he doesn't try and rip Garrett's helmet off as the play was concluding, and then charge after Garrett who is being separated and has his back turned, initially walking away after pulling off Rudolph's helmet, then nobody ends up getting into a fight and nobody gets suspended. He can play the innocent victim card if he wants, or he can take ownership of his own actions.
Comment 10 Nov 2019
It's hard to believe he even roots for Ohio State at all anymore... Something must've happened to him while he was at OSU. Aha! He never beat Michigan, and he somehow blames the program as a whole after all these years.